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Al Franken Lead over McFadden in Senate Race in Single Digits

After winning his 2008 election to the U.S. Senate by the narrowest of margins, Sen. Al Franken starts his 2014 general election campaign with a nine-point lead over Republican challenger Mike McFadden. According to our exclusive new KSTP/SurveyUSA poll, Franken leads McFadden 51 percent to 42 percent. Independence Party candidate Steve Carlson is at two percent, while two percent favor other candidates and three percent are undecided. The poll has […]

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Alaska Senate: Sullivan (R) 47%, Begich (D) 45%

A new poll has Alaska Republican challenger beating incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Begich by two (2) percentage points. Our Latest Political Poll Projection has this race: Sullivan (R) +3 At this stage, the race is essentially in a dead heat following the Alaska Primaries last week. Prior to that, the incumbent enjoyed a modest lead over all challengers. Alaska is critical to Republican hopes of taking control of the Senate, […]

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2014 Election Higher Voter Turnout to Throw the Bums out

The old saying goes that everyone one hates congress, but loves their congressman. That may all change in the 2014 midterm election. 2014 may be the, “throw the Bums out” election. A new Gallup poll says that voter turnout and enthusiasm increases may not be to cast a ballot for their favorite and beloved congressman.. it might be to throw the bum out! PRINCETON, NJ — Americans’ disenchantment with Congress […]

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New York: Corrupt Cuomo tops challenger 2-1

August 20, 2014 – Gov. Cuomo Is Part Of New York Corruption Problem, More Voters Tell Quinnipiac University Poll; But Issue Has No Impact As Gov Tops Challenger 2-1 PDF format Government corruption in New York State is a very or somewhat serious problem, 83 percent of voters say, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo is part of the problem, 48 percent of voters say, while 41 percent say he is part […]

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Poll: GOP Immigration, Dysfunctional Government Top Problems

PRINCETON, NJ — Although both Republicans and Democrats name dysfunctional government, the economy, and unemployment as top problems facing the country today, they attach different importance to other issues. Republicans and Republican-leaning independents are significantly more likely than Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents to say that immigration and moral decline are top problems in the U.S., while Democrats are more likely to mention poverty and education. The differences between partisan groups […]

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Poll: Obama Job Approval on Economy worse than GW Bush

PRINCETON, NJ — Throughout his second term, President Barack Obama’s overall job approval rating has exceeded his approval ratings on both the economy and foreign affairs, arguably the two most important areas of focus for presidents. Obama’s 36% approval rating for handling foreign affairs and 35% approval on the economy in Gallup’s Aug. 7-10 poll, compares with a higher 44% overall job approval rating in the same poll. Obama’s job […]

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Georgia Senate: WSB Poll Nunn up 7, Survey USA Perdue up 9

Latest Political Poll Projection- Georgia Senate Race = David Perdue +7 The latest political poll from WSB / Landmark Communications has the Georgia U.S. Senate race with Democratic candidate Michelle Nunn beating Republican candidate David Perdue by seven percentage points. This is the first significant poll showing the Democrat winning. Survey USA Poll has Perdue up by nine points. The Landmark Communications poll conducted exclusively for WSB-TV asked active Georgia […]

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Poll: What If the Cop Was Black and the Victim Was White?

Most Americans think the media would be less interested in the incident in Ferguson, Missouri if a white teenager had been shot by a black police officer. They also reject the idea that most policemen are racist. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 35% of American Adults rate the media’s coverage of the police shooting and subsequent events in Ferguson as good or excellent. Twenty-three percent (23%) […]

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Poll: Amercians says Congressmen don’t deserve re-election

PRINCETON, NJ — Nineteen percent of U.S. registered voters say most members of Congress deserve re-election, roughly the same as in two measures earlier this year. This is on pace to be the lowest such “re-elect” sentiment in a midterm election year over Gallup’s history of asking this question since 1992. The latest update on this measure comes from Gallup’s Aug. 7-10 survey in which congressional job approval was 13%, […]

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Polls: Blacks, Whites Sharply Disagree About Ferguson

The shooting incident in a St. Louis suburb is still under investigation, and just over half of Americans are not sure yet whether the police officer involved is guilty of murdering a black teenager. But most blacks have already made up their minds that the policeman should be found guilty. Blacks are also more convinced that the violent protests since the shooting occurred are mostly legitimate outrage rather than criminal […]