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Trump with the audacity to call out the Washington DC establishment!Trump with the audacity to call out the Washington DC establishment!

The Emergence of Trump

  They proclaimed that he was not to be taken seriously. His detractors said that there was no chance that he could succeed. The GOP spent Superpac money to fund negative ads to support his opponents Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Many Republican leaders vowed “Never Trump!” and refused to support Donald Trump if he somehow miraculously captured the GOP nomination. With 16 able and well established GOP competitors The […]

Obama and his attempt to close the Guantanamo Detention Facility

Obama and his attempt to close the Guantanamo Detention Facility

Americans now realized that President Obama is adverse to the rule of law except when the law advances his preset radical inclinations. In Obama’s zealot quest to close the Guantanamo Detention Facility, he has chosen gamesmanship with Congress instead of the security of the United States. President Obama today signaled his intent to close Gitmo and transfer many of the highly valued terrorist detainees to the shores of the United […]


Latest South Carolina Polls: Republican Primary 2016

The South Carolina Republican primary for the GOP candidate for the Presidency will take place on Saturday, February 20, 2016.  The following are Politisite Political Projection for that race.  We belive that when all the votes are counted the outcome of the race will look like this with a margin of error (MoE) of +/- 3 percentage points. 2016 South Carolina Republican Primary Projections as of February 19, 2016 Donald […]


CBS Republican debate transcript – part 3

CBS News Republican Presidential Debate Transcript Rushed Partial Transcript: Part Three FEBRUARY 13, 2016 JOHN DICKERSON: 09:29:56:00 Very quickly, 30-second follow-up. You– you’ve said you would– that essentially, the Kurds would be the American ground forces in there. The– the– the criticism, the– the experts have on that is that the Kurds only can work within their territory. If they take larger amounts of territory, you have an ethnic war […]


CBS Republican debate transcript – part 1

CBS News Republican Presidential Debate Transcript Rushed Partial Transcript FEBRUARY 13, 2016 ANNOUNCER: 09:00:43:00 Tonight, live from the Peace Center in Greenville, South Carolina, CBS News brings you the Republican presidential debate. (APPLAUSE) (CHEERING) JOHN DICKERSON: 09:00:55:00 Good evening. I’m John Dickerson. This holiday weekend as America honors our first president, we’re about to hear from six men who hope to be the 45th. Candidates for the Republican nomination are […]


CBS Republican Debate Transcript- Part 2

CBS News Republican Presidential Debate Transcript Rushed Partial Transcript: Part Two FEBRUARY 13, 2016 JOHN DICKERSON: 09:18:22:00 Senator Rubio, (CHEERING) (APPLAUSE) just– 30 seconds on this question, Senator Rubio. Are those the questions you would ask? SEN. MARCO RUBIO: 09:18:31:00 No. I think there are three major threats that you want to immediately get on top of. Number one is, what are we doing in the Asia Pacific region, where […]


CBS Republican Debate Transcript – part 4

CBS News Republican Presidential Debate Transcript Rushed Partial Transcript: Part Four FEBRUARY 13, 2016 JOHN DICKERSON: 10:01:03:00 Welcome back. We’ll begin the second half of the debate with one of the hottest issues in the Republican campaign. Immigration. But before I turn it back to Major Garrett and Kim Strassel I have one question for Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump, in the Republican National Committee’s Spanish language response to the State […]


Republican Debate ‘Cage Fight’ at Peace Center in Greenville, SC

It is Ironic that the most important Republican debate of the election would be taking place in this quaint upstate South Carolina town known for its southern charm, sweet tea and hospitality.  Greenville is about to host a gloves off, no holds barred, cage match at the ‘Peace Center’ for the GOP nomination between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio for the Presidency of the United States. We were […]


Latest South Carolina GOP Primary Poll: Trump, Cruz lead

In the latest South Carolina Republican Primary Poll of Likely Voters (LV) provided by the Augusta Chronicle has Donald Trump leading the GOP pack by seventeen (17) percentage points.  Trump has 36 percent of the vote in the Palmetto State followed by Ted Cruz at 20%. The Augusta Chronicle teamed up with Morris News Service  and Fox 5 in Atlanta and released the results on February 12th just eight days […]

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A Not so Sweet Southerners View on Greenville, SC Republican Debate

What will Greenville’s GOP debate leave us with?  A good ole fashion southern show down or a dance all around the issues hoe down? When some teens who will be voting soon were asked their thoughts on this year’s election they said “they didn’t really care who won as long as French fries got back into school.”  Too bad Christie dropped, that could have been a first year guarantee.  Fiorina […]