Steven Uccio debating incumbent Democrat Bonnie Watson-ColemanSteven Uccio debating incumbent Democrat Bonnie Watson-Coleman

Steven Uccio’s Run for Life, Liberty, Tax Relief and Equality

Steven J. Uccio is the Republican Congressional candidate for the 12th District of New Jersey. Formerly a Libertarian who has run for County and Statewide public office, Steven became a Republican over a year ago. He is making his first foray into politics at the Federal level. As Election Day gets closer, Steven spoke with Politisite to answer some questions and reveal some glimpses at a different kind of Republican […]

Colorado Democratic Congressional candidate Misty Plowright.Colorado Democratic Congressional candidate Misty Plowright.

Misty Plowright Challenges the System

“Government should do as much as is necessary and ONLY what is necessary to ensure that its people enjoy the freedom and opportunity to excel.” – Misty Plowright Misty Plowright is the Democratic Congressional candidate running for the 5th district against current Republican Representative Doug Lamborn in Colorado. A first-time candidate, a Bernie Sanders supporter and an Army veteran, Misty took some time off from the campaign trail to speak with Politisite’s Jennifer Williams and answer some […]


Spoken vs. Silent Socialism

Bernie Sanders, Presidential candidate for the Democrat Party and an “Independent” from Vermont, is an avowed and vocal socialist. He’s admitted it. He’s proud of it. He embraces the moniker with a serious and stoic expression, saying that the Government taking the hard-earned money from one set of Americans so that it can dole it out to another set of Americans is just fine and dandy. His opponent, Hillary Clinton, […]

crumbling US Flag

Thank You, Democrats

Kudos are in order for the gifts that our Government and its political parties have given us citizens of this once wonderful country. It’s high time that someone actually step up and articulate a big and hearty “THANK YOU” to our illustrious Federal caretakers for all its benevolence, and I’m just the guy to do it! As most of you know, there’s a new norm for our national debt. In […]


Could Senator Tim Scott Change The Republican Party?

Politisite readers are already aware that a new U.S. Senator recently took office, but unfortunately most of the United States citizenry is not.  In case you don’t know, the new Senator is Tim Scott (R-SC) and he was appointed by his home-state Republican Governor Nikki Haley to replace Senator Jim DeMint in the U.S. Senate.  In case you do not know, Senator Scott is African American (or Black if you prefer) and […]