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A Question of Jobs and Priorities At The White House

For the last few months President Obama made his priority campaigning to get Hillary Clinton elected. Perhaps his efforts should have been focused on securing jobs for the American people since in essence his job, if he performed it according to his Constitutional duty, would be to serve the people. Yet, his priority was political. At a time when America needs employment more than at anytime in the past, our […]

They would rather destroy the US than lose!They would rather destroy the US than lose!


With the massive violent demonstrations targeting President Elect, Donald Trump we do now definitely know one illuminating fact. Where as the US mainstream media has labeled these imbecilic protests as the product of disenchanted “Snowflake” Millennials, sore losers, and spontaneously assembled masses merely expressing their misgivings something very different has unfolded. Definitive evidence of well coordinated, planned strategically executed insurrection, and massively funded participation by paid agitators as opposed to […]


“Our Values” According to Schumer and Obama

    The media, the Democratic Party, and liberal groups in general will go on analyzing polling data for years to come in the wake of their humiliating defeat to Donald Trump. They will wonder where they precisely got it wrong without questioning their policies or conduct. Once again it is the way of the left that refuses to see the nature of its failures preferring to blame FBI Director […]


The Deplorable Intolerance of Democrats

  In the wake of the Trump victory in his bid for the presidency the White House and Hillary Clinton should have wished him well and gotten on with the business of healing the nation, right? Wrong. With a series of nightly protests that have turned violent in many major US cities and the media brandishing a lie that Clinton won the popular vote when The Donald has 318 electoral […]


5 Signs You Have Post Election Stress Disorder (P.E.S.D)

Regardless of whom you voted for in the 2016 Presidential election, there is one thing we all can agree on. It was stressful! For the past year people have been heated on social media, blocking and un-friending those on “the other side.” Families have been arguing. Spouses have been at odds. Now that the election is over, one side will feel the stress associated with the loss. We spoke with […]