Donald Trump throws his Hair into the 2016 Presidential Race

Donald Trump: “Ladies and gentleman … I am officially running for President of the United States. And we are going to make our country great again.” – Why we don’t think Trump has a chance in hell of getting the 2016 GOP nomination Taking into account name recognition, Trump’s net favorability rating (favorable minus unfavorable) of -32 percentage points stands out for its pure terribleness at this point in the […]

Amtrak Crash Blamed on GOP – Republican Cuts Kill…Again

This is how Democrats are spinning the Amtrak accident – it’s the GOPs fought – has nothing to do with engineer going over double the speed at 106 MPH – REPUBLICAN CUTS KILL . . . AGAIN Ad buy planned against Rep. Harold Rogers (R-KY), Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee Washington, DC – Today, the Agenda Project Action Fund released a NEW AD connecting GOP budget cuts to the […]

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Thank You, Democrats

Kudos are in order for the gifts that our Government and its political parties have given us citizens of this once wonderful country. It’s high time that someone actually step up and articulate a big and hearty “THANK YOU” to our illustrious Federal caretakers for all its benevolence, and I’m just the guy to do it! As most of you know, there’s a new norm for our national debt. In […]

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Rand Paul leads GOP Field against Clinton

In the latest NBC/WSJ 2016 presidential poll, Rand Paul fairs better than anyone in the GOP field against presumptive Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Republican candidate Rand Paul is just three points below Clinton in a head-to-head match-up, besting his nearest competitor by four percentage points. Head-to-Head Match-ups Bush 43% Clinton 49% (+6) Rubio 43% Clinton 49% (+6) Walker 40% Clinton 50% (+10) Paul 44% Clinton 47% (+3) In an […]

Bruce Jenner ‘comes out’ as Republican freaks out mainstream media

Interesting the left supported Bruce Jenner until he ‘came out’ as a Republican – I’ve heard progressives say for years that being a conservative is a genetic brain disorder, so how is it they can’t accept conservatives who were ‘born that way’ Our bubbled mainstream media got a serious crash-course in reality this week with the revelations that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio don’t hate gays, and that Bruce Jenner, […]


Tom Steyer’s NextGen to defeat Climate Denier GOP Candidates in 2016

Tom Steyer’s climate-focused political group is already gearing up for the 2016 presidential race, announcing on Monday a new effort that will focus on putting Republican candidates on the defense when it comes to global warming. NextGen Climate’s chief strategist, Chris Lehane, said in a call with reporters that the group’s mission heading into 2016 is to “disqualify” candidates who deny that climate change is real or caused by human […]

ESPN Stephen A. Smith: Blacks Should Vote Republican

While giving a speech at the Impact Symposium at Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennessee, Smith said, “What I dream is that for one election, just one, every black person in America vote Republican,” he said. “Because from what I’ve read, and I’m open to correction, but from what I’ve read, Barry Goldwater is going against Lyndon B. Johnson. He’s your Republican candidate. He is completely against the Civil Rights Movement. Lyndon […]

Chris Christie

Chris Christie’s Crumble

It has bothered me for awhile, the slow-but-apparent downfall of Chris Christie. The details are secondary and oddly contentious, but one cannot deny this: He once seemed an almost shoe-in for the Republican nomination, but now trails in the wake of Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee. My nagging question is, why? When Jesse Jackson Jr had his various problems, it was mentioned that he had had gastric bypass surgery, years […]


Could Senator Tim Scott Change The Republican Party?

Politisite readers are already aware that a new U.S. Senator recently took office, but unfortunately most of the United States citizenry is not.  In case you don’t know, the new Senator is Tim Scott (R-SC) and he was appointed by his home-state Republican Governor Nikki Haley to replace Senator Jim DeMint in the U.S. Senate.  In case you do not know, Senator Scott is African American (or Black if you prefer) and […]