The Enduring Conspiracy To Take Down America


Between November 1, 1953 and April 30, 1954 an investigation for the Reece Committee was undertaken by Norman Dodd. It was an in depth study of Un American activities that were taking place under the aegis of several well-known educational trusts. These supposed educational endowments, established, and well regarded, turned out to be much the opposite. Instead Norman Dodd stumbled onto a disturbing discovery of Communist influenced intention. Well-funded, dedicated to influencing the public classroom, and using deceptive explanations for a subversive cause, Norman Dodd uncovered a plot to convert America into a socialist regime beginning at the educational level.

The discovery

Once well respected trusts and foundations such as the Ford Foundation, Carnegie Endowment, John Dewy Society, Rockefeller Foundation, and many others portrayed publicly as tax exempt organizations dedicated to educational fulfillment were instead involved in advancing the concepts of socialism in the western hemisphere as well as using the power of the state to mold the minds of children in the public classroom. Millions of dollars dedicated to these foundations under the aegis of charitable donations were instead used for experimenting on how to influence American society economically, socially, and educationally into the acceptance of Communism.

The admission

When Norman Dodd was interviewed by, Rowan Gaither, President of the Ford Foundation admitted that the major aim of these tax exempt foundations was to find a way for American society and the Soviet Union to peacefully merge. Yet, the unspoken fact of the matter would be that such a merger would require a radical transformation in the US socioeconomic system as well as a more invasive role of the federal government in the private lives of American citizens. It would seem, in review of today’s situation that the Obama Administration has largely succeeded in achieving that goal.

In the classroom

The results of the an under-funded and limited investigation that could have probed even deeper were so shocking that a very talented young woman who acted as Norman Dodd’s main assistance actually had a nervous breakdown after her intense work in studying the incredible betrayal of the US by such subversive operations and how little the general public knew about it. Since the early 1900’s these organizations were being established while Russian educators were being brought to the United States to act as advisors on how to orient equations and reasoning that was designed to be impossible to administer with logical centralized concepts so that the learning process was obstructed while a consensus was established that defied objective reasoning. Thus, the opinion imposed by the group outweighed logic. Those of exceptional skill became more of a threat to the consensus rather than being complimented for their achievement. The group discouraged the accelerated individual attempting to maintain consistency rather than exceptionalism.

In the midst of the Cold War

At a time when the Korean War had just been fought and Senator Joseph McCarthy was proving the existence of a new 5th Column not of Nazi spies but of Soviet Communism infiltration, the Reece Committee was uncovering the real existence of socialist introduction into the framework of American society unbeknownst to people who would have rejected such attempts had they been informed. Hollywood, the US news media, and elements on Capitol Hill did the best they could to diffuse the attempts at exposing this threat just as we see today in the Obama White House as it continues to thwart national security, negatively influence our society, and discourage economic recovery for various disingenuous reasons.

There are a number of different terms now used rather than Communism to identify movements being funded and launched by the Democratic Party and leftist activists trying to bring down the free market system and freedom of the individual in America. Words like “Progressivist” “Agenda 21” “Sustainable development” “Social Justice” the “ACLU” are all concepts or organizations that are exercising the socialist agenda under the guise of a new label. Bernie Sanders, who ran for the Democratic Party candidacy for the presidency is an avowed socialist.

Fiscal ramifications

Many economists have tied the inherent collapse of societies who allowed ideology and economic orientation to merge have allowed monetary failure and massive depression within national commerce. Most notable would be the Soviet Union whose iron fisted policies instigated heavy government regulation and control of all fiscal activity while channeling the lion share of GDP into their military. In the 1980’s the Russians could not compete with the Reagan Administration and the success of its supply side economics which not only out-paced the inhibited economic output of the Soviet Union but caused its collapse. While the Soviets used ever increasing percentages of their economy to compete with the US defense industry American capitalistic productivity did not inhibit consumer prosperity while amassing the most awesome military force in the world.

Historic precedent

The resulting collapse of the Soviet Union without the need for firing a shot demonstrated that free markets, free enterprise, and an economy based upon individual consumer spending within the US provided growth, industrial success, and national security without the iron fisted control of the domestic zone while enabling individual freedom. Yet, to this day efforts by the present Obama Administration can only be characterized as collectivist, statist, and oppressive in a disturbing similarity to our “Cold War” enemies who are now once again emerging emboldened by the abandonment by the White House of US presence through-out the world.

Disturbing conclusion

Robert Welch, the founder of the John Birch Society predicted in 1958 and reiterated his points again in a 1974 public appearance that the United States would be forced into a collapse through increased taxation, uncontrolled growth of the federal government, being forced to play a role in global guardianship, and bled dry by worldwide organizations like the UN. This, he warned, would lead to a one world government. The nemesis of US success would be Communism used by our enemies and traitors from within to achieve such an insidious outcome. Only a fool would deny that this dreadful transition is now being imposed upon our nation in view of current events and the actions of our very own federal government.


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