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If only it were funny.If only it were funny.

The White House Pathway To Lawlessness

  America has faced many challenges in the past from war to depression from insurrection to independence, but today it seems an overwhelming effort is underway to undermine our nation from within by the federal government itself. From a Congress that has refused to impeach a radical president to aiding and abetting our enemies, the US seems to be in the hands of fools. Marriage under attack? The first shot […]

Refusing to acknowledge reality the definition of delusion!Refusing to acknowledge reality the definition of delusion!

A Delusional White House That Inspires Terrorism

  In lieu of the latest Islamic terrorist attack in France we are once again saddled with the rhetoric of the White House over gun control. From Dallas, Texas President Obama used the solemn occasion of a memorial to fallen Dallas police officers to drive home his politically correct drivel. The inference that police departments around the country are racist, that more gun control will somehow curb deadly attacks, and […]


I’m transgender Republican and the GOP betrayed me

Earlier this month in the Kansas legislature, Republican state Sen. Steve Fitzgerald dismissed a colleague’s concern about suicide among transgender youth by arguing that “Suicide does have a high rate with those who are afflicted with some form of insanity.” Iowa Congressman Steve King has called for “civil disobedience” to block transgender rights. In April, Denton County, Tex., sheriff candidate Tracy Murphree apologized after threatening on Facebook that if a […]

The government sanctioned racial division of America.The government sanctioned racial division of America.

More Sinister Aspects of Dallas Police Assassination

    In the aftermath of the greatest loss of life among a city police department since the 9-11 attack we are forced to face even more disturbing implications of a nationwide war against our law enforcers. The US media is doing all it can to milk this tragedy for ratings whether it costs more lives and property damage or not. Many aspects of these attacks are being hidden or […]

Police across America find themselves under attack and the White House is not helping.Police across America find themselves under attack and the White House is not helping.

Dallas Police Shooting Black Lives Matter and Anarchy

  Saul Alinsky in his book “Rules For Radicals” outlines clearly in the course of action for disrupting a government and its society it would take lies, social unrest, and even acts of violence so that the ultimate goal of anarchy could be reached. Once respect for authority had been breached a state of rebellion would be soon to follow. Keeping in step with Karl Marx and his Ten Planks […]