Step By Step Lesson on How the Left Brought Down America


The story of how liberal, progressive, leftist, or shall we say Communist insurgency destroyed the greatest nation on the face of the earth is a tragic one, and if history is allowed to be written factually it will be a lesson for generations to come. Although it began as early as the first decade of the 20th Century during the 1900’s it geometrically accelerated in the mid to late 1960’s and festered like an out of control infection from there into the 21st Century in the form of a completely socialistically co-opted Democratic Party.

The proliferation of a myth

In the lectures of KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov whenever the Soviets targeted a particular country for Communist takeover they were in it for the long haul and the goal of overthrow was achieved in stages. It basically amounted to creating subversion from within while initiating the efforts of the “useful idiots” as Bezmenov referred to them. In other words, those who were easily indoctrinated and become the unwitting zealots who would aid in the rapid descent of their country into some utopian marvel that, in reality, was a product the social justice model of the Marx’s Communist Manifesto doctrine, a perverse mutation of a once productive society.


Creating unrest, disrespect for police and the military, and infiltrating the judicial system with unelected and appointed justices who refused to enforce law according to the Constitution of the republic being undermined was the basic foundational strategy that characterized the model of overthrow. Using such deceptive narratives as civil rights, women’s liberation, removal of God from governmental affairs, and orchestrating immense spending on social programs, creating gender confusion, all eventually rendered a culture rife for collapse and takeover by the very enemy that had been identified and somehow rendered acceptable through the multifaceted conditioning of popular opinion by the Communist doctrine. Using this recipe for disaster that nation would be toppled.

The followers

Bezmenov also commented that the “Useful idiots” of which we see in hordes today throughout America  would have to be executed out of necessity as they would soon realize they had been duped through propaganda and when that happened they would become the very first wave of the enemy that the socialist regime would have to contend with. Bezmenov conceded that he indeed had been one of the disaffected who had seen just how those he had recruited as a disinformation specialist would become betrayed by his superiors after they had aided him faithfully.

However, indoctrination by the left and all of its stunning disregard for decency and the rule of law would become the early tools for dismantling a peaceful and prosperous society. The socioeconomic assault would be conducted through nationalizing industry while creating a suffocating welfare state that would interject government into every aspect of an individual’s life to the extent that the individual was no longer valued, but rather discouraged. One of the most disconcerting aspects of the Communist legacy throughout the world has become the loss of incentive and the stagnation of the culture under the iron fisted fascism of socialist regimes once the false narratives of political persuasion had poisoned the free society.

Fatal similarities

Today, we can easily see the timely parallels that are at work in America. The undeniable effects of indoctrination are stunningly apparent. The indoctrination begins in the state funded classrooms of public schools who no longer teach about the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, or the American War of Independence and just how taxation without representation along with overregulation began the discontent that led to a revolution against British rule over the 13 Colonies. Today we have federal agency lecturers who label American heroes such as Thomas Jefferson and Samuel Adams as being the terrorists of their time as radical Islam commits acts of terror on our own soil and are apologized for by Jeh Johnson of the Department of Homeland Security.


In some classrooms in America we now have America hating professors who are teaching that the 9-11 attack on the Twin Towers in NYC was the result of American interference in the affairs of foreign nations and that it was justified. We have former Attorney General, Eric Holder, who claimed that he lost sleep over the threat of domestic terrorism by military veterans, conservatives, the Tea Party, and Evangelical Christians rather than Muslim jihadists as opposed to the true threats of radical Islam. This man along with Hillary Clinton got 5 terrorists responsible for the bombing of the Twin Towers in 1993 acquitted!

From the wrong mouthpiece

Both Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn, founders of the Weather Underground in the late 1960’s conducted a hostile operation against the US federal government assassinating police and blowing up public facilities even wounding the young son of a federal judge. Within their group they corresponded with Communist regimes dedicated to destroying America. They actively discussed what would be done with the hardcore right wing followers who could not be re-educated once the US had fallen. Their solution was liquidation of all opposed to them. These two were important influences in the political career of one Barack Hussein Obama, who would rise to the presidency of the United States in years to come.

Part II will fully explore the conclusion of this article

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