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Polls about the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama

America needs leadership not an egotistical clown who has no allegiance to America!America needs leadership not an egotistical clown who has no allegiance to America!

The President Specializes in Constitutional Crises Part II

Aside from what some have said is unintentional ineptitude, typical academic gullibility and inexperience, or just plain right no matter what, there is no denying upon objective truth that this administration has failed miserably. The Obama White House legacy should be carved into stone for posterity as the poster child for proof that the liberal system cannot and will not succeed in America. Yet, the people have slept, the federal […]

A president who in any other era would have been impeached!A president who in any other era would have been impeached!

The President Specializing in Constitutional Crises Part I

That the American political system has been hijacked by a rogue White House utilizing a Marxist doctrine is now a forgone conclusion as the GOP roster of candidates line up for the 2016 Presidential election runoff. The Democrats will continue their lock and step socialist bid to sidestep all possible Constitutional restraint under either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders as they continue their class warfare politics. Each day there seems […]

A dangerous nuke deal for the sake of your legacy Mr. President.A dangerous nuke deal for the sake of your legacy Mr. President.


Guess what is more important than national security, peace in the Middle East, our economy, our border security, or our right to our religious beliefs? If you guessed President Obama’s vain and irrelevant legacy, you guessed it! Because Mister Obama’s delusions of grandeur far outweigh anything else when it comes to defending the US Constitution or the people of this country! It’s all about him and how he will be […]


The Establishment GOP’s Ruthless Attacks On Donald Trump

In the wake of comments made by billionaire and TV personality Donald Trump about the illegal immigration problem, we have a spineless group of Republican presidential candidates attacking a man that speaks for the people. Statements made by Trump were actually extractions from articles featured By The Huffington Post and Univision. The supposedly inflammatory statements made by Donald Trump were taken from the left, yet he finds himself on the […]

The day of a US overthrow is upon us!The day of a US overthrow is upon us!

The Seizure Of The United States

Legalizing a takeover The recent rulings coming down from the Supreme Court are in full defiance of the US Constitution and call into question the true integrity of the justices we trust to defend our laws. it is not a question of the justices listening to popular opinion or being illegally intimidated by a president who refuses to uphold our laws, it is even worse than that. Allowing abortion clinics […]