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Hilary’s Emails- Nothing To See, Here . . . Again

Democrat Presidential hopeful, Hilary Rodham Clinton, held a Press conference yesterday at the United Nations, answering questions about her emails. The emails that she kept hidden from the State Department, the emails that don’t really matter as Hilary has assured us that they held, “. . . no security breaches.” Oh really? That’s good to know. Since the current President said that his is the “most transparent Administration in history,” […]

Prime Minister Netanyahu; a leader we could use in America!Prime Minister Netanyahu; a leader we could use in America!

Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress

Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Congress in a joint session on the floor of that “august” chamber, as the Prime Minister referred to it, and strange as it may seem, in the pan shots of C-span’s camera coverage, I didn’t see the President anywhere. Hmmm . . . Why was the Prime Minister there? Other than House Speaker Boehner invited him, there are a number of other reasons […]


GUILTY: Verdict reached in American Sniper Trial

A verdict has been reached in the trial of Eddie Ray Routh. The reading of the verdict is expected to begin around 10:15 p.m. The jury began deliberations at 7:36 p.m. ET. A jury has found Eddie Ray Routh guilty of murder in the killing of Chris Kyle, subject of the hit film “American Sniper,” and Kyle’s friend at a Texas firing range two years ago. No one disputed that […]

Obama sweating

Obama Administration Blocked. So What?

The Obama administration has had its amnesty push for illegal immigrants pushed back! Texas federal judge Andrew Hanen issued a temporary injunction against Obama’s executive order to force amnesty onto the country against overwhelming public opposition, a power by the way that Obama himself said he doesn’t have. According to Hanen, The ultimate question before the court is: Do the laws of the United States, including the Constitution, give the […]


Brian Williams- Most Trusted Journalist of Our Time!

Twelve years ago, NBC nightly news anchor, Brian Williams claimed that he was in a Chinook helicopter that took a hit and had to make a crash landing from the attack, saying, “I guess I do say to myself and to others — ‘I’ve got this’ — and I don’t know where that unbrid­led confidence comes from.” Now we find out it was all a lie. Walter Cronkite, anchor icon […]


Brian Williams Off Air after ‘misremembering’ Iraq war incident

CNN is reporting that Brian Williams is taking himself off air after coming under fire for ‘misremembering’ an incident while covering Iraq War. The Associated Press confirmed moments ag0 – (AP) – Anchorman Brian Williams says he’s taking himself off the NBC evening newscast temporarily. NBC posted Williams statement on their website Saturday evening : In the midst of a career spent covering and consuming news, it has become painfully […]