Top 7 Bits of Political Advice for Jimmy Fallon

Mark Baisley over at Townhall has seven bits of advice for Jimmy Fallon on  American Right-Wing politics: Advice #1: Understand America. Expose yourself to the political right. Folks in the entertainment industry live in their own incestuous culture on the hard left. Because they do not mix with the common folk, they do not relate to everyday sensibilities. You are great with pop culture, social media, and all that. But […]

Beyonce, Obama alleged ‘affair’ makes headlines

Beyonce Knowles alleged affair with US President Barack Obama will not be the subject of an expose by The Washington Post. The singer and politician were the subject of sensational reports Monday after French photographer Pascal Rostain told French newspaper Le Figaro the world would soon learn of their romance. “You know, at this time, the United States, there is something big that is happening. Besides, it’ll go out tomorrow […]

Jay Leno’s Last Show Funniest Political Clips

Jay Leno Last Show showed Political Clips that he enjoyed over the years – Begins 5.05 minutes in. President Obama and Former President Clinton Former Senator John Edwards saying God is not finished with him yet The Who singing, ‘Won’t get fooled again’ President Bush playing bass President Obama news conference kicking the door open Nancy Pelosi and the New Speaker John Boehner receiving the Gavel Mitt Romney and President […]

Too Funny! Obama’s Facebook Look Back Video

A Look Back is an experience that compiles your highlights since joining Facebook. Depending on how long you’ve been on Facebook and how much you’ve shared, you’ll see a movie, a collection of photos or a thank you card. Take a look at: facebook.com/lookback If you have a Facebook account, you’ve no doubt seen your “looking back” video. Here at IjReview, our investigators were able to ferret out our president’s […]

Police tell Black GOP Candidate: No Mo Campaigning

We don’t want no Republicans campaigning in Democratic districts, especially if you’re Black! – Florida Statue says religion, political campaigning, and free speech are exempt from solicitation laws.  But this candidate was told to get a permit. Early this past Saturday February 1st, State House District 47 candidate Maurice “Mo” Pearson was taking his message to voters in the Dover Shores Neighborhood where he has resided for nearly 10 years. […]