Breaking News! Early Morning West Coast Military Alert – Our Weakened Defenses


In the early morning hours of Thursday 13 October an alarming wave of incidents occurred. A shocking series of aerial defense warnings, fighter jet scrambles from west coast military bases, and helicopter launches were deployed by the US Naval and US Air Force bases in response to an apparent breach of United States air space! Initial suspicions are of Russian incursions. This report originated from a San Diego TV station news broadcast.

Not since the Redmond, Oregon sighting

West coast Civil Defense and military alerts went off from the San Diego area north to Tacoma, Washington and even further to Canadian shores. This is an unprecedented development perhaps there has not been such a massive response since the infamous Redmond, Oregon UFO sighting in 1959 which touched off a Strategic Air Command reaction ordering 9 US warplanes to attempt the interception of a reddish glowing disk that emitted flames and suddenly accelerated straight up beyond 30 thousand feet eluding the converging F-102 Delta Dagger fighters rapidly shooting up from a hovering position. The UFO created so much turbulence that two of the US Air Force jets to nearly lost control.

Dubious distinction

If there is any justifiable legacy about the Obama White House it would surely be the weakness of our military readiness thanks to the lack of will and the stand down orders given to our aviators, soldiers, and commanders all over the world when confronted by hostile acts of our enemies. The message has been given and well received by our terrorist harboring Middle East nations such as Iran and Yemen. To date, several unprovoked acts of aggression have been reported toward US ships in the gulf regions of the Middle East.

Mystery rocket

Ironically, the first such act of aggression occurred on the US west coast in 2009 in the first year of that the Obama administration had taken charge. A mystery missile was launched off the coast of California. Although details were vague several analysts surmised that a Chinese submarine may have penetrated US waters and launched the rocket as a warning to the White House. One might also recall that the Chinese destroyed a US satellite while in orbit. It was not until after Bill Clinton had won the presidency in the 1990’s that the fledgling Chinese missile technology received a shot in the arm and suddenly became formidable. Clinton had received huge campaign donations from the CHICOMs which at the time were illegal. Because the US nuclear arsenal having been compromised at Los Alamos, New Mexico after computer hard drives disappeared during the visitation of Chinese dignitaries then were later located from behind a water fountain was the correlation made.

A lack of respect

Not only was the American aircraft carrier the USS Franklin targeted by Iran with two missiles that fell short, but US gunboats were also boarded and captured by the Iranians who made propaganda films of the incident. Recently as well Yemen also demonstrated its distain for the US by launching two missiles at US destroyers offshore and beyond their territorial waters. In the same general region Russian fighter aircraft made high speed passes at a US missile destroyer without a response by the ship captain, who claimed it was not an act of hostility requiring a defensive reaction. Sure Pal we really believe that. A number of veterans who served during the “Cold War” years said that had this incident taken place then the intruders would have been blown out of the sky, but this is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) under the Obama doctrine of reluctance and sabotage of America.


One might also recall that the US Embassy in Yemen was ordered by President Obama to vacate. In doing so American Marines were ordered to drop their weapons and a huge US arsenal of hardware and even tanks were abandoned for the rebels to take possession of once military personnel had been airlifted out. This general lack of regard for US national security has been typified by the Obama White House as we now see the latest threat off the coast of California reported in the wee hours of Thursday morning and kept intentionally contained from national coverage!

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