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Will Flappy Bird Fly Again?

When Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen first made Flappy Bird, he imagined it as a simple game people would use as a temporary diversion during their busy schedules. Nguyen never thought his game would become viral and earn over $50,000 for a single day’s worth of advertising.  Now that much of the commotion has died down, Nguyen has revealed he is considering making the game available again, this time with a [...]

David Brenner on the Government's Mounting Debt Crisis

Remembering David Brenner: On Out-of-Control Government Spending

David Brenner on the Government’s Mounting Debt Crisis Comedian David Brenner on the potential sequestration and partisanship in Washington that is preventing progress. Remembering David Brenner: his last appearance with Neil (Feb. 15, 2013) http://t.co/2U7KmO0GGR — Neil Cavuto (@TeamCavuto) March 16, 2014


Video: Okay for Govt. to spy on Citizens but Breaking the law when spying on Politicians

CIA spying on Senate: Feinstein clashes with Brennan An ongoing beef between the Central Intelligence Agency and the Senate Intelligence Committee, its congressional overseers, broke out into the open on Tuesday after Senator Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Intelligence Committee and frequent CIA defender, blasted the agency for withholding information about prisoner treatment and attempting to intimidate committee staff members looking into the detention program. Feinstein said the CIA had [...]


Top 7 Bits of Political Advice for Jimmy Fallon

Mark Baisley over at Townhall has seven bits of advice for Jimmy Fallon on  American Right-Wing politics: Advice #1: Understand America. Expose yourself to the political right. Folks in the entertainment industry live in their own incestuous culture on the hard left. Because they do not mix with the common folk, they do not relate to everyday sensibilities. You are great with pop culture, social media, and all that. But [...]


Watch CPAC 2014 Speaker Videos – #CPAC2014

Conservative Political Action Conference CPAC 2014 Live in Maryland – Twitter Hashtag #CPAC2014 Alternative CPAC 2014 Live Stream CPAC 2014 Abbreviated Schedule THURSDAY CPAC 2014 9:00 a.m. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz 9:16 a.m. Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey 9:24 a.m. Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan 9:40 a.m. South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott 10:19 a.m. Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell 11:45 a.m. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie 12:00 p.m. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal 12:16 [...]

Watch: Russia Today Anchor Liz Wahl quits Live on Air

We said yesterday this was bound to happen, today Liz Wahl Washington correspondent for Russia Today quit live on the air and accused the Kremlin funded network of  “whitewashing”  Russia’s military intervention in the Crimea region  of Ukraine. Veerng off script, Wahl said: “I cannot be part of a network funded by the Russian government that whitewashes the actions of Putin. I’m proud to be an American and believe in [...]

Fall of a Hero: Oscar PistoriusFall of a Hero: Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius: Fall of a Hero

There is John Milton’s quintessential hero, Lucifer and his fall from grace. Lucifer eventually came to be known as Satan, signifying all that was evil. Everything that was pure and good was gone when Lucifer was banished from the Garden of Eden. 21st century has had no heroes of Lucifer’s caliber but quite a few rogues in the financial and political world. However, some from the sports and film world [...]


Columbia Review: Fox More Balanced than MSNBC

On a Friday night in January, Bill Maher made an off-kilter joke about mass shootings. By the following Monday, Tamara Holder was summoned to The Sean Hannity Show, where she has built a following playing an extreme form of devil’s advocate for Fox News. Sandwiched between two right-wing pundits and the show’s brash host, the progressive Holder held her tongue and rolled her eyes while the rest of the panel [...]


Will “Lone Survivor” Be Called On Oscar Night?

This Sunday night, the stirring Afghanistan-based war film “Lone Survivor” is up for two Oscars for Best Achievement in Sound Editing and Best Achievement in Sound Mixing.  In this filmmaker’s opinion, the golden statuettes deservedly go to this moving, honorable film.  More importantly, though, is that over the next few weeks, most of America’s movie-plexes will begin closing out their runs of “Lone Survivor.”  The film, directed by Peter Berg [...]

Son of GodSon of God

‘Son of God’ Slated for Box Office Blowout

The movie ‘Son of God‘ is projected to top Box Office when it premiers tomorrow. Newsmax reports that Biblical Drama Son of God if it lives up to the buzz, the experience will be a celestial one for both moviegoers and its producers. Breitbart reports that industry estimates for opening weekend have catapulted from original projections of $13 million to a whopping $22.5 million. Produced by husband and wife team Mark Burnett and Roma [...]

One Question Author, Ken ColemanOne Question Author, Ken Coleman

Author Interview: Ken Coleman’s One Question – Part 2

KEN COLEMAN is the Host of The Ken Coleman Show, author of the great new Simon & Schuster book, One Question: Life Changing Answers from Today’s Leading Voices and is a sought after speaker. Ken has garnered national acclaim for his interviews with many of America’s most notable voices from every channel of society. He has been called a “young Charlie Rose” by legendary Duke Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski and [...]


NewsBusted 2/25/14 – Piers Morgan, Jimmy Fallon

NewsBusted 2/25/14 TOPICS: Presidents Day President Obama Jimmy Carter Ray Nagin Jimmy Fallon Michelle Obama Piers Morgan Denmark Zoo Giraffe Ellen Page Love NewsBusted and want to receive alerts about new episodes in your email? Visit http://newsbusters.org/newsbusted to sign up for free! Starring: Jodi Miller Production: Dialog New Media Feeling generous? Text ‘NewsBusters’ to 85944 to make a $10 contribution to keep ‘Busted going strong. NewsBusted is a comedy webcast [...]