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CNN’s Gain is Lemon’s Loss

I like Don Lemon. Liked him when he was a straight news anchor, liked him more when he started throwing in some opinion. Some of those opinions skewed to a conservative way of thinking, so my approval might be expected, but not so much. For me, if a person is willing to go against their own (presumed) orthodoxy, I’m more willing to hear criticism of mine. To my ear, such […]


Fox Sean Hannity should have stayed out of Bundy Desert

 Sean Hannity did a wonderful job disavowing the comments of Cliven Bundy, the man he most recently made famous for refusing to pay grazing fees to the government. I truly believe that he is upset with Bundy’s comments, and that he regrets having those comments reflect poorly on the issue that concerns him. That issue is property rights, government overreach, and no small amount of eminent domain. It’s just too […]


Meet the Press Meltdown? David Gregory gets Psych Help

Politico is reporting that NBC hired a psychological consultant to find out what makes Meet the Press host tick.  Seems MTP has been falling in the ratings and NBC wants to save the Sunday news show that started back in 1947. The Washington Post says that the MTP meltdown has alarmed top executives and NBCs new president, Deborah Turness, who is concerned that the 67 year old show is dying […]

Radical Progressive Sally Kohn: What I learned on Fox News

For a radical progressive who once harbored negative stereotypes about folks on the right, it was a turning point for me: Though Sean Hannity or Sarah Palin and I disagree profoundly on politics – they’re personable, kind, and human. If you want to persuade people, you can’t demonize them. By Sally Kohn In the fall of 2013, I gave a TED talk on what I learned as a progressive, on-air talking […]