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Trump Cruz and Meadows the Growing Revolution on Capitol Hill

Ted Cruz said it best when speaking of the failure of the GOP to confront and defeat the president on almost every issue since Republicans took record seats in the House and across the country in 2010, but claimed with only a 1/3 majority of the 3 branches of government they could not succeed. In 2014 they captured a majority in the Senate and still with a GOP majority in […]

Donald Trump Ostracized For Speaking The Truth

Donald Trump Ostracized For Speaking The Truth

Republican upstart, self made billionaire, and TV celebrity, Donald Trump has been intentionally misquoted by the media, rejected by the GOP, and has met repudiation by the leftist bought off US media, and still this man leads in the campaign polls. Why? Even today as Trump visited the US border with Mexico in Laredo, Texas he was even betrayed by the local union representative for the border agents who had […]

Lindsey Graham: How to Destroy Your Cell Phone after Trump gives out your number

Video from IJR How to Destroy Your Cell Phone after Trump gives out your number by Senator Lindsey Graham Everyone has an old cell phone they need to get rid of. So does Senator & GOP presidential candidate Lindsey Graham. There are many creative ways to dispose of these old devices. Here are a few. Related articles Lindsey Graham Calls Trump Jack*ss – Trump Gives Out Graham’s Private Cell Phone […]


Donald Trump’s Rump

Columns are hard. You need elements; a beginning, a middle, an end. Sometimes the end is the hardest part, like bringing it in for a landing. There has to be something that pulls it all together. Something that makes it seem as though you had a point. A quick review of my archives indicates that I don’t have that in me very often. Most of the time I’m lazy, and […]

A man outside of the DC establishment threatens the corrupt power brokers!A man outside of the DC establishment threatens the corrupt power brokers!

What Does Donald Trump Represent Anyway?

In view of a presidency that has consistently failed America over the last 7 years and a GOP establishment that has refused to effectively oppose an onslaught measured in divisiveness aimed at our society, we must examine what billionaire, Donald Trump brings to the table. When Fox commentators Brit Hume and George Wills choose to view Donald Trump as a carnival barker, then why is he leading the impotent Republican […]


The Establishment GOP’s Ruthless Attacks On Donald Trump

In the wake of comments made by billionaire and TV personality Donald Trump about the illegal immigration problem, we have a spineless group of Republican presidential candidates attacking a man that speaks for the people. Statements made by Trump were actually extractions from articles featured By The Huffington Post and Univision. The supposedly inflammatory statements made by Donald Trump were taken from the left, yet he finds himself on the […]