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Iran openly demonstrates its hatred for the US Mr. President do you catch their drift?Iran openly demonstrates its hatred for the US Mr. President do you catch their drift?

Iranian Nuke Deal Disaster

If a bad deal is the only option why make a deal at all? Why lift the sanctions Mr. president? In their haste to make an historic agreement Secretary of State, John Kerry and President Obama have entered the US and it’s allies into a bad position. Iran has not only been able to exploit every weakness in the Obama’s JV negotiating team, but have even secured massive funding from […]

A man outside of the DC establishment threatens the corrupt power brokers!A man outside of the DC establishment threatens the corrupt power brokers!

What Does Donald Trump Represent Anyway?

In view of a presidency that has consistently failed America over the last 7 years and a GOP establishment that has refused to effectively oppose an onslaught measured in divisiveness aimed at our society, we must examine what billionaire, Donald Trump brings to the table. When Fox commentators Brit Hume and George Wills choose to view Donald Trump as a carnival barker, then why is he leading the impotent Republican […]

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez is the Chattanooga Shooter

CBS News  has identified Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez  as the shooter who fatally shot four Marines two military recruiting and training centers in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Original story continues below… Five people were killed on Thursday including a suspected gunman who opened fire at two military-related facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee in an attack local officials described as an act of domestic terrorism. The other four killed were Marines at a Naval Reserve […]


Take the Shortest Political Quiz

Politics in America is more complicated than Left-wing, Moderate, Right-wing.  This became apparent when I started to look at my own political affiliation.  I didn’t seem to fit in with any particular platform.  For years, I voted for the candidates that seems to fit me the closest after going over each of their  position statements. About 15 years ago, I was told to look at something called the Nolan Chart.  […]


Hillary Clinton: vast right-wing conspiracy to blame for Trust Issues

Hillary Clinton worked to paint herself as honest and trustworthy in her first national television interview of the 2016 campaign, blaming Republicans for damaging questions about her time at the State Department and her family’s charitable foundation. “This has been a theme that has been used against me and my husband for many, many years,” the Democratic presidential hopeful told CNN’s Brianna Keilar in Iowa, noting that she’s been “subjected […]