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Shepard Smith, Medicine Man

Shepard Smith, Medicine Man

Remember Ebola? That was so last week, but allow me a few leftover thoughts.  I hate that I can’t find a clip from October 14’s Shepard Smith Reporting, where Mr. Smith was discussing Ebola.  There was this one from the day before, which has some of the flavor, but was more measured, and much less partisan. I know that Shep was making a point of trying to tamp-down “panic”, which [...]

The F-106 one of many cold war era aircraft  sold to the US government at a profit.The F-106 one of many cold war era aircraft sold to the US government at a profit.

Conspiracies And The Official Version Of The Truth Part II

Despite the redundant proof of government sanctioned false flag operations and secretive programs unbeknownst to the public often for decades, still our White House spokesman will cling to the typical denial while disavowing obvious discrepancies in the “Official Version of the truth”. Whether it comes down to withholding vital information for a purpose or prosecuting whistle blowers, the federal government has a proven history of an agenda that does not [...]

Biden gets free pass over Jewish Slur

Remember when the media freaked out for three days over Sarah Palin’s completely legitimate use of the term “blood libel”? Nearly every major media outlet took a dive deep on this critical outrage. Millions of Americans learned more about how Jews in the Middle Ages were sometimes falsely accused of kidnapping and murdering Christian children so they could use the blood for ritualistic baking. But more importantly: What did Palin mean? [...]

SC Democrat Congressman recommends ‘Sexting’ to GOTV

South Carolina Democrat Congressman, James Clyburn, recommended  “sexting” as a way to get out the vote in the 2014 midterm election.  I am wondering if Clyburn is getting his campaign advice from former congressman Anthony Wiener. Clyburn seemed to confuse basic “texting” with “sexting” — which involves sending sexual messages or photos — during a Labor Day weekend appearance on C-SPAN to promote his new memoir. Clyburn, 74, told an [...]


Bill Maher says he may vote Republican for POTUS in 2016

Bill Maher made a hefty donation to bolster President Obama’s re-election bid in 2012, but the liberal comedian says he’s open to going the other way the next time around. And there’s one Republican in particular who intrigues him. “Rand Paul is an interesting candidate to me. Rand Paul could possibly get my vote,” Maher told The Hill. Maher has never hidden his affinity for the Paul clan. He told [...]