Step By Step Lesson on How the Left Brought Down America Part II


Definition of lawlessness

Today, after all the atrocities committed by the Weather Underground leaders they still actively teach college courses. How does this kind of insanity exist within our society? Thanks to liberal justices who legislate from the bench rather than enforce US Constitutional Law the obfuscation of justice is allowed to occur. When one ponders historical examples of empires that fell, it is hard not to think of ancient Rome, a society that was corrupted and undermined from within. A mighty society that conquered the world and installed a civil form of government decentralized and regionally administered was toppled by barbarians once discipline and allegiance to the empire had been deluded. Leadership from the top down was allowed to destroy the long standing alliance of conquests.

The sanction of failure

It is said that as Antium, a city of Rome, burned, Emperor Nero played his fiddle a short distance away in his own villa. This historical fable demonstrates just how ineffectual leadership from the highest level can not only be culpable for the failure of a society but also ambivalent to the plight of its people. In America today we see the systemic onslaught occurring in our society that has been orchestrated by a federal government that has been compromised from within. CAIR has been allowed to review and take part in FBI investigations of radical Islamic terror even though the organization was named as an unindicted co-conspirator during the Holy Land Foundation case in which massive funding of jihadist operations was discovered in Houston, Texas. This disturbing fact only further points to how so many potential terrorists on FBI watch lists have been allowed to commit startling atrocities on our soil even though they were under investigation.

Intentional interference

We see a war against ISIS in the Middle East that has been botched by the Obama White House through faulty intelligence and a reluctance by the president himself to acknowledge potential threats to national security. The reported interference with military operations has gone as far as US pilots having to defer to White House administrators for permission to bomb ISIS convoys caught out in the open only to be thwarted by delays and inept commands. Yet, this insanity goes on as the radical Islamic state grows and uses social media to recruit those who have immigrated to the US to slaughter US citizens at home.

No fault of our founders

The new allegiance now being taught throughout America has little to do with the original concepts inspired by and embraced by our forefathers in their struggle to free our nation from the bondage of tyranny. Today the US media downplays the true source of terrorism bought off by the federal government during the 787 billion dollar bailout of 2009. Our campuses are filled with young adults expecting government dependency to launch their livelihoods rather than the self-reliance once practiced as the very foundation of American exceptionalism. Books such as “12 Rules For Radicals” have been printed and distributed with taxpayers money by the federal government on the streets of our cities written by a man who acknowledged Satan as the original revolutionary.

Ruthless exploitation

As Yuri Bezmenov commented that not only would propaganda contrary to the ideals of the civil society be proliferated from within, but would ultimately lead to the normalization of that conquered culture. Yuri, sarcastically pointed out that the Soviet definition of the final phase termed as “Normalization” would be once Russian tanks and troop trucks were on the streets of that nation. Today the open borders advocated by John Kerry and Barack Obama along with the dangerous nuclear treaty negotiated secretly in 2013 with Iran are only stepping stones to the ultimate destruction of America and the establishment of a global government that will subjugate the masses beneath the whim of elitists spawned from the falsehoods of socialism and social justice, the self-styled experts who know better than we do how to run our lives!

The enduring legacy

True history will reveal that the leader of the greatest nation on earth (United States) was compromised under the incessant efforts of one Barack Hussein Obama, who utilized every weapon within the America hating arsenal of our enemies to allow the influx of non-citizens with no allegiance to this nation. With the blessings of a compliant Senate and Congress dominated by the opposing political party (GOP) this president set about inciting social unrest, racial conflict, and used Executive Orders to act as a dictator in bypassing the will of the people to achieve his goal of delivering America into the hands of the enemy as we now await the US invented internet to come under the jurisdiction of foreign countries not necessarily aligned with American interests.


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