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Missouri House Speaker John Diehl resigning after Sexting with intern

Missouri House Speaker John Diehl says he is resigning after news broke he was Sexting with intern.  Because it is only okay to have an inappropriate relationship with an intern when you are a Democrat. John Diehl on Thursday said he will resign as speaker of the Missouri House this week in the wake of a story published by The Star barely 24 hours earlier about texts replete with sexual […]

FLOTUS Obama Tuskegee Speech Full Text

MRS. OBAMA: Thank you all. (Applause.) Thank you so much. (Applause.) Let’s let our graduates rest themselves. You’ve worked hard for those seats! (Applause.) Let me start by thanking President Johnson for that very gracious introduction, and for awarding me with this honorary degree from an extraordinary institution. I am proud to have this degree — very proud. (Applause.) Thank you. Thank you so much. (Applause.) I want to recognize […]

Clintons Tried to ‘Strong-Arm’ Charity Navigator after Poor Rating

Video: Clinton Foundation Tried to ‘Strong-Arm’ Leading Charity Watchdog after Poor Rating. A month before Hillary Clinton called for more transparency as an official candidate for president, her foundation tried to “strong-arm” a charity watchdog group that placed them on its watchlist, a report alleges. On March 13, Charity Navigator, a watchdog group focused on providing transparency into charity organizations, placed the Clinton Foundation on its CN Watchlist for not answering questions […]

Clinton Foundation Breakdown

Clinton Foundation spent more on Office supplies than Charitable Grants

The Federalist points out in the article, ‘Clinton Foundation Only Spent 10 Percent Of Its Budget On Charitable Grants‘ that the foundation spends more on office supplies than it does on Charitable Grants. The Clinton Foundation fought back with a treat that looks like it gives 88% of its income to charity.  Its a twist of statistics and reminds us of the book, ‘Damned Lies and Statistics‘  which shows how […]

2015 Kentucky Derby‬ ‪‎Picks‬ ‪‎and Odds‬

Politisite Projection for the ‪2015 141st Kentucky Derby – Top for Picks and Current odds 8 American Pharoah 8 Dortmund 2 Carpe Diem 19 Upstart Buy trifecta on 18, 8, 2 – Win, Place or Show for each as well – Upstart because he lives down the road in Camden, South Carolina Mint Julep Recipe The mint julep is a mixed alcoholic drink, or cocktail, consisting primarily of bourbon, water, […]