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Polls about the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama


The Lawless Fantasy Land on Capitol Hill

The republic of the United States of America was dealt three critical blows by an out of control Supreme Court and president who has unceasingly pushed the boundaries of morality ever since his inauguration in 2009. The people are no longer represented in Constitutional fashion any longer as demonstrated by the capricious lack of due process demonstrated by the Supreme Court justices and the executive branch officer now occupying the […]


The SBOTUS Decision on ObamaCare

God can read minds. Man can’t. One need not be Christian, Jew, or Muslim to know that. An atheist will tell you that although God is no more than a myth, that mythical God has the power to know what’s in the heart of man. The atheist will surely admit that no mere human being has the power to know what resides in the deepest recesses of a persons mind. […]

The N-Word President

The N-Word President

I knew Obama wouldn’t be able to get through two full terms without somehow demeaning the Presidency as his Democrat predecessor, Bill Clinton did. Of course, we all remember Clinton molesting a young woman in the White House just off the Oval Office. Former Democrat President from the 70’s, Jimmy Carter, although aggressively incompetent to the level of obesity, didn’t raise the ‘ick’ factor of the POTUS like President Clinton […]

History teaches the end result of gun control advocated by Obama during a tragedy!History teaches the end result of gun control advocated by Obama during a tragedy!

Gun Control Again Mister President In The Wake of Charleston Tragedy?

It is not enough that this nation as well as the town of Charleston must endure yet another meaningless mass murder, but once again our president uses this opportunity to push his gun control agenda! There is every reason to mourn the deaths of the innocent, but to generalize that America is a nation of bigotry due to the actions of a few, to campaign for gun control, or to […]

One consistency rings true in the Obama legacy destruction of America!One consistency rings true in the Obama legacy destruction of America!

Obama’s Fast Track To Trans Pacific Agreement Fails!

As has been the case in President Obama’s quest for his legacy another of his bad ideas was defeated by no other than Democrats who realized that the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement would lead to the loss of jobs for American citizens. Little in Mr. Obama’s agenda over his legacy has involved anything good for the American citizen. One might recall Bill Clinton’s tireless efforts to get the NAFTA legislation […]