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Obama points to Racism for Popularity Problems

President Obama tells the New Yorker that racial animus is partly to blame among white voters for his reduction in popularity.   He told David Remnick in an article to appear in the January 27, 2014 issue of the New Yorker, “There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president.” What we are wondering is how the […]

Milton Friedman: Minimum Wage Myths

Milton Friedman and the Myth of Minimum Wage helping Poor Milton Friedman discusses the effects of minimum wage, dispelling the myth that it is a Good Thing. H/T – amagilly From Milton Friedman: The fact is, the programs labeled as being “for the poor,” or “for the needy,” [by politicians like President Obama] almost always have effects exactly the opposite of those which their well-intentioned sponsors intend them to have. […]


Poll: Iowa Presidential Favorites for 2016 Not who you expect

The Des Moines Register released its Iowa top contenders for the 2016 Presidential race. If you thought New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was leading the pack of Republicans, you would be incorrect.  While Chritie seems to be the top choice in other polls, Iowa has a different opinion. The Poll says that former vice-presidential candidate and Wisconsin congressman, Paul Ryan best the Iowa poll with a 73 percent availability rating.  […]


Gallup: Obama Approval with Hispanics falls from 75% to 52%

Hispanics’ approval has fallen from 75% in December 2012 to 52% in November PRINCETON, NJ — President Barack Obama’s job approval rating averaged 41% in November, down 12 percentage points from 53% last December, his high-water mark since his first year in office. Hispanics’ approval has dropped 23 points over the last 12 months, the most among major subgroups, and nearly twice the national average. His approval rating also showed […]


Democrats in trouble! GOP could take 13 Senate seats in 2014 election

The Democratic Party is in trouble!  Just a few months ago, the GOP was wondering if they could even take the majority in the Senate.  Following recent polls, pollsters are now saying Republicans could take as many as 13 Senate seats.  The GOP needs just 6 seats to take the majority in the Senate A lot has happened since National Journal Hotline last surveyed the Senate landscape. Republicans took a […]


Dem Cong: How do we Fix Obamacare? Pass Immigration Reform!

Are your eyes rolling yet? Democrat Jared Polis says, Legalizing illegal immigrants is the solution to Obamacare –  Yes an cataract surgery will fix my ingrown toe nails! Rep. Jared Polis said Friday the key problem with health care right now is that illegal immigrants aren’t included in Obamacare, and said part of the solution is to pass a bill granting them citizenship rights. The House is debating a GOP-written bill that would allow Americans […]