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Republican Congressman Bill Young (FL-13) Dies at 82

Breaking: The AP and FOX News are reporting that Florida Republican Congressman CW Bill Young has died.  He was 82.  Congressman young was first elected to Congress in 1970.  Congressman Young had recently announced he would not seek re-election in 2014. Young had been at Walter Reed for nearly two weeks with back problems that stemmed from a 1970 small plane crash. On Oct. 9, from his hospital bed, Young […]


Why Washington’s Fiscal Follies Will Continue

Deal or not, the next fight between Congress and the White House is just weeks away. Take a long look at Washington today: Government shutdown, the prospect of Uncle Sam defaulting on obligations, jittery financial markets and a paralyzed Congress more inclined toward stalemate than statesmanship. Get used to it. You’ll see this movie again, several times at least, as lawmakers careen from one crisis to the next, only to […]

Government shutdown took effect at midnightGovernment shutdown took effect at midnight

Federal Government Shuts Down, Blame Game Begins

Congress missed its midnight deadline on a continuing resolution, sending a the federal government into its first shutdown in 17 years. The blame game started when the Senate rejected the latest Republican proposal. In their latest proposal Republicans sought to delay enforcement ofthe Affordable Health Act and to remove the exemption for members of Congress and their staff. The Senate quickly rejected the proposal in a partisan vote of 54-46. […]


Obama to Republicans: Don’t Threaten to Burn the House Down

Obama to Congressional Republicans: But do not threaten to burn the house down simply because you haven’t gotten 100 percent of your way. President Obama to Iran’s new President Rouhani:   Lets chat and negotiate! (the first communication between an American and Iranian President since 1979) THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary ________________________________________________________________ For Immediate Release                         September 27, 2013   STATEMENT BY THE PRESIDENT James S. Brady Press […]

President Barack Obama gestures while speaking in the White House briefing room in Washington, Monday, Aug. 20, 2012. Image Credit: AP via Washington WirePresident Barack Obama gestures while speaking in the White House briefing room in Washington, Monday, Aug. 20, 2012. Image Credit: AP via Washington Wire

The 44th President’s 2002 Speech On Waging War, With Syria Update

By: Edmund Jenks – West Coast Editor The following is a transcript of the remarks then-Sen. Barack Obama delivered in Chicago on Oct. 2, 2002. In his speech, Obama said that what he was opposed to was “a dumb war … a rash war.” He said the war was a “cynical attempt” to shove “ideological agendas down our throats” and would distract from domestic problems such as poverty and health […]


Video: Rand Paul – John Kerry Heated Exchange on Syria

Video: Rand Paul – John Kerry Tense Exchange at Syria Hearing (FULL) >  Rand Paul Accuses Obama Of Reducing Congress’ Role In Syria To ‘Constitutional Theater’ Sec. Kerry to Sen. Rand Paul(R-KY) ” The President is not asking you to go to war, he’s not asking you to declare war.” Paul to Kerry: ‘You’re Making a Joke of Us’ Rand Paul: Make me proud today, Secretary Kerry. Stand up for […]