Tom Steyer’s NextGen to defeat Climate Denier GOP Candidates in 2016

Tom Steyer’s climate-focused political group is already gearing up for the 2016 presidential race, announcing on Monday a new effort that will focus on putting Republican candidates on the defense when it comes to global warming. NextGen Climate’s chief strategist, Chris Lehane, said in a call with reporters that the group’s mission heading into 2016 is to “disqualify” candidates who deny that climate change is real or caused by human […]

Even Democrats admit 2014 Midterm going Republican

Even Democrats admit 2014 Midterm going Republican

Republicans entered the final weekend before the midterm elections clearly holding the better hand to control the Senate and poised to add to their House majority. But a decidedly sour electorate and a sizable number of undecided voters added a measure of suspense. The final drama surrounded the Senate, which has been a Democratic bulwark for President Obama since his party lost its House majority in 2010. Republicans need to […]


Heartbleed bug could affect

We promise we won’t bring up the fact that we told you there are security issues on the Obamacare website or that the site is a hackers wet dream.  But you should probably change your password due to Heartbleed bug vulnerabilities. We will let someone else do it for us. users are being asked to change their passwords “out of an abundance of caution” following an administration-wide review […]


Shorter Obama: You can Keep your Insurance until After the 2014 election

STATEMENT BY  PRESIDENT OBAMA ON THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT November 14, 2013 Now, switching gears, it has now been six weeks since the Affordable Care Act’s new marketplace has opened for business.  I think it’s fair to say that the rollout has been rough so far.  And I think everybody understands that I’m not happy about the fact that the rollout has been wrought with a whole range of problems […]

Yolanda philippines

Climate Activists Hype Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda False Claims

We Prepared our readers for the onslaught of Global Warming / Climate Change buffs to blames the so-called ‘Super’ Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) on Man-made global warming. We also stated that the data was going to be exaggerated (worst storm in History, Surge and wind data etc.) and it was. Climate Depot has put Haiyan (Yolanda) into perspective with some actual facts: Scientists reject Typhoon Haiyan link to man-made global warming: […]


POLL: Should the Redskins Change their Name? Vote Here

Poll Question: Should the Redskins change their name? Vote Here Transcript of Bob Costas monologue on Saturday Night Football Halftime With Washington playing Dallas here tonight, it seems like an appropriate time to acknowledge the ongoing controversy about the name, “Redskins.” Let’s start here: there’s no reason to believe that owner Daniel Snyder, or any official or player from his team, harbors animus towards Native Americans, or chooses to disrespect […]

Think it’s Hot?  Check out these Temperature Records

Think it’s Hot? Check out these Temperature Records

Is Obama Blowing Smoke and Hot Air in DC over Climate Change? By Albert N. Milliron Today, President Obama’s subject of his weekly address was on global climate change .  During last weeks speech Obama took a shot at so-called global warming skeptics, as he removed his jacket and wiped the sweat off his brow, he said, “we don’t have time for another meeting with the Flat Earth Society.”   […]

Study: Search engines can change an election

Study: Search engines can change an election

Democracy at Risk: Manipulating Search Rankings Can Shift Voters’ Preferences Substantially Without Their Awareness Robert Epstein & Ronald E. Robertson American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology Abstract In a double-blind controlled experiment,web pages and search engine results from an actual election were presented to three groups of eligible voters. In two of the groups, rankings favored one candidate over the other. Preferences shifted dramatically toward favored candidates, with 75% […]

Obama for Amercia is “In-Your-Face Negativity”

Obama for Amercia is “In-Your-Face Negativity”

Candidate Obama: “What We Need Now Is Not Misleading Charges And Divisive Attacks.” OBAMA: “Well, what we need now is not misleading charges and divisive attacks. What we need is honest leadership and real change, and that’s why I’m running for President of the United States.” (Senator Barack Obama, Remarks, Richmond, VA, 10/22/08) OBAMA’S NEGATIVE CAMPAIGN IS STARTING TO WORRY HIS SUPPORTERS Obama’s Supporters Worry That His “In-Your-Face Negativity” Has […]