Obama's new neighborhood -  Rancho Mirage, CaliforniaObama's new neighborhood - Rancho Mirage, California

Obama Will Retire in $4.23M Mansion; Country in 17 Trillion Debt!

There is a very sensible saying ‘leave a place better than you found it’. This saying of course does not apply to the Obamas. While they have steadily improved their status, income and Hollywood friends, the country they were supposed to change (for the better as people thought) has gone down steadily in every way: economy, health, international standing etc. However, Obama can have one credit where he has improved […]


Obama, Putin call on situation in Ukraine including downing of Malaysia Flight MH17

Readout of the President’s Call with President Putin of Russia President Obama spoke with Russian President Putin today about the situation in Ukraine and the additional sanctions on Russian individuals and entities that the United States announced on July 16. President Obama emphasized that he remains committed to a diplomatic solution and that sanctions were not his preferred course of action. President Obama noted, however, that in the face of […]


President Obama’s Thursday July 17 Schedule “PolitiSite” Sarcasm Style

President Obama’s Thursday Schedule “PolitiSite” Style President Obama will travel to Wilmington, DE with his pen and phone to tie up traffic on the I495 bridge because he wants more money for roads and bridges that the stimulus was supposed to be used for… But things were not quite shovel ready back then… And they wasted the money because it needed to stimulate a few donors. Following, president Obama will […]

History will show how America lost her freedom while the people chose to sleep.History will show how America lost her freedom while the people chose to sleep.

Obama: Dumb and Dumber or Cloward and Piven?

Item: President Obama comes up with the idea of investing $527 in a company known as Solyndra. Result: Solyndra files bankruptcy in July of 2012. Item: Obama sues to make the Catholic church make contraceptives available to their workers. Result: The courts side with the Catholics. Item: Obama takes Hobby Lobby to the Supreme Court over it’s Pro-life stance. Result: In a 5 to 4 decision, the court decides for […]

Bergdahl the DeserterBergdahl the Deserter

US Army Gives Bergdahl a Job!

Dust has barely settled on the Bergdahl controversy, when out comes another one from the federal government working with its boss, King Obama. In Obama’s land, things are a little topsy-turvy where deserters and traitors are welcomed back home, even honored in the White House while honorable serving men and women are left in Mexico’s rotten jails. Obama has the power to deal with terrorists but not with legitimate governments. […]