Steven Uccio debating incumbent Democrat Bonnie Watson-Coleman

Steven Uccio’s Run for Life, Liberty, Tax Relief and Equality

Steven J. Uccio is the Republican Congressional candidate for the 12th District of New Jersey. Formerly a Libertarian who has run for County and Statewide public office, Steven became a Republican over a year ago. He is making his first foray into politics at the Federal level. As Election Day gets closer, Steven spoke with Politisite to answer some questions and reveal some glimpses at a different kind of Republican […]

Colorado Democratic Congressional candidate Misty Plowright.

Misty Plowright Challenges the System

“Government should do as much as is necessary and ONLY what is necessary to ensure that its people enjoy the freedom and opportunity to excel.” – Misty Plowright Misty Plowright is the Democratic Congressional candidate running for the 5th district against current Republican Representative Doug Lamborn in Colorado. A first-time candidate, a Bernie Sanders supporter and an Army veteran, Misty took some time off from the campaign trail to speak with Politisite’s Jennifer Williams and answer some […]

Donald Trump as Sonny Corleone

In one of the strangest occurrences of the 2016 Presidential Election marathon, the strongest Republican candidate this century was redefined by his opponent’s campaign team in the simplest way possible. So simple that it is almost laughable at how it came to be and how easily played it was. So easily that I am reminded of that terrible scene in The Godfather, when Sonny Corleone (played by James Caan) is […]

I’m transgender Republican and the GOP betrayed me

Earlier this month in the Kansas legislature, Republican state Sen. Steve Fitzgerald dismissed a colleague’s concern about suicide among transgender youth by arguing that “Suicide does have a high rate with those who are afflicted with some form of insanity.” Iowa Congressman Steve King has called for “civil disobedience” to block transgender rights. In April, Denton County, Tex., sheriff candidate Tracy Murphree apologized after threatening on Facebook that if a […]

James Broussard and Ronald Reagan: Champion of Conservative America

Professor James H. Broussard teaches American history and historiography at Lebanon Valley College in Annville, Pennsylvania. His research and publications concentrate on the Jefferson-Jackson era, the South, and American politics. He formerly served as executive director of the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic. In addition to writing many articles and book reviews, Dr. Broussard has previously wrote the book, The Southern Federalists, 1800-1816. He is currently working on […]