Senator Angus King (I-ME) may Caucus with the GOP

I guess being an Independent in Congress means you can always be in the majority party by simply caucusing with whichever party happens to win the latest election. According to the Hill: Senator Angus King who caucuses with the Democrats, will decide after the midterm elections whether to switch sides and join the Republicans. He is leaving open the possibility of aligning himself with the GOP if control of the [...]


GOP Senators Score Card Ratings – Heritage, ACU, CFG and FreedomWorks

Cotton1706 over at the Free Republic has been posting the American Conservative Union, Club for Growth, Freedom Works and Heritage scorecard numbers every week.  He calls the multiple scorecards ‘apples to apples comparisons’ of all senators and how they relate to each other.This list has Senators up for reelection posted first: Senator Primary Average Heritage Club for Growth ACU FreedomWorks Scott (SC) 06/10/14 92% 93% 94% 96% 86% Risch (ID) [...]

Senator Scott

Could Tim Scott’s 2014 election attract Minorities to the GOP?

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Strom Thurmond’s 1964 switch to the Republican Party helped make the GOP in vogue in South Carolina, prompting white conservatives to flock to the Grand Old Party. Now, U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, the state’s first African-American senator, could help expand the party again, attracting minority voters, some conservatives say. Scott was appointed to the Senate in December 2012, when U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint resigned to run the [...]