Obama’s Economy? Golden Gate gets Suicide Barrier after Record 46 die in 2013

There is a dark duality about the Golden Gate Bridge. Majestic and macabre, the bridge is an architectural wonder that also happens to be a magnet for suicides. It is the most-used suicide spot in the United States, second in the world. “People come from all over the world to go onto this bridge,” said Sergeant Kevin Briggs, a retired police officer who used to patrol the Golden Gate. “Not […]

Obama's WorldObama's World

Obama: Boehner’s Lawsuit is a Stunt

House Speaker Boehner’s lawsuit against Obama lacks teeth but nonetheless expresses frustration and anger with a president who is out of control, seemingly drunk on his own power, arrogance and ideology. Boehner’s lawsuit expresses a displeasure with Obama’s over-reach with his executive powers, the same powers that Obama has mistaken for legislative powers, the ones that belong to Congress. It’s a pity, Obama lacks the ability to execute and so […]


Boehner v. Obama Pen

Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, told Republicans Tuesday he could have an announcement within days on whether the House will file a lawsuit against President Barack Obama, challenging the executive actions that have become the keystone of the administration. The lawsuit could set up a significant test of constitutional checks and balances, with the legislative branch suing the executive branch for ignoring its mandates, and the judiciary branch deciding the […]

Shia-Sunni Divide since 7th CenturyShia-Sunni Divide since 7th Century

John Kerry Thinks He Can End Shia-Sunni War

America’s Secretary of State recently visited Iraq and met current Iraq’s PM Maliki, a Shia Muslim. The crux of his talk rested on the premise that peace can once more reign supreme in Iraq if Maliki only shared political power equally between the three main groups in Iraq – Shias, Sunnis and Kurds. Is Kerry delusional about Shia-Sunni relationship. Is he not aware of the war going on between the […]

New Leader of TerrorismNew Leader of Terrorism

Terrorists Have A New Leader In Obama

Obama need not worry about his presidency expiring in 2 years. There is a new group that terrorizes the world and Obama could easily be crowned its president. After all, America’s current president is fully sympathetic to the terrorists’ cause. In fact, Obama is fully qualified to take up the job; he has community organization experience and terrorist community is a strong one! Mind you, this group which loosely bands […]