FBI personnel inspect shooting damage to the walls of the Orlando Club "Pulse" a Gay bar.FBI personnel inspect shooting damage to the walls of the Orlando Club "Pulse" a Gay bar.

President Obama and the Orlando Florida Massacre

It was a typical weekend night at the Pulse Bar in Orlando, Florida with Gay couples dancing, drinking and mingling when all hell broke loose. Omar Mateen, an American born radicalized Islamist began a deadly shooting spree. After exchanging fire with an off-duty Orlando Policeman, Mateen withdrew to the inside of the club where casualties quickly mounted. One survivor, interviewed by Meghan Kelly at Fox News told of the massive […]

Gay Pride White House

Gay Patriot weighs in on SCOTUS decision making Same-Sex Marriage legal in all States

 Bruce Carroll (GayPatriot) weighs in on Supreme Court Gay Marriage Decision It’s tough to be a gay conservative. I’m not complaining – it’s just true. I normally “politically identify” myself as an American first, conservative second…And I happen to be gay. But today is one of those days that really shines a light for me on being a living contradiction (in most people’s eyes). I find myself very conflicted. I’m […]


Obama ‘Therapist in Chief’ calls to end Conversion Therapy

President Obama, the Therapist in Chief, will call for ending ‘Conversion Therapy’ or as the LGBT community likes to call, “Pray Gay Away” but it is also known as Reparative therapy or Reorientation therapy. Interestingly, the New York Times and NBC seem to be the first media outlets to have the heads-up on Obama’s forthcoming announcement.  Obama will call for an end to psychotherapies aimed at “repairing” gay, lesbian and […]


Indiana: Constitution Friendly

The Indiana law protecting people of faith in that state from having to participate in a ritual or act with which their faith disagrees is being said by totalitarians and Leftists (one and the same) to be “discrimination.” Yeah, so? I don’t mean to be cavalier about someone being refused a service or product because they are of a particular DNA, i.e., black, white, or any other naturally born biology. […]