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Gay Patriot weighs in on SCOTUS decision making Same-Sex Marriage legal in all States

 Bruce Carroll (GayPatriot) weighs in on Supreme Court Gay Marriage Decision It’s tough to be a gay conservative. I’m not complaining – it’s just true. I normally “politically identify” myself as an American first, conservative second…And I happen to be gay. But today is one of those days that really shines a light for me on being a living contradiction (in most people’s eyes). I find myself very conflicted. I’m […]


Obama ‘Therapist in Chief’ calls to end Conversion Therapy

President Obama, the Therapist in Chief, will call for ending ‘Conversion Therapy’ or as the LGBT community likes to call, “Pray Gay Away” but it is also known as Reparative therapy or Reorientation therapy. Interestingly, the New York Times and NBC seem to be the first media outlets to have the heads-up on Obama’s forthcoming announcement.  Obama will call for an end to psychotherapies aimed at “repairing” gay, lesbian and […]


Indiana: Constitution Friendly

The Indiana law protecting people of faith in that state from having to participate in a ritual or act with which their faith disagrees is being said by totalitarians and Leftists (one and the same) to be “discrimination.” Yeah, so? I don’t mean to be cavalier about someone being refused a service or product because they are of a particular DNA, i.e., black, white, or any other naturally born biology. […]

Exclusive Interview: ‘Lady Valor’ a SEAL on a New Mission

Kristin Beck, born Christopher Beck is known to be the first female Navy SEAL. She was first interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper in June of 2013 and quickly became known throughout the world. Soon after, she became a civil rights activist giving speeches nation-wide. Beck is the subject of the upcoming CNN documentary film, Lady Valor, which will premieres on Thursday, September 4th at 9 pm EST. Beck distinguished herself […]


The Gay Village Hoax proves you are all Bigots!

Its a wonderful day in the Gaybourhood!  Well not really, the Gated Gay Village,  that would discriminate against straight people,  turned out to be an elaborate hoax to raise homophobia awareness. The Gay Village project described itself as a scheme to create a prejudice-free gated community, complete with luxuries like tennis courts and a cooking school. Planned for a site outside Tilburg in the south of the Netherlands, it was […]


Update: Anti-Gay Westboro Founder Fred Phelps Dies

Update: Fred Phelps, former head of Westboro Baptist Church, dead Fred Phelps Sr., the former head of the Westboro Baptist Church, died late Wednesday night, according to a family member… Margie Phelps, said there will be no funeral for him. The Mississippi-born leader of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church is on his deathbed, according to family members. Fred Phelps, 84, is in his last days at the Midland Hospice House […]


Homosexual Hypocrisy: Bake me a Cake, but I won’t cut your Hair!!

A strange thing recently happened. New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez has to shop around for a new hairdresser because the one she used the last three times is gay and doesn’t agree with the governor’s view that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Her stylist of late, Antonio Darden, confirmed that that’s it — he won’t cut the governor’s hair as long as she holds her […]


Eric Holder: You Really Don’t Have to Enforce Laws You Disagree With

Town Hall says: Attorney General Eric Holder is taking the lawless attitude of the Obama administration and passing it down to state attorneys general. Yesterday during an interview with The New York Times, Holder said state attorneys general do not have to enforce laws they disagree with, specifically when it comes to the issue of gay marriage. Six state attorneys general — all Democrats — have refused to defend bans […]

Facebook and ObamaCareFacebook and ObamaCare

Facebook Opens up a Can of Genders – Anyone Confused?

In one swell move, Facebook added 56 new gender options on its social media site. People can now choose anything they want to be or nothing if they so choose. Gone are the days of only two genders: male and female. As if people didn’t have enough choices, Facebook has seen that its members should not be devoid of any chance of choosing their gender and if you are out […]