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2016 Democratic Nomination – Sanders Surges in Key States

With the Iowa Caucus less than six months away, the race for the 2016 Democratic Nomination has Hillary Clinton holding a commanding lead with +34 percentage point lead over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The PolitiSite Polling Report has the Race as of August 18, 2015: Hillary Clinton 55% Bernie Sanders 21% Joe Biden 11% Jim Webb 2% Martin O’Malley 1.5% Lincoln Chaffee 0.5% Real Clear Politics has the 2016 Democratic […]


Charges Against Sen. Menendez Expected This Week

New Jersey Democrat under investigation for possible corruption Federal investigators are preparing to file criminal charges against Sen. Robert Menendez as early as this week, following a legal battle over how much the Constitution shields lawmakers and their aides, according to people familiar with the investigation. Mr. Menendez, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has been under investigation for possible corruption, according to people familiar with the […]

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LGBT Americans Still Skew Democratic and Liberal

PRINCETON, NJ — Americans who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender remain significantly more likely than non-LGBT Americans to identify as Democrats. More than six in 10 LGBT Americans identify as Democrats or are Democratic-leaning independents, while 21% identify with or lean toward the Republican Party. Non-LGBT Americans are more evenly divided in their politics, tilting just slightly more Democratic than Republican. The political orientation of LGBT individuals is […]

King Cuomo of New YorkKing Cuomo of New York

King Cuomo of New York

Conservatives, pro-life, pro-guns and all whose religious and political beliefs do not align with Cuomo’s, are not welcome in the state of New York, so declared Governor Cuomo trying to be the newest ‘Democrat’ King of New York. Is Cuomo really in a position to say who stays, who goes, who comes, where and why? These are questions that voters ask! Cuomo is forgetting he is an elected public official […]

Of Citizenship, Law-Making, And Mass Data Collection/Storage

Of Citizenship, Law-Making, And Mass Data Collection/Storage

By: Edmund Jenks – West Coast Editor So much is going on with our Government and our culture during this extend version of Carter’s Second Term – the 44th Presidency of the United States. The progressives (Democrats & RINOs) have everything so turned upside down that they think it is a good idea to bring people – who have decided, on their own, to live here in the United States […]

US Sen. Frank Lautenberg dies at 89

US Sen. Frank Lautenberg dies at 89

Sen. Frank Lautenberg died this morning of viral pneumonia at age 89, his office said. The oldest member of the Senate, Lautenberg had struggled with health problems since late last year, when he missed several weeks of votes because of what he said was flu and bronchitis. The death of Lautenberg, a Democrat who was the longest-serving senator in New Jersey history, creates a vacancy that Governor Christie, a Republican, […]


Democrat Congresswomen: Climate Change causes Prostitution

Add this to your list of crazy things Democrats say, from asking to look for a photo of the Flag placed by Neil Armstrong on Mars  to concern that overpopulation would capsize Guam, California Democrat Barbara Lee now says that climate change will cause women to sell their bodies. Climate change is causing glaciers to melt, heat waves to become more intense, species to become extinct and low-lying island nations […]

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White House: Senate Passed budget will create jobs, cut the deficit in a balanced way

White House Statement on Democrat Budget passing Senate Today, the Senate passed a budget plan that will create jobs and cut the deficit in a balanced way.  Like the President’s plan, the Senate budget cuts wasteful spending, makes tough choices to strengthen entitlements, and eliminates special tax breaks and loopholes for the wealthiest Americans to reduce the deficit. The President and Democrats in Congress are willing to make difficult choices […]

Democrats pass ‘Balanced Approach’ Budget – Trillion in Taxes, No Payment on the Debt, almost no Cuts

Democrats pass ‘Balanced Approach’ Budget – Trillion in Taxes, No Payment on the Debt, almost no Cuts

Democrats pass ‘Balanced Approach’ Budget 1 Trillion in New taxes, No payment of Debt,  and almost no Cuts – That’s Democrat Balance! The term “pre dawn” should only be used to describe two things: Raids and Tony Orlando’s early years. When “pre dawn” is used in reference to the time of day Congress acted, especially heading into a weekend, it probably means potential bad news for the rest of us. […]