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Government Minders in Newsrooms?

Government Minders in Americas newsrooms?  I think we call them MSNBC hosts.  According to Reporters without Borders, Press Freedom in the United States has already plummeted to 46th in the world.  Nowhere to go but down when Obama’s FCC is [...]

Obama visits Canada in 2009. How things have changed.Obama visits Canada in 2009. How things have changed.

Obama: No plans for a quick decision on Keystone

President Obama’s stance on the XL Keystone pipeline should not come as a surprise. During a joint press conference with Canada’s conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, President Obama made clear that he has no plans for a quick decision on [...]


Nationalism: Pride or Prejudice?

When Brad Paisley released his song ‘Accidental Racist’ about a year ago he was attempting to address the misconceptions of “Southern Pride.” While Paisley did manage to spark a national dialogue on the issue, his song didn’t bridge any major [...]

License Plate Technology is already in place - (Media Credit: http://www.pogt.net)License Plate Technology is already in place - (Media Credit: http://www.pogt.net)

DHS wants a National License Plate Tracking System

The Department of Homeland Security wants a private company to provide a national license-plate tracking system that would give the agency access to vast amounts of information from commercial and law enforcement tag readers, according to a government proposal that [...]

Media Credit: Jesse GoinMedia Credit: Jesse Goin

Report: Raising Minimum Wage will allow 500K to spend more time Family

A new report released by the CBO says that raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour will allow 500 thousand people to spend more time with their families.  Of course, they will be spending that extra time in their [...]

Senator Scott

Could Tim Scott’s 2014 election attract Minorities to the GOP?

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Strom Thurmond’s 1964 switch to the Republican Party helped make the GOP in vogue in South Carolina, prompting white conservatives to flock to the Grand Old Party. Now, U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, the state’s first African-American senator, [...]


Bode Miller Breaks Down during post-race Interview

Post-event interviews are one of the mainstays of the Olympic games, but can some topics be too sensitive to tackle? After Bode Miller’s medal-winning performance in the Super-G ski event on Sunday, NBC post race correspondent Christin Cooper threw out [...]

Wasted resources due to lack of parts, results in billions wastedWasted resources due to lack of parts, results in billions wasted

$17 Trillion in debt, but billions wasted in Afghanistan

Congress recently passed a clean debt ceiling bill, which gives free reign to the Obama Administration and the Democrats to increase America’s debt well beyond the current $17 Trillion threshold. Despite the debt carried by the US, billions were and [...]