Rosie O’Donnell returns to ‘The View’

So the women who called our American Soldiers terrorists is returning to The View? Well, that’s just Rosie ABC executives are in the process of bringing Rosie O’Donnell back to co-host “The View,” a well-placed insider tells FOX411. It would be the second time around on the show for the controversial comedian, who left in 2007 after just one season. “The network executives really wanted Rosie back,” the insider said. […]

Donald Sterling, Owner LA ClippersDonald Sterling, Owner LA Clippers

Sterling Tarnished With Racist Rant

Donald Sterling, owner of LA Clippers is under fire for his racist rant on the phone which of course his girl friend could not resist putting out on TMZ. Apparently, she is also the subject of embezzlement by the Sterling family! Nonetheless, since then Sterling words have gone viral. Clippers team made their statement of disgust with their owner by throwing their jerseys on the floor as well as losing […]