Putin states his case to a compliant Moscow pressPutin states his case to a compliant Moscow press

Putin: “We are not going to war with brotherly Ukraine’s people

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the press Tuesday to state his case and to assure Russians and Ukrainians that he had no intentions of going to war with Russia’s brothers in the Ukraine. “We are not going to war with brotherly Ukraine’s people, we are there to defend them, I stress this. Only citizens living on certain territory have a right to determine their future. Deploying military force in […]

Pipelines from Russia through the UkrainePipelines from Russia through the Ukraine

Why Putin will ignore the warnings of the West

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin continues taking control of Ukrainian territory despite warnings of considerable costs by Western leaders. Putin will ignore these warnings because he can. This weekend completed the invasion of the Crimea Peninsula by Russian forces, which Vladimir Putin described as necessary in order to protect ethnic Russians, who were at risk of discrimination by the new Ukrainian interim government. While President Obama reportedly spent 90 minutes on […]


Ukraine: How is Hillary Clinton’s reset button doing so far?

When Hillary Clinton arrived in Russia in 2008, the air was filled with a deja vous of Chamberlain’s “Peace in our Time” with the setting of the famous reset button. Five years later the relationship between the United States and the Russian Federation couldn’t be further apart. After violent protests last week in the Ukraine, the elected President was removed from office with a vote by the transitional government, causing […]

Wasted resources due to lack of parts, results in billions wastedWasted resources due to lack of parts, results in billions wasted

$17 Trillion in debt, but billions wasted in Afghanistan

Congress recently passed a clean debt ceiling bill, which gives free reign to the Obama Administration and the Democrats to increase America’s debt well beyond the current $17 Trillion threshold. Despite the debt carried by the US, billions were and are still being wasted in Afghanistan. While the WTC attack was the motivation to take out Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and to drive them across the border into Pakistan, the […]

(USMC photo)(USMC photo)

Afghanistan – A Progress Report

Marine General Joseph Dunford arrived in Afghanistan and assumed command of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and United States Forces – Afghanistan on 10 February 2013. After a prolonged thirteen years of American involvement in Afghanistan, General Dunford will oversee the withdrawal of US combat forces from Afghanistan scheduled for the end of 2014 in adherence to President Obama’s withdrawal order. General Dunford described the current Afghan situation in […]

Zero Option Afghanistan withdrawal a distinct possibility

Zero Option Afghanistan withdrawal a distinct possibility

When the NATO combat mission in Afghanistan concludes at the end of 2014 there is a distinct possibility that the US will have no option for a residual force in the war torn nation. The talks to get a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) that would give immunity to a US residual force have reached an impasse. Matthew Rosenberg of the New York Times writes that the impasse of has […]