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Busted: Lindsey Graham, John Kerry Caught on Open Mic Talking About Boehner

I can see the commercials in South Carolina brewing right now: Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., approaches U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry following a budget hearing on Capitol Hill Thursday. Graham offers to help Kerry with House Speaker John Boehner, [...]

GOP won’t fight the Pen, Phone -Boehner puts up ‘clean’ debt limit Increace

GOP won’t fight the Pen, Phone -Boehner puts up ‘clean’ debt limit Increace

(Reuters) – Republican leaders in the House of Representatives on Tuesday caved in to demands by President Barack Obama and agreed to advance legislation raising Washington’s borrowing authority without conditions. House Speaker John Boehner, announcing to reporters the plan to [...]

Boehner’s Immigration Blunder

Boehner’s Immigration Blunder

Against the rising gale sweeping towards a Republican surge in the upcoming 2014 Congressional elections, House Speaker Boehner boldly disregards the wide sentiment of the American people against the promulgation of an amnesty bill this year. Speaker Boehner proudly put [...]


Boehner Statement on Temporary Emergency Unemployment Benefits Extension

House Speaker John Boehner points out in a statement that the temporary emergency unemployment benefits extension has been in place since 2008, has been extended twelve times and has been in place longer than any previous program.  Boehner further points [...]


White House statement on Meeting Republicans on Debt Limit

Readout of the President’s Meeting with House Republicans The President had a good meeting with members of the House Republican Leadership this evening; the meeting lasted approximately an hour and a half.  The President, along with the Vice President, Treasury [...]

Obama’s Cold War with Republicans

Obama’s Cold War with Republicans

The nation is engulfed in an internal Cold War as Obama navigates America into a failing European Socialist State. Obama battles and offers no quarter to conservatives, the last bastion of citizens whose traditional views of the US Constitution and [...]


MSM Overwhelmingly blames GOP for Government Shutdown

The nation’s big three news networks are falling right into place for President Obama and the Democrats, blaming the Republican Party for the government shutdown by a whopping 21-0 story count. According to a survey by the conservative media watchdog [...]

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Obama calls WH Meeting to discuss Shutdown, Debt Limit

With no sign of the House of Representatives passing a clean Continuous Resolution (CR) and the Senate refusing to take up it’s passed bills on delaying implementation of ObamaCare, President Obama has called a meeting of the four top congressional [...]

The nation's fate is in the hands of CongressThe nation's fate is in the hands of Congress

Government Shutdown – To fold or not to fold that is the question

The US government shutdown has entered its second day and has left House Republicans with the question, “To fold or not to fold.” House Speaker John Boehner is left with a dilemma, on one side there are the “Tea Party” [...]

Government shutdown took effect at midnightGovernment shutdown took effect at midnight

Federal Government Shuts Down, Blame Game Begins

Congress missed its midnight deadline on a continuing resolution, sending a the federal government into its first shutdown in 17 years. The blame game started when the Senate rejected the latest Republican proposal. In their latest proposal Republicans sought to [...]