Diving into California Water Policy

As weather events across the United States have been increasingly volatile, regions grapple with completely different problems. The East Coast has been repeatedly battered by snowstorms over winter, and now they need to worry about potential flooding during the snowmelt. Meanwhile, on the west coast, California has been dealing with an extended drought. The drought has become such an issue that President Obama scheduled a visit to Fresno to announce […]


Trudeau’s economic plan for Canada

Statements gleamed from Justin Trudeau’s keynote speech and his address to the Petroleum Club in Calgary, Alberta last year should give Canadians a pretty good idea of how Justin Trudeau’s economy would go. It would probably include a carbon tax. What is Trudeau’s economic plan for Canada? During his keynote speech this weekend Trudeau said that he would not raise taxes on corporations or the middle class. Based on all […]


Millennials would begin Listening once Politicians Stop Screaming

I am positively sick and tired of having to listen to news and the newest horror plastered on the television screen. I can say this without a shadow of a doubt, and I can also say that this feeling wasn’t attached to me the day I was born, it was bred. Taped and smacked on every corner and turn that I take in my everyday life. It’s on the lips […]


Canada: Military suicides – Is enough being done for prevention

The issue of military suicides is front and center in the media and has been discussed among veteran advocates, who feel not enough is being done by the Canadian government, Veteran Affairs Canada and the Canadian military. The Canadian military has been burdened with nine suicides since December and these have been used by Veterans advocates, opposition politicians and the media to point out that not enough is being done […]


Beyonce, Obama alleged ‘affair’ makes headlines

Beyonce Knowles alleged affair with US President Barack Obama will not be the subject of an expose by The Washington Post. The singer and politician were the subject of sensational reports Monday after French photographer Pascal Rostain told French newspaper Le Figaro the world would soon learn of their romance. “You know, at this time, the United States, there is something big that is happening. Besides, it’ll go out tomorrow […]


Jay Leno’s Last Show Funniest Political Clips

Jay Leno Last Show showed Political Clips that he enjoyed over the years – Begins 5.05 minutes in. President Obama and Former President Clinton Former Senator John Edwards saying God is not finished with him yet The Who singing, ‘Won’t get fooled again’ President Bush playing bass President Obama news conference kicking the door open Nancy Pelosi and the New Speaker John Boehner receiving the Gavel Mitt Romney and President […]