Politisite Projection – Virginia Governor Race Too Close to Call

Politisite Projection – Virginia Governor Race Too Close to Call

Virginia Governor Cuccinelli vs. McAuliffe vs. Sarvis Politisite Political Projections takes in to consideration many factors when utilizing a particular poll for our model. We weigh polls differently based on their previous general election accuracy. We toss polls that have a Margin of Error (MoE) that exceeds +/-5%. We further take in to consideration the pollsters assumptions of the makeup of the electorate by considering the average PVI for the State […]

Los Angeles Times website

LA Times: Global Warming Skeptics need not Apply

LA Times will not Publish Letters to the Editor from Global Warming Deniers Here is what the LA Times is saying about denying Climate Change/Global Warming deniers from appearing on their Editorial pages: As for letters on climate change, we do get plenty from those who deny global warming. And to say they “deny” it might be an understatement: Many say climate change is a hoax, a scheme by liberals […]


NJ Senate Special Election – Booker to Win by 13 Points

Politisite provides projections based on  our momentum modality similar to that used in projecting stock prices. Our modality projects what the election results will look like on election day. Politisite did NOT endorse any candidate for the New Jersey U.S. Senate Special Election. Further, we did not receive funding from any political campaign. Having said that, here are our Politisite Political Projection for the New Jersey U.S. Senate Special Election […]