With a steady out pouring of evidence that proves collusion between Hillary Clinton, the FBI, and the Department of Justice via wiki leaks the US media and the DNC wage a never ending war against GOP nominee, Donald Trump. The major news networks will stop at nothing to deflect the law breaking of Hillary Clinton while trying to demonize The Donald at every turn. From the faked outrage over Trump’s locker room banter about women to his supposedly flawed temperament, the unending false narratives will continue unabated. This mockery of Soviet style disinformation targets America for an impending disaster of big government style economic peril coupled with more control over American lives than anyone can imagine.

Reality not the “Big Lie”

Did America set out to elect a Sunday school teacher or a real person with flaws like anyone else, who represents a challenge to a corrupt political system that for 8 years has sanctioned an intentional decline in our way of life? Yet, to listen to the US media spin from NBC to ABC from CBS to MSNBC all you will hear will be the flaws of one Donald Trump while singing the praises of one Hillary Clinton who by all practical means and purposes should be a convicted criminal for selling out her own country. Yet, the Democrats have found a way to neutralize our system of checks and balances that was intended to be non-partisan by using left biased appointees to obfuscate the rule of law and the proper enforcement of our US Constitution.

The real issue

As Democratic pundits and leftist newscasters have crucified Donald Trump 11 years after a hot mic conversation about how women will allow a celebrity to get away with anything, as much an indictment about the promiscuity of women as it as the chauvinism of apex males in our society, the left has suddenly become self-righteously indignant over the very decaying moral standards they themselves set into motion decades ago! How hypocritical it is for those who have advocated that we are no longer a nation under God, that under the aegis of women’s liberation they don’t need a man to have children and raise a family, that the more of a stud a man is with multiple partners the more he is praised by the left. However, this is where the double standard begins and then throws those they have canonized under the bus.

Sobering realization

It’s not enough that Donald Trump has faced the negative propaganda of the Democratic Party or the GOP establishment with such traitors as Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and John Boehner, but now evangelical Christians have been wavering over Trump judging him as though they have the right as well. One might be wise in observing a passage from the Bible where Jesus faced a crowd of self-righteous hypocrites ready to stone a woman to death when he uttered the following words, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!” In 2008 30 million Christians decided to stay home instead of voting and allowed a second term of Barack Obama to continue the assault on America because they were lukewarm over a Mormon millionaire who had created 90 thousand jobs when his joint venture firm launched Staples, a major retailer nationwide.

The real legacy

A history of sexual abuse has been rampant among the Democratic Party figure heads. JFK was so promiscuous that the US media had to agree to turn a blind eye to his out of control womanizing. Try asking Christopher Dodd what the term sandwich means. He and Ted Kennedy specialized in chasing women all over Capitol Hill and bedding them together. The press corps ogled over their exploits after these lurid details were clearly made public by admission. What great men they were! Obviously, he men of liberal persuasion. They, the very bastions of the leftist definition of personal freedom when, in truth, they were exploiting women using the legendary deception of leftist propaganda to do so. Yet, for Donald Trump to merely utter what essentially is the truth about our misguided culture, suddenly Democratic Party morality morphs into a monumental rant about objectifying women.

Sad commentary

Shall we take a trip down memory lane with William Jefferson Clinton who not only sexually harassed women, but molested them as well while, wife Hillary, persecuted these victims with private investigators and public denouncement? Shortly before the 2nd debate, Donald Trump invited three of Bill Clinton’s sexual victims to appear publicly and describe their ordeal precipitated by not only Bill, but also enabled by Hillary Clinton. Did the event get much coverage by the US media? No. Was there any commentary the likes of which would have been a firestorm of negative coverage by the press corps had the shoe been on the other foot? Most definitely not! The rigged system defined by Donald Trump early in his bid for the GOP candidacy during the primaries is alive and well in the news, on Capitol Hill, and within the perversion of American culture today.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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