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Indiana: Constitution Friendly

The Indiana law protecting people of faith in that state from having to participate in a ritual or act with which their faith disagrees is being said by totalitarians and Leftists (one and the same) to be “discrimination.” Yeah, so? I don’t mean to be cavalier about someone being refused a service or product because they are of a particular DNA, i.e., black, white, or any other naturally born biology. […]

White House NOW says Iran Nuke deadline is Arbitrary

Funny thats not what they said two weeks ago! White House Spokesman, Josh Ernest, says March 31st hard deadline on Iran Nuke deal QUESTION So, on Iran, you’ve — you’ve suggested to us repeatedly that the end of the month deadline was a real deadline with the possibility of extending it’s… Josh Earnest Well, John, I think the president has spoken to this. And so, I’d encourage you to look […]


5 Things President Obama Wants To Discuss With The Pope

President Barack Obama is slated to meet with Pope Francis in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 23, and Obama already has a list of topics he hopes to discuss. In a press release Thursday, the White House laid out some of the president’s ideal subjects for the talk, and said that Obama “looks forward to continuing” conversations he and Pope Francis began during their initial meeting at the Vatican in March […]


Ted Cruz’s Bizarre Notion God’s in The Constitution

  Ted Cruz mentioned that our Rights, as laid down in our Founding Documents, are “God-given.” How bizarre he would say such a thing. Or so says, Meredith Shiner. She’s a reporter for Yahoo, formerly with Roll Call and Politico. This is no newbie to journalism, no rookie reporter. And she’s not five! Nor is she a sad, octogenarian suffering from Alzheimer’s who thinks that access to a copy of […]


Hilary’s Emails- Nothing To See, Here . . . Again

Democrat Presidential hopeful, Hilary Rodham Clinton, held a Press conference yesterday at the United Nations, answering questions about her emails. The emails that she kept hidden from the State Department, the emails that don’t really matter as Hilary has assured us that they held, “. . . no security breaches.” Oh really? That’s good to know. Since the current President said that his is the “most transparent Administration in history,” […]

Prime Minister Netanyahu; a leader we could use in America!Prime Minister Netanyahu; a leader we could use in America!

Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress

Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Congress in a joint session on the floor of that “august” chamber, as the Prime Minister referred to it, and strange as it may seem, in the pan shots of C-span’s camera coverage, I didn’t see the President anywhere. Hmmm . . . Why was the Prime Minister there? Other than House Speaker Boehner invited him, there are a number of other reasons […]