Wave of Recent Bombings Linked To White House Refugee Program


The shocking string of bombings that have occurred in New York City and New Jersey are not related to a stabbing spree which took place in a shopping mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota according to President Obama. Mayor De Blasio refused to pronounce the detonation of another pressure cooker filled with shrapnel was neither an act of terrorism nor a bombing. When news of the New Jersey and NYC bombings were announced Donald Trump called them what they were-bombs- and described this as terrorism. Followed in her announcement minutes later, Hillary Clinton also named the incidents as bombings then retracted her statement until more details came in. CNN actually edited her response removing her words that these acts of violence were bombs.

The bloody repetition

Does one see a pattern here? Does it seem that we have a consistent attempt by the mainstream media to deny anything that has to do with terrorism whenever such events happen? Can we also predict with certainty that each and every time Donald Trump accurately labels a terrorist incident as exactly what it is that they will take every opportunity to criticize him as a racist, bigot, and unfit to be president because he rushes to an assumption? Two things are clear. The US media with very few exceptions will try and positively portray Hillary Clinton in very possible circumstance while doing the opposite with Donald Trump. Secondly, we can rely upon the leftist media of our country to try and dismiss or minimize the seriousness of radical Islam whenever possible. We can safely presume that with each act of terror perpetrated upon innocent American citizens as these animals scream “Allahu Akbar!” while shooting police or wielding knives that we are to be more tolerant and less prone to rush to judgment as we have heard President Obama utter in the aftermath of so many Islamic related killings.

The Trojan horse

Currently in Minnesota there have been more than 40,000 Somali refugees placed from UN camps in the US because they were so intolerant toward other nationalities that they could not get along. Answer? Why not bring them over here, according to President Obama. So far, more than 80,000 now reside in the US being supported by taxpayer’s dollars thanks to federal government intervention. Recently the State Department decided to provide a 4 million dollar fund for the psychological welfare of Syrians. If Secretary of State, John Kerry, had his way he would dissolve all borders. Problems with Syrian refugees in Europe have reached a climax now with governments now erecting barb wire fences to keep them out.

Institutionalized denial

In areas of the US where thousands upon thousands of refugees have been dumped by the federal government into counties that were not even notified a strain on local schools, clinics, and law enforcement has ensued. Rapes, drunken behavior, and violence have spiked in these communities yet the authorities have been reticent to report these incidents while the press has chosen to ignore much of the crime that has erupted in such instances. It seems that the US media has acted in collusion with the White House in attempting to downplay the deadly implications of dumping hundreds of thousands of unprocessed refugees from war torn countries in the Middle East who may very well be criminal, ISIS soldier, or anti-American. However, President Obama seems entirely unsympathetic to the safety and concerns of American citizens.

Dumping more in our midst

If Hillary Clinton is elected she promises to increase refugee placement in the US to be 5 times that of Obama’s goal of getting another 100,000 onto our soils. You might recall we were originally told only 10,000 would be admitted. The empty promise of taking 18 months to vet each and every refugee turned out to be a lie! The generalization of most refugees being old women, mothers, and children in the words of President Obama turned out to be another lie. At a time when the US economy is stagnating at all-time lows in housing and labor participation, the president sees fit to continue his assault upon America with more damaging directives signed by his hand in the form of Congressional by pass through Executive Order. Let us examine the true motive here. It seems that the Democrats will do anything it takes to remain in power even if it involves degrading border security, bringing undocumented refugees infiltrated by ISIS, or imperiling American citizens by releasing criminal detainees from the custody of ICE back into the general population. The true victims under the Obama Administration are “We The People!”

A thought

In the days of Ellis Island when immigrants came into New York Harbor from Europe they were given a physical, interviewed, back ground checked, and if they had a criminal record they were rejected. Why would any government concerned for the welfare of their citizens do any less? Why are things so different today? Why does the US have any responsibility to take this undeclared invasion in? Why would anyone who does not have an allegiance to our country and our flag be allowed onto our soil?

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