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Breaking: Boston Bomber Verdict GUILTY on ALL 30 Counts!

WATCH LIVE: Boston Marathon bomber jury reaches verdict bloomberg.com/live Breaking Boston Bomber Verdict GUILTY on ALL 30 Counts! Live video: Jury reaches verdict in the trial of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev – @NBCNews http://t.co/kyWB3AoK27 — Breaking News (@BreakingNews) April 8, 2015 Dzhokhar Tsarnaev faces 30 charges in connection with Boston Marathon bombing http://t.co/nQEIIaLNbr pic.twitter.com/3kf7w5d6uv — Washington Post (@washingtonpost) April 8, 2015 Follow live updates from the courthouse as the […]


Judith Miller: I Took America to War in Iraq

Judith Miller writes in the Wall Street Journal that she was the one who took us to war with Iraq.  “It was all me!”  But she adds, with a little helps from her friends at the White House: OK, I had some help from a duplicitous vice president, Dick Cheney. Then there was George W. Bush, a gullible president who could barely locate Iraq on a map and who wanted […]

Video: Soldier Demands Apology For Iraq War from Karl Rove

Of course this video was posted by Eastern CT Young Dems. Ryan Henowitz says he was 20 years old and a medic with the 2nd Battalion of the 7th Infantry Regiment when he saw his friends “torn apart and Iraqi children screaming for their parents as indiscriminate shrapnel scarred them and us in ways that we will never know,” he told Karl Rove Tuesday at the University of Connecticut in […]


Can Drinking black tea cause kidney problems?

New England Journal of Medicine said that Kidney failure occurred in a man who drank nearly a gallon of black tea that contains oxalate. Drinking or eating products containing oxalate including tea, nuts, wheat bran and chocolate can lead to kidney stones and of taken in excessive amounts like this man from Arkansas, kidney failure. The New England Journal article, ‘A Case of Iced-Tea Nephropathy’ said: Cases of acute oxalate […]

MSNBC Can’t handle Truth – ‘Cut his mic off”

When I saw on Twitter in the past hour that MSNBC had cut Ryan Anderson’s mic off, I thought: Surely his mic wasn’t literally cut off. But, yes, yes, indeed it was – seeing is believing: Read more at: National Rewiew Ed Schultz yells at guest Ryan Anderson, then cuts his mic After appearing on Monday’s All In on MSNBC, The Heritage Foundation’s Ryan Anderson again ventured into hostile territory […]