127 Days Obama fails to nominate Amtrak Chief

Keith Koffer over at White House Dossier has the story that Obama has failed to  nominate a chief at the Federal Railroad Administration going on 127 days.  While Democrats are pointing the finger at Republicans for the Amtrak Accident, Obama is out playing golf and ignoring the fact that his administration is responsible for not turning on Positive train control (PTC) that was installed in the derailed Amtrak train but not […]

Amtrak Crash Blamed on GOP – Republican Cuts Kill…Again

This is how Democrats are spinning the Amtrak accident – it’s the GOPs fought – has nothing to do with engineer going over double the speed at 106 MPH – REPUBLICAN CUTS KILL . . . AGAIN Ad buy planned against Rep. Harold Rogers (R-KY), Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee Washington, DC – Today, the Agenda Project Action Fund released a NEW AD connecting GOP budget cuts to the […]