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Obama Statement: Normalizes relations with Cuba – Releases three of ‘Cuban 5′

THE PRESIDENT: Good afternoon. Today, the United States of America is changing its relationship with the people of Cuba. In the most significant changes in our policy in more than fifty years, we will end an outdated approach that, for decades, has failed to advance our interests, and instead we will begin to normalize relations between our two countries. Through these changes, we intend to create more opportunities for the […]


Creed Singer Scott Stapp threatened to Kill President Obama

Creed Singer Scott Stapp threatened to kill President Obama … and his alarmed wife and sister-in-law made a desperate 911 call to stop him. Scott had just gone AWOL from a mental facility late last month, when his sister-in-law told the 911 dispatcher he was cruising around his neighborhood, shirtless on a bicycle. She says the former Creed frontman claimed to be a CIA agent and his mission was to […]

When will it end? The insanity in the White House threatens us all.When will it end? The insanity in the White House threatens us all.

CIA Torture Report Brought To You By Diane Feinstein

The Obama White House has pulled many a grievous act over the last 6 years. Fast and Furious not only risked the lives of US citizens but border agents. Obama blamed it on the Bush Administration. The president announced exact dates for withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan tipping off the enemy when US presence would be gone inviting disaster. The president’s team released a Gitmo detainee who became the head […]


Obama to appear on ‘Colbert Report’ trying to be cool again

Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report,” announced tonight that he will interview President Barack Obama during a special episode of the show filmed at the George Washington University’s Lisner Auditorium on Monday, Dec. 8. Shooting the episode “Stephen Colbert Presents: Mr. Colbert Goes to Washington D.C. Ya Later, Legislator: Partisan is Such Sweet Sorrow: A Colbert Victory Lap, ‘014” will mark President Obama’s latest visit to the […]

When your servant becomes your master!When your servant becomes your master!

America Under Siege From Within

The time honored tradition of subversion is a live and well in America. Subterfuge is afoot in the news media at every turn. Division is being promoted avidly by the Obama administration. Any issue that causes strife is being exploited, race baiting, vilifying those who enforce the law, class warfare, all available options are constantly on the table. The White House now serves as a source of the problem not […]

The man behind the intentional assassination of America.The man behind the intentional assassination of America.

Obama on Ferguson: Black Racism in a White House

The President decided to chime in on the grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson Missouri police officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. His usual statements on such racial incidents have been to consistently side with black, and against white. In the controversial case where a white officer clashed with Harvard professor Louis Gates, Obama said that the police acted “stupidly” just after admitting he knew […]

Will America know yet another Day of infamy under the Obama White House?Will America know yet another Day of infamy under the Obama White House?

December 7, 1941 The Infamy That Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

In the early morning hours of December 7, 1941 a combined naval armada and aerial threat had quietly slipped past the reconnaissance of the US Pacific Fleet and in the predawn darkness launched a sneak attack. Perhaps the most devastating military surprise attack in history awaited a sleepy Pearl Harbor as Japanese Zeroes, dive bombers, and torpedo aircraft left the carrier decks of Admiral Yamamoto’s task force and headed for […]

<strong>Ferguson; Government Sanctioned Anarchy</strong>

Ferguson; Government Sanctioned Anarchy

We have seen this before. We have seen the equivalent of false flag operations that have been condoned, sanctioned or supported by the Obama administration. We have seen the “Occupy” movement across the US and in New York in particular. These seemingly fed up protesters portrayed as disaffected citizens were actually homeless, paid students, and people with unrelated philosophies who shared nothing but shelters, drugs, and incoherent babbling. Then we […]

Allowing breaches to our national security President Obama defies CongressAllowing breaches to our national security President Obama defies Congress

President Obama Castrates US Constitution Over Amnesty

With all the continual crises that have transpired in the wake of the Obama White House during its chaotic tenure perhaps no other issue seeks to divide America as does the president’s executive order to grant amnesty to illegal aliens. The president has no intention of righting any wrongs or making a humanitarian gesture as much as he seeks a political advantage. Perhaps even out of spite for the recent […]


Benghazi Begone?

The Benghazi attack. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. If you watch Fox, you’ve heard a lot about it. Much of the coverage was a justified counterpoint to the relative lack elsewhere: Four Americans were dead, the Administration’s media response was, at best, muddy, and the non-Fox press seemed more concerned about Mitt Romney than the people with actual power. No small business. But, as time passed, Benghazi became a narrative, […]