Wiki Leaks Exposes the Clintons


Thanks to an unusually candid report by ABC News we now have some idea of the extent of corruption emanating from the Clintons and their supposedly non-profit organization. This morning Sandy Rios on her morning talk show interviewed former Senator of Haiti Bernard Sansaricq about the blatant law breaking perpetrated by Bill and Hillary Clinton. One must also consider the current state of affairs there as the recent hurricane has caused 1,000 deaths in this stricken country.

Emerging truth

In an impassioned interview Bernard Sansaricq outlined a history of law breaking that involved President Clinton in 1994 using 23,000 US troops to invade Haiti, but not necessarily for the purpose of law and order. Clinton, according to Sansaricq was using Haiti as a midway stopping off point for 15% of the Columbian drug traffic that was being shipped illegally into the United States with Hillary onboard making supposed goodwill visits to the country for the sake of PR. In response to Bill Clinton’s claim that their charitable foundation did a lot more good than harm Bernard Sansaricq bitterly replied that the opposite was true that the Clintons had done much more harm than any good they claim to have undertaken.

Murder by the numbers

The rape of Haiti, according to Bernard Sansaricq was a product of the Clintons taking hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer funded relief money and enriching themselves and their friends with it as Haitians died of disease, exposure, and starvation! San Sansaricq himself was warned that he must leave Haiti in 1994 by the President of the country now in exile or he could be assassinated. An associate of Sansaricq’s, a young woman of 30 years and mother of 4 who was pregnant had been machine gunned to death for her work on behalf of her people along with Sansaricq at that time.

The grim truth

An infamous Korean textile manufacturer convicted of sexual harassment and employee abuse was awarded establishment of its operations in Haiti despite these known violations in its Guatemala plant. They among others had donated to the Clinton foundation and as a result were granted access to opportunity. This has been a clear pattern in the murderous sequence of events that are documented by not only wiki leaks which has proven to be 100% accurate in their file dumps, but has also been corroborated with witness testimony by such holders of public office as Bernard Sansaricq. When asked by Sandy Rios if he feared for his life, Bernard merely answered that this was not about him it was about the welfare of his people and that God would protect him.

Ultimate motive

Bernard Sansaricq warned that not only are the Clintons raping Haiti, but they are doing the same to the US. He spoke about how Bill Clinton blocked an FBI probe into the illegal drug trafficking going on in Haiti. He warned that the Clintons intend to open the borders of our nation to refugees, drug gangs, foreign criminals, and anyone seeking federal aid in order to destroy America and put it on a third world footing rife for the establishment of a new world order once this nation has been reduced to chaos! Another 4 years of Barack Obama’s radical agenda on steroids, will be the legacy of the Clinton administration should this evil entity be elected into the presidency.

In Part II we will further explore the implications of the latest wiki leaks document dump.

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