Fast and Furious

US border compromised with impunity by Obama White HouseUS border compromised with impunity by Obama White House

President Obama Sanctions An Immigration Crisis

Since the very beginning of his first term in office President Obama used AG Eric Holder to legally harass our southern border states for upholding federal immigration law and guarding their territories. Using the resources of taxpayer’s money and our Attorney General’s Office the administration began a literal siege against our border security. Interfering with the operations of our border patrols and exposing citizens and enforcement agents to danger, this […]


Impeach Eric Holder

Impeachment is the only cure for an unethical and extremely partisan US Attorney General. Eric Holder has established himself to be beyond the jurisdiction of American law. This leaves only one solution that is to impeach the Attorney General. Holder’s leadership of the DOJ fosters a climate of fear among the American public and increasingly Americans feel betrayed by a government that targets its citizens and a Justice Department who […]


Eric Holder Fast and Furious Appeal DENIED

Eric Holder Appeal DENIED! The court did state:“The present dispute is of potentially great significance for the balance of power between the Legislative and Executive Branches. ” A federal judge has refused Attorney General Eric Holder’s request that he be allowed to proceed now with an appeal in a case where the House of Representatives is seeking to enforce subpoenas for documents related to the controversial Operation Fast and Furious […]


Articles of Impeachment to be filed Against Eric Holder

Eric Holder has a “A pattern of disregard for the rule of law.” Willie Lawson at Florida Dash is is reporting that Articles of Impeachment are being drafted against Eric Holder for lying to Congress, obstruction and selective application of the Law. The charges at this point will be as follows: 1.Refusal to comply with the subpoena issued by the Oversight Committee regarding Fast and Furious. This violates 2 U.S.C. […]


Video: Obama the Bystander President – He Didn’t Know!

New Video Highlights Obama’s Bystander Presidency WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee (RNC) is releasing a new video highlighting President Obama’s Bystander Presidency. As “Bystander President” shows, in an age of iPhones and instant news, the president has been caught unaware of what’s happening in his own administration time and time again. “What else is the government doing that he doesn’t know about? This is a president governing on autopilot,” […]