Debate Number One A Win For Trump


Monday evening September 26th was a promising spectacle awaiting an estimated 100 million viewers across America. Did they get what they expected? Yes and no. Most of the average viewing audience had about a 30 minute attention span so they saw Donald Trump get a head start in momentum on Hillary and begin questioning her ability to govern and make decisions that were needed a long time ago that might have staved off the present economic woes that have plagued the US over the last 8 years. However, according to Trump, Hillary being a career politician and a DC establishment fixture without the fiscal expertise to apply proper remedy to the existing sluggish economy is emblematic of the empty promises coming from Hillary, the Democrats, and the GOP who have refused to oppose their destructive policies.

What record?

Although Trump appeared to have won based upon the force of his personality and the lack of accomplishments by Hillary Clinton in her long career still he missed important opportunities that would have exploited her failures in the eyes of the young and naïve Hofstra University student crowd. Among those missed chances were when Hillary lectured the audience about cyber security. How ironic this was. Donald Trump could easily have capitalized by pointing out that with her private server and the hacks that had been perpetrated against the US government by the Chinese and Russians there was little doubt that her classified document exchanges through unsecured channels were not only illegal but threatened national security.

The true Russian connection

In the course of the debate Hillary made an accusation about Trump and the Russians and how this could have affected the cyber security of the DNC election. Although The Donald did pivot and point out that the hacked e-mails revealed how Debby Wasserman Schultz had compromised Bernie Sanders chances as a successful candidate, he missed an important point. Hillary had kept him on the defensive. Donald should have mentioned the huge Uranium deal she and Husband Bill had made with the Russians obviously providing the fissionable metal for a nuclear arsenal to an enemy of the US, but he didn’t.

Fact checking really?

Hillary, once again making her big anti-capitalist spiel, began berating Trump for starting off in life with a 14 million dollar loan from his Dad to begin his business career when in truth it was a million to be paid back with interest. Lester Holt, the choice of the left as moderator, didn’t bother to fact check Hillary Clinton, but he did with Trump, allowing Hillary to get away with lies! In fact, in the very beginning of the introduction to the debate Lester prefaced the event by making the statement that there had been a record recovery over the last 6 years by the Obama White House, which was a lie. Donald Trump should have begun his assault at that point, by correcting that intended deception by stating facts such as the labor participation rate being at a 30 year low, housing starts being at a 50 year low, record food stamp and welfare recipients as well, but Donald missed that counter punch.

The need to pivot

Donald could have pointed out that while Hillary portrayed him as having a silver spoon in his mouth that her poor overworked father made commercial draperies and toiled away at his trade while she had collected 100 million from banks and financial donors for small number of speaking engagements that she refuses to reveal the transcripts of. Hillary also accused the Donald of having been sued by the federal government for housing discrimination against blacks in 1973, but Trump did effectively touché by pointing out that he had successfully prevailed having had all charges dropped being that the federal government had launched a witch hunt against many real estate investors across the US at that time. Yet, Donald Trump missed another prime opportunity to hit back by bringing up the fact that Hillary had been thrown out of the Watergate legal team at that time by her own Democratic Party colleagues!  It would have been the perfect chance for Donald to keep her on the defensive, but alas.

Lacking substance

Whereas Donald Trump outlined how he would provide incentives with tax cuts and deregulation to keep employers from going offshore seeking less costly havens to conduct their business within, Hillary Clinton continued with her predictable rhetoric about how her administration would create jobs while Trump pointed out that she would increase taxes and regulations that would kill business and employment.  Hillary had no answers or substantive content by which to justify just how she would create an economic recovery merely saying that Trump’s proposals, which have already been reviewed by financial experts who agree that they are effective, would cost the government 5 trillion in revenue. Once again, Lester Holt, made no effort to fact check another of Hillary’s bogus assertions.

End of the status quo

During the course of analysis of the debate, already online polls were surging in Donald Trump’s favor despite his missed opportunities as his performance was still good enough to sway public opinion. It is an understatement in saying that the general public are sick and tired of the status quo on Capitol Hill under the Obama White House and a former Secretary of State who served during the deployment of largely destructive economic and national security policies that she would continue to exercise if she is elected. The next 2 debates should finish her off as she simply does not have a record of achievement to stand on and can only sling mud at Donald Trump in an attempt to deflect her failures from the attention of the voters!

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