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Lois Lerner not a LadyLois Lerner not a Lady

Lois Lerner Not a Lady!

As more and more stuff emerges on Lois Lerner’s nefarious activities in IRS, she seems to become less and less of a lady. In fact, Lois Lerner has behaved like a complete spy, activist and thug, all expenses paid by taxpayers but nonetheless working exclusively for the Obama Administration. Judicial Watch has done a tremendous job of exposing Lerner’s emails, of which there are plenty and still emerging from the [...]


President Barack Obama’s Human Trafficking Efforts Become FedEx-ing

The number of children crossing the U.S. border alone has doubled since last year. More than three-quarters of unaccompanied minors are from mostly poor and violent towns in three countries: El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Children from Mexico, once the largest group, now make up less than a quarter of the total. Graphic Credit: New York Times Immigration of human beings into the United States use to be a semi-orderly [...]


Obama to Ignore Court ruling on Obamacare subsidies

The Obama administration will continue handing out Obamacare subsidies to federal exchange customers despite a federal court’s ruling Tuesday that the subsidies are illegal. A D.C. Court of Appeals panel ruled Tuesday morning that customers in the 36 states that didn’t establish their own exchange and use HealthCare.gov instead cannot be given premium tax credits, according to the text of the Affordable Care Act itself. But the White House said [...]


President Obama’s Thursday July 17 Schedule “PolitiSite” Sarcasm Style

President Obama’s Thursday Schedule “PolitiSite” Style President Obama will travel to Wilmington, DE with his pen and phone to tie up traffic on the I495 bridge because he wants more money for roads and bridges that the stimulus was supposed to be used for… But things were not quite shovel ready back then… And they wasted the money because it needed to stimulate a few donors. Following, president Obama will [...]

History will show how America lost her freedom while the people chose to sleep.History will show how America lost her freedom while the people chose to sleep.

Obama: Dumb and Dumber or Cloward and Piven?

Item: President Obama comes up with the idea of investing $527 in a company known as Solyndra. Result: Solyndra files bankruptcy in July of 2012. Item: Obama sues to make the Catholic church make contraceptives available to their workers. Result: The courts side with the Catholics. Item: Obama takes Hobby Lobby to the Supreme Court over it’s Pro-life stance. Result: In a 5 to 4 decision, the court decides for [...]