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Obama Pressures States to Reverse Mandatory Ebola Quarantine Orders

The Obama administration has been pushing the governors of New York and New Jersey to reverse their decision ordering all medical workers returning from West Africa who had contact with Ebola patients to be quarantined, an administration official said. But on Sunday both governors, Andrew M. Cuomo of New York and Chris Christie of New Jersey, stood by their decision saying that the federal guidelines did not go far enough. […]


President Obama’s Thursday July 17 Schedule “PolitiSite” Sarcasm Style

President Obama’s Thursday Schedule “PolitiSite” Style President Obama will travel to Wilmington, DE with his pen and phone to tie up traffic on the I495 bridge because he wants more money for roads and bridges that the stimulus was supposed to be used for… But things were not quite shovel ready back then… And they wasted the money because it needed to stimulate a few donors. Following, president Obama will […]


Bridgegate: NJ/NY Port Authority Chair David Samson Resigns

David Samson, the chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, has resigned from the bistate agency, Gov. Chris Christie announced today. The governor, at a news conference, announced that Samson had offered his resignation this afternoon. Christie also said he embraces the recommendations from Randy Mastro and his firm, Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, recommending a top-to bottom reform of the Port Authority. “In line with that […]


Cuomo begins Targeting Conservatives, Starts with Filmmaker

A subpoena has been issued against James O’ Keefe and Project Veritas commanding them to appear before the New York State Department of Labor. The subpoena tells the group they must appear Tuesday, January 28, 2014 with copies of social security returns, unemployment insurance (state and federal), check stubs and canceled checks, and any other records pertaining to payments for services. This is happening despite Project Veritas previously being audited […]

King Cuomo of New YorkKing Cuomo of New York

King Cuomo of New York

Conservatives, pro-life, pro-guns and all whose religious and political beliefs do not align with Cuomo’s, are not welcome in the state of New York, so declared Governor Cuomo trying to be the newest ‘Democrat’ King of New York. Is Cuomo really in a position to say who stays, who goes, who comes, where and why? These are questions that voters ask! Cuomo is forgetting he is an elected public official […]


Andrew Cuomo: Right To Life, Pro-gun? Pack Your Bags!

Memo to New Yorkers: If you are an “extreme conservative” – as defined by Andrew Cuomo, that is – it’s time to pack your bags and leave; your governor says you “have no place in the state of New York.”   Saying “their problem is not me and the Democrats; their problem is themselves,” Cuomo spoke with “The Capitol Pressroom” on Friday:   “You have a schism within the Republican […]


New York Governor approves Medical Marijuana

Cuomo, a Democrat who has in the past opposed such a measure, announced a limited pilot program to serve the state of 19.5 million people. “We will establish a program allowing up to 20 hospitals to prescribe medical marijuana,” he said, during his annual state of the state speech in Albany. Cuomo argued that research has suggested marijuana, which is widely but illegally used recreationally, can help patients “manage the […]


Gun Control McCarthyism comes to an end in 2014

An end has come to another form of McCarthyism.  Gun Control advocate Congresswomen Carolyn McCarthy will not seek re-election in 2014. “I have decided not to seek re-election to the United States Congress in 2014,” McCarthy said in a statement. “I am forever grateful to my constituents for giving me the privilege of representing them in Congress for the past 18 years. As I plan for the next chapter of […]


9/11 Liars – FDNY, NYPD retirees Faked illnesses including PTSD

More than 100 suspects – many of them retired city cops and firefighters falsely claiming they were traumatized on 9/11 – were busted Tuesday in a huge mental disability pension fraud scam that cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, authorities said. The fraudsters were recruited by four ringleaders who helped them fake various mental disabilities so they could cash in on fat Social Security disability pensions totaling tens of […]

Boujemaa Razgui playing one of his hand made flutes he uses in concert.Boujemaa Razgui playing one of his hand made flutes he uses in concert.

DHS Destroys Musicians 11 Flutes calling them Agricultural Products

Add this story to United States Government Department of Homeland Security (U.S. Customs/TSA at JFK Airport) overreach. U.S. Customs Destroys 11 Musicians Flutes calling them banned agricultural products Boujemaa Razgui, a flute virtuoso who lives in New York and works with many US ensembles, was returning to base over the holiday when Customs officials at Kennedy Airport asked to see his instruments. Bourjemaa carries a variety of flutes of varying […]