Latest South Carolina Polls: Republican Primary 2016

The South Carolina Republican primary for the GOP candidate for the Presidency will take place on Saturday, February 20, 2016.  The following are Politisite Political Projection for that race.  We belive that when all the votes are counted the outcome of the race will look like this with a margin of error (MoE) of +/- 3 percentage points. 2016 South Carolina Republican Primary Projections as of February 19, 2016 Donald […]

GOP Nomination – Trump is Batman

In the three major polls since the first Republican Debate, Donald Trump is polling anywhere from 17-25 percentage points.  While Donald Trump was giving helicopter rides to children while in Iowa, he was asked, “Mr. Trump are you Batman?” Trump replied, “I am Batman.” Well that must be it right?  Only Batman could hold on to such numbers with such a large field of GOP contenders.  Trump is Batman!  So […]

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The 2016 Presidential Race: A Cheat Sheet – The Atlantic

Every candidate in the 2016 race so far is an experienced politician. That changes Monday with the addition of two new candidates with little electoral experience: neurosurgeon Ben Carson and former executive Carly Fiorina. Both chose Monday to announce their presidential campaigns, and both face an uphill battle against the GOP establishment.Carson has confirmed his run with reporters, but the big kickoff will be a rally in Detroit, his hometown, […]

2014 Midterm Senate Toss-up Seats Political Projections – Final

2014 Midterm Senate Toss-up Seats Political Projections – Final

Politisite Political Projections – 2014 Senate Midterm Election Methodology: Politisite Political Projections takes in to consideration many factors when utilizing a particular poll for our model. We weigh polls differently based on their previous general election accuracy. We toss polls that have a Margin of Error (MoE) that exceeds +/-5%. We further take in to consideration the pollsters assumptions of the makeup of the electorate by considering the average PVI […]


GOP Senate Takeover Chances 60 Percent

For the last month, we’ve been adding one or two polls a day to The Upshot’s Senate forecasting model. Today, we update all 36 races, based on estimates from a YouGov online panel that covers every congressional and governor’s race across the country. The panel, asked for its preferences in collaboration with CBS and The New York Times, is unusual in its scope: It comprises more than 66,000 people living […]


Georgia: With Perdue in, Nunn now an underdog

Nate Cohn chose today to drop his story on how demographic trends bring Georgia surprisingly within reach for Democrats. I guess that is true, but the timing is funny. The race was close to begin with, and then yesterday’s primary was a boost for the GOP. In my view, that is the real story. Like many, I expected Rep. Jack Kingston to be the Republican nominee in the Georgia Senate […]


Update: Anti-Gay Westboro Founder Fred Phelps Dies

Update: Fred Phelps, former head of Westboro Baptist Church, dead Fred Phelps Sr., the former head of the Westboro Baptist Church, died late Wednesday night, according to a family member… Margie Phelps, said there will be no funeral for him. The Mississippi-born leader of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church is on his deathbed, according to family members. Fred Phelps, 84, is in his last days at the Midland Hospice House […]


Weighing in on the Crisis in Ukraine

The explosive regional divide in Ukraine between the pro-European Union west and the pro-Russian east and Crimean regions that caused Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych to flee the country to Russia is only widening. Russia has pushed troops into the Crimean region of Ukraine, with the future possibility of either an indefinite presence or outright military invasion into Ukraine to restore Yanukovych to power. Over the past week, as events in […]


The Way Forward for the Ukraine

By Michael Howerton The violence and unrest that has paralyzed the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev for months reached a boiling point this week. After anti-government protestors, angry at President Viktor Yanukovyich’s growing authoritarianism and renewed ties to Russia, staged a last-ditch attempt this week to stand their ground in Independence Square, setting fire to the barricades surrounding their positions in the square, it seemed that it would only be […]


Poll: 74 percent think the country is still in recession

As President Obama prepares for his State of the Union address next week, he will be hard pressed to sell his idea of big government. He starts his sixth year with the lowest approval rating of any president since Richard Nixon. 74 percent of the country think that the country is still in recession. According to a FOX News Poll only one third of voters say they like both Obama […]