DoD had assets off Libyan Coast if Needed for a Rescue

Just not for Chris Stevens and not last September: When then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made an unannounced part-of-the-day visit to Tripoli, Libya, on Oct. 18, 2011, the U.S. Defense Department pre-positioned assets off the Libyan coast in case it needed to rescue the secretary of state. The fact that the assets were pre-positioned for Clinton’s visit was included in the annual report of the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic […]

Photo credit: "Barbara Kinney/Clinton Global Initiative"

President Bill Clinton to appear on The Colbert Report tonight on Comedy Central

PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON WILL APPEAR FOR THE FIRST TIME ON TONIGHT’S CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE UNIVERSITY (CGI U) SPECIAL THEMED EPISODE OF “THE COLBERT REPORT” AT 11:30 P.M. ET/PT ON COMEDY CENTRAL For the first time, Stephen Colbert interviewed former President Bill Clinton and hosted the closing session of the sixth annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) this past weekend at Washington University in St. Louis . […]

Read Hillary Clinton’s ‘hacked’ Benghazi emails

A Russian news company has posted several emails that have been hacked from the AOL account of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Read the full release here. A hacker using the alias “Guccifer” was credited last week with compromising the AOL email account of Sidney Blumenthal, a 64-year-old journalist who formerly worked as an assistant to then-President Bill Clinton. Now days after the security breach was first reported, Guccifer […]

Hacker Releases Confidential Hillary Clinton Memos On Benghazi Attack

Hacker Releases Confidential Hillary Clinton Memos On Benghazi Attack Armed with confidential memos to Hillary Clinton that were stolen from the e-mail account of a former White House aide, a hacker has distributed some of the documents to a wide array of congressional aides, political figures, and journalists worldwide. In a series of weekend e-mail blasts, the hacker known as “Guccifer” disseminated four recent memos to Clinton from Sidney Blumenthal, […]