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The Lawless Fantasy Land on Capitol Hill

The republic of the United States of America was dealt three critical blows by an out of control Supreme Court and president who has unceasingly pushed the boundaries of morality ever since his inauguration in 2009. The people are no longer represented in Constitutional fashion any longer as demonstrated by the capricious lack of due process demonstrated by the Supreme Court justices and the executive branch officer now occupying the […]

Video -President Obama’s Clementa Pinckney Eulogy- Transcript

EULOGY FOR THE HONORABLE REVEREND CLEMENTA PINCKNEY College of Charleston Charleston, South Carolina THE PRESIDENT: Giving all praise and honor to God. (Applause.) The Bible calls us to hope. To persevere, and have faith in things not seen. “They were still living by faith when they died,” Scripture tells us. “They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and welcomed them from a distance, admitting that they […]

The N-Word President

The N-Word President

I knew Obama wouldn’t be able to get through two full terms without somehow demeaning the Presidency as his Democrat predecessor, Bill Clinton did. Of course, we all remember Clinton molesting a young woman in the White House just off the Oval Office. Former Democrat President from the 70’s, Jimmy Carter, although aggressively incompetent to the level of obesity, didn’t raise the ‘ick’ factor of the POTUS like President Clinton […]


Obama travels to South Carolina to Deliver Clementa Pinckney Eulogy

Statement by the Press Secretary on the President’s Travel to Charleston, South Carolina On Friday, June 26th, the President and Vice President will travel to Charleston, South Carolina to attend the funeral services of Rev. Clementa Pinckney where President Obama will deliver the eulogy. Further details about the President’s travel to South Carolina will be made available in the coming days.    

One of those rare images of government actually doing its job!One of those rare images of government actually doing its job!

The Role of Government Part II

Seldom will you ever hear a politician on Capitol Hill admit that he is a servant of the people. Our present federal government has forgotten its role in governing America. Rule differs from governance, but Washington does not make that distinction. Washington DC tells us that it can solve all the problems, that it knows better than we do, that sexual promiscuity and deviation are great celebrations of diversity, that […]

The people serve under big government but it does not serve the people.The people serve under big government but it does not serve the people.

The Role Of Government Part I

When our forefathers declared independence from a monarch who commanded the greatest army in the world and composed the US Constitution, their wisdom spoke for generations to come. Yet, our present incarnation of ignorant and indoctrinated citizens intent on being subservient dolts to ever increasing government regulation have conveniently forgotten the lessons of history. When the US Constitution is spoken of by constitutionalists the term “living breathing document” means that […]