CBS Republican debate transcript – part 3

CBS News Republican Presidential Debate Transcript Rushed Partial Transcript: Part Three FEBRUARY 13, 2016 JOHN DICKERSON: 09:29:56:00 Very quickly, 30-second follow-up. You– you’ve said you would– that essentially, the Kurds would be the American ground forces in there. The– the– the criticism, the– the experts have on that is that the Kurds only can work within their territory. If they take larger amounts of territory, you have an ethnic war […]


CBS Republican debate transcript – part 1

CBS News Republican Presidential Debate Transcript Rushed Partial Transcript FEBRUARY 13, 2016 ANNOUNCER: 09:00:43:00 Tonight, live from the Peace Center in Greenville, South Carolina, CBS News brings you the Republican presidential debate. (APPLAUSE) (CHEERING) JOHN DICKERSON: 09:00:55:00 Good evening. I’m John Dickerson. This holiday weekend as America honors our first president, we’re about to hear from six men who hope to be the 45th. Candidates for the Republican nomination are […]


CBS Republican Debate Transcript- Part 2

CBS News Republican Presidential Debate Transcript Rushed Partial Transcript: Part Two FEBRUARY 13, 2016 JOHN DICKERSON: 09:18:22:00 Senator Rubio, (CHEERING) (APPLAUSE) just– 30 seconds on this question, Senator Rubio. Are those the questions you would ask? SEN. MARCO RUBIO: 09:18:31:00 No. I think there are three major threats that you want to immediately get on top of. Number one is, what are we doing in the Asia Pacific region, where […]


CBS Republican Debate Transcript – part 4

CBS News Republican Presidential Debate Transcript Rushed Partial Transcript: Part Four FEBRUARY 13, 2016 JOHN DICKERSON: 10:01:03:00 Welcome back. We’ll begin the second half of the debate with one of the hottest issues in the Republican campaign. Immigration. But before I turn it back to Major Garrett and Kim Strassel I have one question for Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump, in the Republican National Committee’s Spanish language response to the State […]


Republican Debate ‘Cage Fight’ at Peace Center in Greenville, SC

It is Ironic that the most important Republican debate of the election would be taking place in this quaint upstate South Carolina town known for its southern charm, sweet tea and hospitality.  Greenville is about to host a gloves off, no holds barred, cage match at the ‘Peace Center’ for the GOP nomination between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio for the Presidency of the United States. We were […]

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at Charleston, SC 2016 Presidential Debate

Democrats Face-off ‘Fight Night’ #DemDebate Charleston, SC Coverage

The NBC News – YouTube Democratic Debate candidates taking pace in Charleston, South Carolina will be the last Democratic presidential debate before the first presidential primary and caucus votes are cast in Iowa and New Hampshire.  So the bottom line is all interested eyes are focused on the Charleston, SC Debate stage as the candidates face-off for the last time before actual voters weigh in on the election. Who will […]


2016 GOP Debate Poll Ipsos/Reuters Post-Debate Reactions

Washington, D.C. – Reuters and Ipsos launched a round of polling late on the evening of Aug 6, 2015, after the end of the Fox News Republican Debate. In the Reuters/Ipsos 2016 Republican Primary horse race, Donald Trump holds the lead in our post-debate polling (currently with 24% of Republicans, unchanged from pre-debate). Jeb Bush (down) and Carly Fiorina (up) show the most movement in our pre and post poll […]


Creationism Debate in Kentucky

By Chris Wawra The creationism debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye on Tuesday night was definitely an interesting affair, but did it actually accomplish anything? Each side presented its evidence and attempted to refute the claims made by their opponent, but the rhetoric was simply a rehash of ideas presented on both sides. What could have been a substantive dialogue opening doors to both sides of the issue turned […]


Hammer time! O’Reilly Gets Slugged after bringing Child to Pot Fight

Mary Katherine Ham slams Bill O’Reilly for bringing up her child in marijuana debate Putting my daughter to bed & telling her a bedtime story of a time, not long ago, when political public figures' children were off-limits. — Mary Katharine Ham (@mkhammer) January 14, 2014 Ham, clearly not happy with O’Reilly bringing up her child again, shot back by saying she would not want her daughter to drink or get […]