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Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Panthers Apology?

All of them criticized the Ferguson police department as acting anywhere from unwarrantedly aggressive to out right murderous. And all long before any verdict or investigation results were anywhere near complete. Let’s take these conclusion jumpers one by one, starting with noted civil rights leader and MSNBC TV host, Al Sharpton. Sharpton said, “. . . when will law enforcement condemn police who shoot and kill our young people?” Sounds […]

Is America on a direct course with chaos thanks to the White House?Is America on a direct course with chaos thanks to the White House?

Battleground Ferguson, Missouri

Truth and accuracy mean nothing to the left as they use every possible tactic to instigate racial unrest and violence in the embattled town of Ferguson, MO. There where black youths take each other’s lives with a frightening frequency and yet blame whites for their self-created dilemmas, the battle cry of the liberal utilizes hatred and racism as a substitute for well-informed insight. Sanctioned urban conflict Let’s bring back the […]



This is an organic psychological condition that certain people, among them talk show hosts, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Rick Roberts, suffer from, and it seems to have been metastasizing throughout the US population for the last few decades. And recently, it’s grown to rampant levels as to be considered at epidemic proportions. Okay, yes, I made the term up, but I think it fits and is almost as insidious […]

RIP Robin Williams: Understanding Depression and Suicide

Oscar winning actor Robin Williams is gone too soon.  I was so shocked to hear the sad news that Williams died of an apparent suicide.  Sadly, I’ve lost too many friends this way and have realized one thing.  Suicide is not something you can ever predict. You can just never tell when someone is on the brink like this.  And sadly, more often than not, they can’t be stopped.  It […]


Hawaii Gov. Abercrombie defeated despite Obama endorsement

Hawaii Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie, in a historic loss, was soundly defeated in Saturday’s primary by a state senator, while the island’s marquee U.S. Senate race remained too close to call. Abercrombie’s loss to state Sen. David Ige makes him the first sitting governor in state history to lose a primary for reelection. It came amid concerns about tax hike proposals and his leadership style. With 99 percent of the […]

This the way the government would like you to think.This the way the government would like you to think.

How The Federal Government Forgot Who Was Boss

In the Declaration of Independence our forefathers clearly established what the role of the federal government was supposed to be. A government for the people, by the people, and of the people was to serve the public. As opposed to a non-representative government that now passes laws that the majority are opposed to, has put the country 7 trillion dollars further in debt for partisan reasons under the Obama White […]

Obama Ebola Executive Order?

A patient with the Ebola virus is expected to arrive at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday afternoon.  A second patient will follow shortly thereafter.  In the wake of bringing Ebola infected patients to the United States, some are questioning the timing of and executive order signed by President Obama that expanded the list of diseases that allow the government to apprehend and detain U.S. citizens with certain […]