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Two Tiers of Totalitarianism

In the parking lot of a Kroger grocery store in Memphis Tennessee, a group of black teens attacked random people in what can only be described as a crazed campaign of brutal barbarity. In a video taken by, sadly, a foul-mouthed woman with speaking difficulties, we see jerky images of young men in droves attacking innocent people. As the video continues, we see the yelling mob running, laughing, punching and [...]


Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Panthers Apology?

All of them criticized the Ferguson police department as acting anywhere from unwarrantedly aggressive to out right murderous. And all long before any verdict or investigation results were anywhere near complete. Let’s take these conclusion jumpers one by one, starting with noted civil rights leader and MSNBC TV host, Al Sharpton. Sharpton said, “. . . when will law enforcement condemn police who shoot and kill our young people?” Sounds [...]

Hillary Clinton

Clinton: ‘Failure’ to Help Syrian Rebels Led to the Rise of ISIS

President Obama has long-ridiculed the idea that the U.S., early in the Syrian civil war, could have shaped the forces fighting the Assad regime, thereby stopping al Qaeda-inspired groups—like the one rampaging across Syria and Iraq today—from seizing control of the rebellion. In an interview in February, the president told me that “when you have a professional army … fighting against a farmer, a carpenter, an engineer who started out as [...]

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Presidential Approval – Latest Political Polls Average 41.4%

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday shows that 46% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Obama’s job performance. Fifty-three percent (53%) disapprove (see trends).

The latest figures include 23% who Strongly Approve of the way Obama is performing as president and 41% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -18.

Read more here: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

President Obama Job Approval

Presidential Approval – Latest Political Poll Average 41.4%

President Barack Obama Approval Rating Polling Data from Real Clear Politics

Poll Date Sample Approve Disapprove Spread
RCP Average 7/18 – 8/2 41.6 55.3 -13.7
Gallup 7/31 – 8/2 1500 A 41 54 -13
Rasmussen Reports 7/31 – 8/2 1500 LV 46 53 -7
Associated Press/GfK 7/24 – 7/28 1044 A 40 59 -19
The Economist/YouGov 7/26 – 7/28 699 RV 42 56 -14
Reuters/Ipsos 7/20 – 7/24 1640 A 38 58 -20
FOX News 7/20 – 7/22 1057 RV 42 52 -10
CNN/Opinion Research 7/18 – 7/20 1012 A 42 55 -13

All President Obama Job Approval Polling Data

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Obama approval in Ohio all-time low

July 31, 2014 – Obama Approval In Ohio Nears All-Time Low Anywhere, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; Clinton Tops Kasich, Other Republicans In 2016 Race PDF format Ohio voters give President Barack Obama a negative 36 – 59 percent job approval rating today, close to his all-time low score in any of the nine states surveyed by Quinnipiac University. The president’s all-time low, in the nine state polls or nationally, is [...]

A President who has earned an impeachment as his historical legacy.A President who has earned an impeachment as his historical legacy.

The Unimpeachable Obama Presidency Part I

With more than six years of constant turmoil under the Obama administration many of us are asking why hasn’t this president been impeached yet? Why has the steady decline of the United States been allowed to occur unimpeded as a president that Democrats argue is merely inept but is acting intentionally according to critics? Who could argue that the United States is not in a crisis of fiscal management, foreign [...]


Poll: Romney Beats Obama by Landslide

Washington (CNN) – If a rematch of the 2012 presidential election were held today, GOP nominee Mitt Romney would top President Barack Obama in the popular vote, according to a new national survey. But a CNN/ORC International poll also indicates that if Romney changes his mind and runs again for the White House, Hillary Clinton would best him by double digits in a hypothetical showdown. The survey, released Sunday morning, [...]


Dem Senator Defends Obama Secrecy Shipping Illegals to States

U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin is defending secrecy by the Obama administration involving undocumented child immigrants sent to Iowa, saying he fears disclosure of information would lead to anti-immigration protests at the homes of families sheltering the young people. “These kids need to be protected, housed and kept safe. They don’t need to be made public objects,” Harkin told Iowa reporters Thursday in a weekly telephone conference call. Harkin, an Iowa [...]


President Barack Obama’s Human Trafficking Efforts Become FedEx-ing

The number of children crossing the U.S. border alone has doubled since last year. More than three-quarters of unaccompanied minors are from mostly poor and violent towns in three countries: El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Children from Mexico, once the largest group, now make up less than a quarter of the total. Graphic Credit: New York Times Immigration of human beings into the United States use to be a semi-orderly [...]

A President who would rather oppress than uplift!A President who would rather oppress than uplift!

President Obama Wants To Further Punish US Corporations

In a speech given in California July 24th on Thursday, the President once again revealed his socialist agenda in proclaiming that he will push for the passage of a bill to penalize US corporations that seek offshore tax havens due to the present confiscatory burden of the US government. American employers who cannot find any good reason to be paying more of their bottom line to a federal government that [...]

Democratic Convention Final Day

Obama, Kerry’s Foreign Policy Success

Currently, we are witnessing the first time that President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have achieved precisely what they detailed, described and worked on in the realm of foreign policy. With terrorists attacking Israel by the minute, the international world condemning Israel, and the Obama Administration’s (now-lifted) decision to ban flights to Israel, while simultaneously continuing to fund Hamas, a terrorist organization, the words described by America’s leaders [...]


Obama’s Glass Gulags

“He walked in and he saw this long row of glass walls, and the children behind those glass walls like they were in some sort of a zoo,” Beck said, describing his source. “And on the door of the first one, it just said, ’4-year-olds.’ The next one said, ’5-year-olds.’ And the next one said ’6-year-olds…” This is a story on The Blaze, a first hand account Glenn Beck cited [...]

Obama's new neighborhood -  Rancho Mirage, CaliforniaObama's new neighborhood - Rancho Mirage, California

Obama Will Retire in $4.23M Mansion; Country in 17 Trillion Debt!

There is a very sensible saying ‘leave a place better than you found it’. This saying of course does not apply to the Obamas. While they have steadily improved their status, income and Hollywood friends, the country they were supposed to change (for the better as people thought) has gone down steadily in every way: economy, health, international standing etc. However, Obama can have one credit where he has improved [...]

Sleep tight Mr PresidentSleep tight Mr President

Obama’s New Role To Wake-Up The World!

Somehow Obama has taken upon himself to wake up the world when he himself is half asleep at the wheel. His own scandals, misbehavior and deception does not strike him but the Malaysian plane crash suddenly prompted him to be up and about and try to wake the world. Obama was shocked as much as he could be, in the middle of one of his campaigns, to the atrocity of [...]


Obama, Putin call on situation in Ukraine including downing of Malaysia Flight MH17

Readout of the President’s Call with President Putin of Russia President Obama spoke with Russian President Putin today about the situation in Ukraine and the additional sanctions on Russian individuals and entities that the United States announced on July 16. President Obama emphasized that he remains committed to a diplomatic solution and that sanctions were not his preferred course of action. President Obama noted, however, that in the face of [...]