The Iowa Democratic Focus Group Video Hillary Clinton doesn’t want you to see

Iowa Democrats Speechless over Hillary Clinton’s Accomplishment As Secretary Of State The Washington Free Beacon said: Iowa Democrats could not name a single accomplishment by Hillary Clinton when she served as Secretary of State. Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin conducted a focus group of Iowa Democrats and asked them about Hillary Clinton. Halperin went around the room and asked each individual to name a single accomplishment by Hillary Clinton as Secretary of […]


Dem Senator Defends Obama Secrecy Shipping Illegals to States

U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin is defending secrecy by the Obama administration involving undocumented child immigrants sent to Iowa, saying he fears disclosure of information would lead to anti-immigration protests at the homes of families sheltering the young people. “These kids need to be protected, housed and kept safe. They don’t need to be made public objects,” Harkin told Iowa reporters Thursday in a weekly telephone conference call. Harkin, an Iowa […]


Teaparty upset that Blacks Vote Republican in Mississippi

That’s the way the left is spinning it. But, the McDaniel campaign may be complaining about crossover voting for good reason. The Mississippi law Adams cites, MS Code 23-15-575, states: “No person shall be eligible to participate in any primary election unless he intends to support the nominations made in which he participates.” “Mississippi law prohibits Democrats from voting in a Republican primary,” Adams said in an emailed statement. “Obviously […]


Benghazi Cover-Up: Obama, Democrats and the Lapdog Media

The Benghazi scandal roared back to life like a raging inferno into the public consciousness last week with a newly released Ben Rhodes “Smoking Gun” White House email. Ben Rhodes, the White House Deputy Strategic Communications Advisor is shown to be orchestrating a White House strategy to focus the Benghazi attack on a relatively unknown anti-Islamic internet video. Ben wrote, “To underscore that these protest are rooted in an internet […]


Latest Poll: Obama, Democrats Weak ahead of Midterm Election

In the latest political poll by the Washington Post and ABC News President Obama’s approval rating continues to be weak ahead of the 2014 Midterms.  President Obama faces a 52 percent disapproval rating on the way he is handling his job as president and a 54 percent disapproval how he is dealing with the economy. When asked about approval on particular issues in the news, President Obama has the following […]