Will The Electorate Finally Get The Message?


For decades the Democratic Party has been able to con black America into voting for them default. In that time the situation for the black American has decayed not improved. Under the aegis of being more compassionate, non-racist, and socially supportive black unemployment in America is in the double digits even under the false pretenses of cooked Bureau of Labor statistics which do admit that current levels of total US labor participation rate is at a 30 year low the sad reality is undeniable.. This would certainly indicate not only a failure in policy, but a consistent refusal of the system itself to remedy a chronic inability to deliver results. Why?

Desperately seeking the truth

When a hidden agenda is masked with propaganda designed to mislead those who cannot be swayed with the false narratives into other conclusions in a rabbit hole of deception the truth becomes increasingly evasive. That is intentional. When a well-financed front of subversive organizations all working toward a similar goal are spewing enough lies to the ones they supposedly are to help while assassinating the character of the voices of reason you can bet the masses will miss the mark converted into believing in a self-destructive equation presented to them on a silver platter of media disinformation, front organizations dedicated to subversion, and political leadership that is corrupt.

The invasive lie

This recipe for disaster is already evident in the current day American fiasco of 2016 elections including the presidency. Americans have largely been swayed by the lies of the Obama White House who has relied heavily on the low information voter spawned from the well-organized propaganda machinery of the Democratic Party. How else could black Americans be ready to accept high unemployment, urban decay, population shrinking levels of socially accepted abortions, and a quality of life that falls short of the American dream? Through the mesmerization of Democratic Party disinformation the servant becomes the master, the supposed liberator becomes the oppressor, and demonizes the voice of truth.

The false promise

To listen to Hillary Clinton giving speeches claiming that Donald Trump is some kind of dictator who is a racist, bigoted, homophobic and that her policies will improve a floundering American economy while proposing higher taxes is a great example of the hollow promises of an oppressor. For decades the Democratic Party responsible for the Jim Crow Laws, who resisted efforts by the GOP for civil rights reform, who refused to abolish public lynching until 1924 thanks to Republican pressure to reform has managed to sell the “Big Lie”. Successfully turning public opinion against the very party that advocated awarding civil rights to black Americans is the great achievement of the Democratic Party platform of disinformation and continuing reign at any cost.

Michael Savage identifies the beast

In Michael Savage’s Book “Scorched Earth” the author lists the political front organizations that have used every tactic of lies and propaganda to create racial tension and attacks on the US Constitution in their unified efforts to destabilize American society. The obvious ones such as the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, Center For American Progress, are the tip of the iceberg. Each year Soros funds these Communist anti US Constitutional organizations with billions of dollars under the aegis of progressive social movements. These institutions use leftist lawyers, radical activists, and anti-American advocates who try and elect leftist federal judges, organize protests, and generally oppose the decency and cohesion of the American heritage in classic Soviet Style KGB doctrine. As Yuri Bezmenov warned during his lecture tours through-out America and Canada there were definite stages of overthrow perpetrated by the Communist strategy, one of the most important tactics was invoking denial.

The ammunition of betrayal

If one wonders why America has experienced a deterioration in race relations, emboldened attacks on our police, refusal of our federal government to do its job in protecting our borders, making dangerous nuclear negotiations with hostile nations, using regulations to undermine US private industry, over taxation, using the bathroom laws to create gender controversy-these are all the prescribed tactics of the internal compromise of nations targeted for Communist style overthrow. The genius of a political party co-opted by this poisonous erosion of the American free enterprise system (Democratic Party) in disguising their true agenda with confusion and false accusations has managed to transform the US, but not in the way that black Americans or the useful idiots of liberal converts had hoped.

The enemy defined

Many blacks are beginning to see the light knowing good and well that the plague imposed upon them has not been the evil white man, the conservative, the GOP, or the Tea Party, but quite ironically the Democratic Party and the well-oiled propaganda machinery that says what the people want to hear in vague generalities and promises of conjuring up billions more in social programs with no results once the ballots have been cast and the politicians are back in office safely insulated from their constituents once more and free to enact more freedom robbing legislation  with rhetorical speeches that get the poor nowhere. This is the vicious cycle of insanity that has brought about the current decline in America while demonizing those who identify the enemy and warn of the agenda that is victimizing the nation.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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