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More of Hillary’s Dirty Tricks

As Wiki Leaks continues to divulge more e-mail dumps, as Project Veritas keeps releasing more film footage proving Hillary had sanctioned violence this would have incriminated any normal citizen. Property vandalism against GOP properties is perpetrated as we see the growing desperation of the Clinton camp. Having an election campaign staff of some 700 personnel and record numbers of donations in the hundreds of millions, still the former Secretary of […]


Secret Proceedings and Debates of the Convention 1787 by Robert Yates 1821 1st Edition being Auctioned

Secret Proceedings and Debates of the Convention Assembled at Philadelphia in the year 1787 for the purpose of forming the United States of America / from the notes taken by the late Robert Yates, esq., chief justice of New-York, and copied by John Lansing, jun., esq., late chancellor of that state, members of that Convention. Including “The Genuine information” laid before the Legislature of Maryland by Luther Martin, esq., then […]

Is America headed for the pitfalls of the past?Is America headed for the pitfalls of the past?

American Decline and its Historic Precedent

The United States today is in a government sanctioned decline either by design or ideological delusion America is being compromised from within. In history many formerly great empires have fallen due to the traitorous negligence of their leaders or have been targeted for downfall from their enemies. A nation such as America that rose to global dominance in record time now faces potential destruction from many fronts. We will explore […]

The man of the hour duels a lying Hillary!The man of the hour duels a lying Hillary!

The Third and Last Presidential Debate

   On Wednesday night we saw the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. the Former Secretary of State stated her agenda clearly as did her opponent. Basically Hillary clearly defined her policies. Hillary spoke unguardedly about her plans for the American people! Media bias Lies, deceptions, and deflections will take precedent over truth as enacted by the US liberal media. Like wolves devouring lambs we will see the press […]

How could we elect a criminal?How could we elect a criminal?

Quid Pro Quo

In recent days it has become apparent that Hillary Clinton engaged in collusion with elements of the US media, US State Department,the Justice Department, and the FBI. Thanks to revelations brought to us by Wiki Leaks secret e-mails have been continually divulged with disturbing insight. John Podesta, the architect of the Clinton election campaign, has been documented exchanging favors with the major news networks who have vowed to stop Donald […]