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Step By Step Lesson on How the Left Brought Down America

  The story of how liberal, progressive, leftist, or shall we say Communist insurgency destroyed the greatest nation on the face of the earth is a tragic one, and if history is allowed to be written factually it will be a lesson for generations to come. Although it began as early as the first decade of the 20th Century during the 1900’s it geometrically accelerated in the mid to late […]

Remember when politicians described themselves as public servants? No longer!Remember when politicians described themselves as public servants? No longer!

What Our Federal Government Conveniently Forgot

    In the years since the inauguration of one Barack Hussein Obama the thinking American public has long gotten over the glitz of the election of the first black president and has stopped to ponder just why all the campaign promises never came to fruition. Not only that, but those of us who are not in the low information voter category have seen a fascist sanction of federal government […]

Refusing to acknowledge reality the definition of delusion!Refusing to acknowledge reality the definition of delusion!

A Delusional White House That Inspires Terrorism

  In lieu of the latest Islamic terrorist attack in France we are once again saddled with the rhetoric of the White House over gun control. From Dallas, Texas President Obama used the solemn occasion of a memorial to fallen Dallas police officers to drive home his politically correct drivel. The inference that police departments around the country are racist, that more gun control will somehow curb deadly attacks, and […]

Brexit the future to globalist rule and Trump anticipates it perfectly!Brexit the future to globalist rule and Trump anticipates it perfectly!

Brexit Trump and its Parallels to the US Economy

  Recently Billionaire and presumptive GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump commented on Brexit from his Scotland golf course. Sure we could expect that the media would take every opportunity to intentionally misquote Trump and try to discredit his interpretation of the EU financial crisis. With Brits voting by a landslide to exit the European Union we have proof that Great Britain has finally seen the light and its people are […]


But For the Clamor of White House Lies

    We live in an increasingly dangerous age. Not from anymore threats than have already existed, not from any climatic impact despite the distortions of the left, and not even from a looming world war, yet the threat is still existential. The greatest problem facing America and ultimately the world is the lack of truth. We cannot get the truth out of Washington DC, we cannot retrieve it from […]