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Georgia launches voter registration fraud investigation

Channel 2 Action News has learned Georgia’s secretary of state is investigating allegations of forged voter registration applications and demanding records from a voter registration group with ties to one of the state’s highest ranking Democrats. A subpoena was sent to the New Georgia Project and its parent organization Third Sector Development on Tuesday. The organization is a project of the nonprofit organization Third Sector Development, which was founded and […]

Nelson Mandela Tee shirt - "Get and ID, Register to Vote"Nelson Mandela Tee shirt - "Get and ID, Register to Vote"

This Photo PROVES Nelson Mandela was Racist

Each time the far-left cries “racism” at a state’s attempt to protect voter integrity by enacting voter ID laws, it should be shown this photo of a world-renowned black leader enthusiastically supporting that very thing. The cry seems to be more pronounced with the Obama administration. In August, Eric Holder’s Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Texas, claiming its voter ID law was racist and violated the 14th and 15th […]

If Voter ID was intended to Suppress Votes, it is Failing

“If voter ID was intended to suppress votes, it is failing as spectacularly as” – FARK As we have said that Voter ID laws do not suppress minority votes as evidence by the Georgia elections where more minorities voted then ever before after Voter ID was implemented.  Seems the same is the case in Texas. (CNN) – For weeks leading up to the 2013 off-year elections, prominent Texas Democrats directly […]

Politifact: MSNBC Claim About Florida’s New Voter Registration Law False

Politifact: MSNBC Claim About Florida’s New Voter Registration Law False

Of course you probably won’t hear an apology or retraction on the network’s programming, but has determined that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was in error when the Hardball host claimed on his June 4 program that a new Florida law — which has been on hold by a federal judge — made it utterly impossible for voter registration drives to sign up new voters over weekends. The law requires voter […]