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Don't wait until you break.  Help is available.Don't wait until you break. Help is available.

PTSD: Ft Hood shooter – Are gov and the military doing enough?

In view of yesterday’s shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas by a 34 year old Iraq veteran, the issue of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has again been highlighted. While his actual mental state can only be speculation, Ivan Lopez was [...]


UN General Assembly rebukes Russia over Ukraine

The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly adopted a non-binding resolution declaring the referendum and annexation of Crimea illegal. While it appears that the U.S. and its European align accept the annexation of Crimea as a “fait accompli,” they hope the resolution [...]

Christie Exonerated on BridgegateChristie Exonerated on Bridgegate

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie exonerated on Bridgegate

An internal investigation commissioned by Governor Chris Christie’s office has cleared the New Jersey governor of any wrongdoing and blamed senior staffers for Bridgegate. The internal review into Bridgegate was conducted by a lawfirm hired by Christie’s office. Christie was [...]

Pope Francis; Person of the YearPope Francis; Person of the Year

Is Obama’s visit with Pope Francis an attempt to bolster Catholic vote?

President Obama started his visit at the Vatican and Pope Francis on Thursday. While the world’s most powerful religious leader and President Obama have ideological difference on abortion and birth control, they have a common vision on the increasing gap [...]


Full Text President Obama’s Speech in Brussels

President Obama present a speech at the Palais des Beau Arts in Brussels, Belgium, addressing the current Ukrainian Crisis and standoff with Russia and its President, Vladimir Putin. He said is part of a more fundamental struggle between democratic ideals [...]


Ukraine Crisis Update for March 25th

While the G7 meets in The Hague on nuclear proliferation issues, the crisis is ongoing in the Ukraine and Vladimir Putin has not been deterred by the sanctions imposed by the U.S. and its allies. The Russian president responded in [...]

History tells us where the Obama White House is leading America!!History tells us where the Obama White House is leading America!!

The Chains of Liberalism Assaulting America Part II

In its long history of deception and false narratives liberalism has entrenched itself in America like an arrow in the back of a cavalryman. The social impact of injecting immorality into the minds of the young and minorities has achieved [...]

Canadians at Kandahar AirportCanadians at Kandahar Airport

Canadian Afghanistan Veteran on Afghan mission “I’m proud”

Canada finished its mission in Afghanistan on March 12th and the last soldiers in the troubled country returned on Friday March 21. We often hear of the bloodshed in the country, but there were a multitude of projects Canadians completed [...]

Stephen Harper

Canada’s PM Harper first G7 leader to visit Ukraine

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the first G7 leader to visit the Ukraine since the Ukrainian Crisis began. As he stood alongside Ukrainian prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Harper declared Canada’s full support for the Ukraine and its new government. [...]

Green Party Leader Elizabeth MayGreen Party Leader Elizabeth May

Reject Keystone: A letter to Kerry by Elizabeth May

Canada’s Green Party Leader Elizabeth May sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, asking him to reject the XL Keystone Pipeline. Contrary to government policy, she asks Kerry to save Canada from ruining its economy, which would surely [...]

The long legacy of liberal deception and their intolerance of others.The long legacy of liberal deception and their intolerance of others.

The Chains of Liberalism Assaulting America

It may have begun at the turn of the twentieth century just before World War I as progressive President Woodrow Wilson allowed his masters to influence him in domestic and foreign policies. It may have begun earlier as the findings [...]

The Russian Bear stalks the true wizard of Oz behind the curtain.The Russian Bear stalks the true wizard of Oz behind the curtain.

Ukraine Crisis: EU and Merkel pivotal in resolving Ukraine crisis

As Western allies scramble for a proper response to Putin’s plans for annexation of the Crimea, the Russian president seems to have his eyes fixed for further expansion into the sovereign territory of the Ukraine. Unconfirmed sources in the eastern [...]