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Will the GOP Takeover Give Us Back Our Liberties?

In last week’s column I predicted that since the Republicans won the Senate, there would be little for true Conservatives to rave about. All the back-slapping and high-fiving one might see would be no more than a futile momentary palm-stimulant. That the Republicans who had won the Senate would keep their baby-soft, hairless chests well drawn in even though they had given the Democrats a solid trouncing. Mitch McConnell proved […]

Impeachment the tool of choice for the GOP.Impeachment the tool of choice for the GOP.

Obama; The Bottleneck In The Oval Office

Obama; The Bottleneck In The Oval Office After the stunning defeat November 4th of the Democratic Party by the GOP on the Senatorial and Gubernatorial levels as well many seats in state legislatures nationwide one would think that America got a reprieve. One might venture to guess that America now has an unobstructed shot at economic recovery and a cease fire on the social assaults that have caused so much […]

GOP carries the day! Now will they follow up and get the job done?GOP carries the day! Now will they follow up and get the job done?

Republicans Persevere in Mid-Terms But What About The Future?

With the GOP capturing 7 state Senate seats with several Republican governors succeeding as well, the question remains. There are two things quite clear from this pummeling of the Democratic Party. 1) The US media made the races appear to be a lot closer than they really were while all the attempts at voter fraud used by the Democrats failed! 2) A statement made by Mitch McConnell, the newly appointed […]

America under the change of the Democratic Party!America under the change of the Democratic Party!


For any of you who would consider voting in step with the Democratic ticket as the mid term elections draw close consider these facts before contributing to the downfall of your nation. Let us examine the results of the last 6 years that have visited chaos upon America under President Obama’s watch. As a matter of fact, never has this nation been in such decline in history. Even under the […]

One man's delusion can become a national tragedy.One man's delusion can become a national tragedy.

The Definition of a Delusional Dictator Part II

Perhaps the precept for a delusional dictator says more about the decline of a society then the charlatan himself. We are witnessing troubled times in America like we have never seen before. In the past world wars were met with courage and a united front with everyone considering themselves an American, not a victimized minority, not an LGBT pundit, not multiculturally obsessed , but assimilated as citizens under one flag. […]