Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez is the Chattanooga Shooter

CBS News  has identified Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez  as the shooter who fatally shot four Marines two military recruiting and training centers in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Original story continues below… Five people were killed on Thursday including a suspected gunman who opened fire at two military-related facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee in an attack local officials described as an act of domestic terrorism. The other four killed were Marines at a Naval Reserve […]


Huge Blow to UAW: Tennessee VW workers reject Union Vote

After three days of voting by hourly wage workers at the Volkswagen final assembly plants in Chattanooga, Tennessee, employees at the plant elected on Friday not to join the union. The final tally was 726 workers voting no while 612 voted yes, with 89 percent of the eligible workers casting ballots. “While we certainly would have liked a victory for workers here, we deeply respect the Volkswagen Global Group Works […]

Super Tuesday Election Results – Live Results – Election 2012 – Politisite

Super Tuesday Election Results – Live Results – Election 2012 – Politisite

Google Interactive Election Map Election Results » State % Romney Santorum Gingrich Paul Alaska 0%      0%      0%      0%      0% Ga. 87%   25%   20%   48%      6% Idaho 16%   78%      8%      3%   11% Mass. 93%   72%   12%      5%   10% N.D. 63%   25%   40%      8%   27% Ohio 75%   37%   38%   15%      9% Okla. 91%   28%   34%   27%   10% Tenn. 84%   28%   37%   24%      9% Vt. 68%   40%   23%      8%   25% Va. 100%   59% […]

President Obama Grants Pardons and Commutation  – Nov. 21, 2011

President Obama Grants Pardons and Commutation – Nov. 21, 2011

The White House released a list of President Obama’s Pardons and Commutation.  The list contains more than  Two Turkeys. The President Pardoned five individuals and commuted the Sentence of another. The convictions included Drug Trafficking, cocaine convictions, operating a gambling business, growing marijuana,  possession of 1000 pounds of Marijuana, and transporting stolen property. President Obama Grants Pardons and Commutation WASHINGTON, DC – Today President Barack Obama granted pardons to five […]

Humorless Dem’s Bad “Temperamint”

Humorless Dem’s Bad “Temperamint”

So, in Knoxville, Tennessee, Joe Armstrong — a humorless Democrat state representative — goes into a college bookstore and sees these silly things: And what does he do? Just what you’d expect: [University of Tennessee] pulled the mints poking fun at Obama from bookstore shelves after state Rep. Joe Armstrong, a Democrat, visited the bookstore and told the director he found the satirical mints offensive. “When you operate on state […]