Lebron gets job doneLebron gets job done

Lebron James Gets Job Done in Game 2

NBA Finals are on and Game 2 between Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs was more than a nail biter. Not only did Lebron chew his nails, the state of Florida did as well besides some die hard Lebron fans scattered around the country. Almost the entire country is rooting for the Spurs except for Florida of course. Nonetheless, Game 2 was spectacular because the Heat literally stole Game 2 […]


Obama Releases Five Taliban Commanders for One Deserter

The nation is battered weekly by the incompetent leadership of the current Obama administration. This week it’s the repatriation of five key Taliban Commanders and their release has greatly endangered America’s national security.  One has to wonder is it time for the U.S. House of Representatives to finally draw up articles of impeachment. It is a sad commentary that on a month where our nation honors the patriotism and valor […]


America Betrayed Again With Bergdahl Deal!

It’s lies, lies and more lies from the Obama administration. They cannot seem to do anything right. How could they? They are hard left, believers in the wrong way. Haters, deserters, traitors get to celebrate with the president while soldiers who died defending this land get a generic stamped letter from Obama. White House is indeed a topsy turvy world; its yes department, the State Department is manned by men […]

The Taliban the President's best friends!The Taliban the President's best friends!

A Day In The Life Of The Obama White House (Sabotage)

A sequence of events too k place last week in rapid fire. All were examples of how the Obama administration refuses to comply with the rule of law and continues its attacks upon the American heritage and the traditional concept of a free society. The President unceasingly uses executive orders, refusal to comply, and evasive excuses whenever confronted with his reprehensible behavior. A succession of assaults Here are the rapid […]

Goodbye Losers and LiarsGoodbye Losers and Liars

When Is It Obama’s Turn To Go?

People are falling all around Obama, and yet he continues to plod on. How and why are two important questions. Why does Obama stay while others who are merely players in his game, get the boot? Obama is clearly behind IRS scandal but so far has been stymied to the hilt and even called phony by the president himself! For years, Jay Carney continued to lie for Obama, at times […]

Video: White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Resigns

President Barack Obama has just announced that Press Secretary Jay Carney has resigned. Stepping into the role will be White House Special Assistant to the President, Josh Earnest. Obama said Carney told him of his decision in April, and Carney later said he plans to leave the position in mid-June. The President announced that deputy press secretary Josh Earnest will step into the role. Obama considers Carney “one of my […]


White House outs top Spy in Afghanistan – Here’s the List

Subject: Pool 1 – Fix Among several typos in first pool report, the most egregious was spelling General Joseph F. Dunford’s name wrong. Please excuse. To be clear correct spelling: Gen Joseph F. Dunford Jr. Also, here is the manifest of those in POTUS military briefing, now underway: President Obama Ambassador Cunningham General Dunford Susan Rice, National Security Advisor John Podesta, Counselor to the President Ben Rhodes, Dep. National Security […]


President Obama Memorial Day Weekend Schedule 2014

WEEKEND GUIDANCE AND PRESS SCHEDULE FOR SATURDAY, MAY 24, 2014, SUNDAY, MAY 25, 2014 AND MONDAY, MAY 26, 2014 Update –Obama’s takes Secret Trip to Afghanistan to Visit Troops On Saturday and Sunday, the President has no public events scheduled. On Monday morning, the President will host a breakfast in honor of Memorial Day. Veteran and Military Family Service Organizations and senior military leadership will be in attendance, as well […]

Obama’s Secret Trip to Afghanistan to Prove he cares about the Troops

The AP is reporting that President Obama took a secret trip to Afghanistan to see American troops. He landed at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan. From the White House Press Pool: (Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan) President Obama made a surprise visit to Afghanistan for a Memorial Day weekend rally with US troops. Air Force One touched down at Bagram Airfield under cover of darkness Sunday, having quietly left the Washington area […]

Honoring the BraveHonoring the Brave

Memorial Day and What Has Obama Done?

This is a day for remembering and honoring all men and women of the US Armed Forces who have fought, given their lives and lost much. The least a country can do is honor their memory; not only their memory but honor their surviving sons and daughters and wives and friends, ones who live on without their loved ones. Recently some Veterans were added to the list of Memorial Day […]