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GOP Senate Takeover Chances 60 Percent

For the last month, we’ve been adding one or two polls a day to The Upshot’s Senate forecasting model. Today, we update all 36 races, based on estimates from a YouGov online panel that covers every congressional and governor’s race across the country. The panel, asked for its preferences in collaboration with CBS and The New York Times, is unusual in its scope: It comprises more than 66,000 people living [...]


Florida: Voters back medical marijuana 9-1

July 28, 2014 – Florida Backs Medical Marijuana 9-1, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; Young Voters Lead Call For Recreational Marijuana PDF format Florida voters support legalized marijuana for medical use 88 – 10 percent, with support ranging from 83 – 14 percent among voters over 65 years old to 95 – 5 percent among voters 18 to 29 years old, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. The lowest [...]


57% View Obamacare Unfavorably

Dislike of the new national health care law is at its highest level in several months, with half or more of voters continuing to question its impact on the quality and cost of care. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 39% of Likely U.S. Voters share a favorable opinion of Obamacare for the second month in a row, a low for the year to date. Fifty-seven percent [...]


List of Unaccompanied Illegal Immigrant Children by State

The Department of Health and Human Services has released a table containing the numbers of unaccompanied illegal immigrants children that have been sent to the various states.  The crude table below is the product of the HHS and was not put together by us.  The table is full of mistakes in spelling and capitalization. Who can know if the figures are even correct. The table states as of July, 7 [...]


President Barack Obama’s Human Trafficking Efforts Become FedEx-ing

The number of children crossing the U.S. border alone has doubled since last year. More than three-quarters of unaccompanied minors are from mostly poor and violent towns in three countries: El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Children from Mexico, once the largest group, now make up less than a quarter of the total. Graphic Credit: New York Times Immigration of human beings into the United States use to be a semi-orderly [...]


FAA Banned U.S. Airlines from flying into Tel Aviv

The US Federal Aviation Authority on Tuesday banned US flights from traveling to and from Ben Gurion Airport for 24 hours after a Hamas rocket landed in Yehud, near Ben Gurion Airport, earlier in the day. “The FAA immediately notified US carriers when the agency learned of the rocket strike and informed them that the agency was finalizing a [Notice to Airmen]” prohibiting the flights. American aviation companies Delta, United [...]

Greta Van Susteren puts Katie Couric Interviews to Shame

Van Susteren’s interview was direct and wide-ranging where Couric’s was timid and roundabout After her spectacular high-profile ousting as executive editor of the Times in May, Jill Abramson broke her post-NYT silence this week with a series of media appearances. First it was announced that she’d be opening up first to Katie Couric on Thursday; then Greta Van Susteren swooped in and scooped Couric with a Wednesday interview. Abramson struck an appropriately unrepentant [...]

Interview: Bruce MacDonald Finds The Perfect Wave

“The Perfect Wave” is a full length, dramatic, theatrical feature film based on the true story of a 24-year old, New Zealander, Ian McCormack. The film was shot exquisitely in South Africa, Bali and Java under the direction of internationally renowned television commercial director Bruce MacDonald. It was recently released in the United States after a successful run in South Africa. Kevin Williams: How did you come up the script [...]

Flag Colors Get Fashion Show BannedFlag Colors Get Fashion Show Banned

Flag Designs Gets Ban in Iran

In a show of complete moral policing, Iran banned a Fashion Show and its Designer over daring to have Iran’s flag colors in its fashions. Anything can ignite Iran’s mullahs and moral police; a fashion show with Iranian women daring to parade in fashions with Iran’s flag, was certainly regarded as one blasphemous act against Iran, against Islam, against its men, against its very moral fiber! The designs, which appear [...]

TSA: I.D. Required to Fly, unless you crossed the U.S. Border illegally

The TSA is denying this, but the National Border Patrol Council spokesman, Hector Garza says despite the claims, illegal immigrants are flying on American Airliners without proper identification.  Garza says illegal immigrants are able to pass through TSA simply by presenting a “notice to Appear.” So, as appears to be the ongoing behavior of the Obama Administration, equality is a gift given by the chief executive, especially if you are [...]

Ray Nagin

Nagin’s Katrina: Sentenced to 10 years for Bribery, Money Laundering

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was sentenced Wednesday to 10 years in prison for bribery, money laundering and other corruption that spanned his two terms as mayor — including the chaotic years after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. U.S. District Judge Helen Berrigan handed down the sentence Wednesday morning. Nagin was convicted Feb. 12 of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from businessmen who wanted work from the city [...]

Germany Gets Historic Game in World CupGermany Gets Historic Game in World Cup

Germany Wins Big; Beats Brazil 7-1 in World Cup

Structure, discipline and efficiency worked for Germany in today’s semi-finals with host country Brazil. Germany’s regimen worked so well that it made history and created records of all kinds for World Cup 2014. Brazil was slated to win the 2014 World Cup but its hopes were shattered today by ruthless efficiency of Germany which scored not one but 7 goals! Brazil was able to fend off complete annihilation by a [...]

Happy 4th of JulyHappy 4th of July

Happy Birthday America

Another year and America is still around to celebrate another Independence Day. The nation continues to hold itself together despite its president and the ever seditious army of liberals, lefties and communists waiting patiently in the wings of white house and its lawns and elsewhere. They are everywhere, in schools, colleges, homes, hearts. Nonetheless, as the world erupts, America manages to stay intact despite its borders erupting, its insides getting [...]


Veteran Dies Waiting on Ambulance at a VA Hospital

A veteran who collapsed in an Albuquerque Veteran Affairs hospital cafeteria, 500 yards from the emergency room, died after waiting 30 minutes for an ambulance, officials confirmed Thursday. Officials at the hospital said it took a half an hour for the ambulance to be dispatched and take the man from one building to the other, which is about a five minute walk. VA spokeswoman Sonja Brown said Kirtland Air Force [...]


Americans Losing Confidence in All Branches of U.S. Gov’t

Confidence hits six-year low for presidency; record lows for Supreme Court, Congress WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans’ confidence in all three branches of the U.S. government has fallen, reaching record lows for the Supreme Court (30%) and Congress (7%), and a six-year low for the presidency (29%). The presidency had the largest drop of the three branches this year, down seven percentage points from its previous rating of 36%. These data [...]