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Netanyahu succeeds against  Obama's personal vendetta!Netanyahu succeeds against Obama's personal vendetta!

Despite White House’s Best Efforts A Netanyahu Landslide

Benjamin Netanyahu prevailed in the recent Israeli elections even though the US State Department apparently funded a supposedly politically neutral organization, One Voice International, an organization aligned more with Israel’s enemies than anything else. One report shows taxpayers dollars to the tune of $350,000 were funded to support this political front dedicated to unseating Netanyahu when they masqueraded as being moderate toward the Israel and Palestinian causes! A gathering of […]


Hilary’s Emails- Nothing To See, Here . . . Again

Democrat Presidential hopeful, Hilary Rodham Clinton, held a Press conference yesterday at the United Nations, answering questions about her emails. The emails that she kept hidden from the State Department, the emails that don’t really matter as Hilary has assured us that they held, “. . . no security breaches.” Oh really? That’s good to know. Since the current President said that his is the “most transparent Administration in history,” […]

White House refusal to acknowledge reality or simply propaganda?White House refusal to acknowledge reality or simply propaganda?

The Obama White House A Problem With Reality

Recently Secretary of State, John Kerry, was quoted as saying Americans have not been this safe in a very long time. Despite ISIS beheading journalists, Christians, women, children, and all others they perceive as standing in their way, our leaders in Washington tell us this. Does this demonstrate a schism that exists between reality and the interpretation of it by Obama administration or does this exemplify the typical propaganda exercised […]

Prime Minister Netanyahu; a leader we could use in America!Prime Minister Netanyahu; a leader we could use in America!

Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress

Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Congress in a joint session on the floor of that “august” chamber, as the Prime Minister referred to it, and strange as it may seem, in the pan shots of C-span’s camera coverage, I didn’t see the President anywhere. Hmmm . . . Why was the Prime Minister there? Other than House Speaker Boehner invited him, there are a number of other reasons […]

Obama destroys US

President Obama Threatens Israel Over Iran

A news story appeared in a Kuwaiti newspaper that revealed a shocking incident. According to the article President Obama issued a threat to Israel’s Netanyahou. Telling Israel’s Prime Minister that if a pre-emptive attack were launched against Iran to stop the nuclear program, the president said the US would shoot down Israeli war planes! Recently after Speaker of the House, John Boehner publicly announced he had invited Netanyahou to speak […]


US History Without False Narratives Part V

In evaluating just events and actions by the federal government that have put America in such peril over recent years this overview would be totally remiss in not pointing out the pivotal role played by President Obama, his administration, and the foolish voters who chose to award this charlatan with a another 4 destructive years under a 2nd term. The US media refuses to identify the root cause of America’s […]