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German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Stephen Harper have a close relationshipGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel and Stephen Harper have a close relationship

Crisis in Ukraine: Canada’s Harper visits Angela Merkel

On the heels of the Nuclear Security Summit and meetings with NATO member nations, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is visiting Berlin and Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel. Top of the agenda will be a discussion on the crisis in Eastern Europe. Angela Merkel, unquestionably the most powerful woman in Europe, and Stephen Harper have a close relationship. Merkel was instrumental in facilitating an EU/Canada free trade deal earlier this year. Angela […]

Stephen Harper has declared solidarity with UkraineStephen Harper has declared solidarity with Ukraine

Ukraine Crisis: Russia bans 13 Canadian lawmakers

Canada`s Prime Minister Stephen Harper was the first G7 leader to visit the interim Ukrainian president as reported in politisite on March 23. Harper is a strong proponent for removing Russia and Putin from the G7. In a tit for tat response to sanctions imposed by Canada, Putin imposed retaliatory sanctions, banning 13 Canadian officials. Among those banned are five members of the conservative government, two liberal members of parliament […]

Stephen Harper

Canada’s PM Harper first G7 leader to visit Ukraine

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the first G7 leader to visit the Ukraine since the Ukrainian Crisis began. As he stood alongside Ukrainian prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Harper declared Canada’s full support for the Ukraine and its new government. In reply to a question raised during a press conference, regarding Russia’s and Putin=s membership in the G8, Harper said: “As for the question of Russia’s presence in the G8, […]


Anti-Keystone Ad during SOTU a Distortion

A California Billionaire and Obama campaign donor has aired an ad which paints Prime Minister Stephen Harper as the villain, who has sold out the Alberta Oilsands to China. The Group The NextGen Climate Group paid for the ad and it was run on MSNBC. A Prime Minister’s Office spokesman, Jason MacDonald, calls the add a distortion that works both against Americans and Canadians who would benefit from the pipeline. […]

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Shutdown blame game reaches Canada

The US government shutdown is now in its fourth day and the Obama administration and congressional Democrats have been quick to blame Republicans. This apparently was not enough for Tom Steyer, a San Francisco billionaire and major supporter of the Democratic Party. In a letter to Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Steyer suggested that Harper played part for the ongoing government shutdown. Steyer blamed Harper’s aggressive lobbying and his stance […]