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Oklahoma Retrieves SCOTUS Fumble and Runs With It

Well, to my shame, my great state of Oklahoma has taken the nod from the Supreme Court’s recent decisions to ignore the wording of law and go beyond the written text in order to force a round peg agenda into the square hole of legislative mockery. In a 7-2 decision, the Oklahoma state supreme court on Tuesday ordered a privately funded Ten Commandments monument to be removed from the state […]


Roberts Court and Dissolution of Co-Equal Branches of Government

There is no solemnity, no refuge granted for our beleaguered citizenry from the daily invective, incompetence, and blatant abuse of our elected and appointed officials. America is the greatest country in the world and our citizens deserve better from our leaders  than what they are receiving. Today’s atrocious decision by the Supreme Court is the final straw that attests our system of government is broken. The institutions of governance cannot […]


The SBOTUS Decision on ObamaCare

God can read minds. Man can’t. One need not be Christian, Jew, or Muslim to know that. An atheist will tell you that although God is no more than a myth, that mythical God has the power to know what’s in the heart of man. The atheist will surely admit that no mere human being has the power to know what resides in the deepest recesses of a persons mind. […]

The N-Word President

The N-Word President

I knew Obama wouldn’t be able to get through two full terms without somehow demeaning the Presidency as his Democrat predecessor, Bill Clinton did. Of course, we all remember Clinton molesting a young woman in the White House just off the Oval Office. Former Democrat President from the 70’s, Jimmy Carter, although aggressively incompetent to the level of obesity, didn’t raise the ‘ick’ factor of the POTUS like President Clinton […]


Pope Francis : Gun Manufacturers are NOT Christians

Lets make the Vatican a ‘Gun Free Zone’ – Pope Francis : Gun Manufacturers are NOT Christians People who manufacture weapons or invest in weapons industries are hypocrites if they call themselves Christian, Pope Francis said on Sunday. Francis issued his toughest condemnation to date of the weapons industry at a rally of thousands of young people at the end of the first day of his trip to the Italian […]

The people serve under big government but it does not serve the people.The people serve under big government but it does not serve the people.

Who’s Better with Your Money, You or Washington?

Presidential candidate for the Democrat Party Bernie Sanders said that a tax code of 90 percent is not too high. Now, Sanders is an admitted socialist, so it’s no wonder he thinks the Government should take the vast majority of your paycheck from you and dole it out as it sees fit. Just for clarity, that’s leaving you a meager 10 percent of the money you worked for. At the […]