Latest Poll: Obama, Democrats Weak ahead of Midterm Election

In the latest political poll by the Washington Post and ABC News President Obama’s approval rating continues to be weak ahead of the 2014 Midterms.  President Obama faces a 52 percent disapproval rating on the way he is handling his job as president and a 54 percent disapproval how he is dealing with the economy. When asked about approval on particular issues in the news, President Obama has the following […]


Baby = Animal?

Cass Suntein, former Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, had a question put to him on the value of Human life. The question was, “Should a foetus have the same rights as a horse?” Here was his answer, “Well . . . uh . . . uh . . .” With lightning wit and sagacity such as that, I’ll have to admit that these Democrats […]

Change of Heart for Hillary ClintonChange of Heart for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Has Heart Transplant – Sort of

Recently, Hillary Clinton has exhibited a complete turnabout of emotions with regard to the Benghazi terrorist attack. Earlier, around the time of Obama’s re-election, this event was one that had to be covered up completely. For the Obama administration, Benghazi was something that went against their agenda of declaring all terrorism was done and finished with! Thus Benghazi became an event that was shocking, shameful and required loads of apologies […]

Putin and Obama Trade PunchesPutin and Obama Trade Punches

Boxing Match Decides Fate of Nations (Crimea and Ukraine)

Satire: Breakdown in diplomacy and threats has left the fate of Crimea and Ukraine in the hands of a boxing match between Putin and Obama. 10 rounds have been decided but Bookies are putting the match to be finished in under 2 rounds! Bookies don’t understand Obama’s message to the world: I-am-your-friend-and America-is-not-me-America’s weakness is your strength! In the first round for Crimea, a small peninsula on the southern border […]

W. Neil Eggleston

Obama Taps High Powered Clinton Attorney as Chief Counsel

President Obama on Monday said he has selected W. Neil Eggleston to become chief counsel, adding the expertise of a veteran attorney who was involved in some of the most heated legal battles of the Clinton administration. Eggleston, a white-collar defender who is now at Kirkland & Ellis, will replace departing White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler in mid-May. “Neil brings extraordinary expertise, credentials, and experience, to our team,” Obama said […]


First Lady Obama has found the key to life, “splurging”

Yes she said it.  Admitting is the first step in the recovery process.  “splurging is the key to life”  – well she certainly has the “key of life” down pretty well. Michelle Obama said: “splurging is the key to life” if you regularly eat right and stay active. Her biggest guilty pleasure: French fries. “How would you appreciate vegetables if you never had chocolate?” she asked. “You couldn’t live without […]


Keystone Delay: When politics trumps facts

President Obama, once again kicked the decision of the XL Keystone pipeline down the road. This is a case where the Keystone Delay is a case where politics trump facts. President Obama and his administration have a history of politically based decisions. This has been substantiated by his stand on gay marriage, where he evolved, the constant changes to the Affordable Care Act, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, NSA scandal and […]


Obama Kicking the Keystone XL pipeline down the Road

The Obama administration has extended a key review period for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, Fox News has learned, potentially pushing off a decision until after the midterm elections. The administration is extending a 90-day review period for federal agencies assessing an environmental study from the State Department. One congressional source said the administration claims it is extending the process in order to see how a lawsuit in Nebraska would […]


Transcript: Obama ObamaCare Press Conference

REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT AT PRESS CONFERENCE  James S. Brady Press Briefing Room   THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. Before I begin I just want to express on behalf of the American people our deepest condolences to the Republic of Korea and the families of all those who’ve seen their loved ones lost when a ferry sank within the last couple of days.   Obviously, information is still coming in. We […]


Cantor Statement regarding Obama Call on Immigration Reform

Congressman Cantor Issues Statement On Phone Call With President Obama WASHINGTON, D.C. – Earlier this afternoon, President Obama called Congressman Eric Cantor (VA-7) about immigration: “Today, President Obama called me to discuss his desire for comprehensive immigration reform. The President called me hours after he issued a partisan statement which attacked me and my fellow House Republicans and which indicated no sincere desire to work together. After five years, President […]