The True Deplorables In America


Recently Hillary Clinton shortly before collapsing into her luxury van unable to attend the complete length of the 9-11 ceremony in New York City made a speech that insulted some 14 million voters who cast their ballot for Donald Trump during the primaries. The former senator of New York and Democratic Party Secretary of State made it very clear just where she and other elites like herself stand when it comes to normal US citizens. Declaring that half of Donald Trump’s supporters are bigoted racist homophobes and without any redeeming qualities, and that’s putting it nicely, epitomized Hillary’s hasty generalization.

Blanket vilification

Making blanket statements about her fellow Americans is not only disturbing but indicative of just how the left rationalizes their position. It tells us that they believe their rationalized premises are above reproach and of the omnipotent quality that transcends their hypocrisy, their false narratives, their belittling of those who would disagree with them and suffer under the draconian government institutionalization of taxes and regulations they would use to subdue the majority who deserve their own voice to be heard as well. They continually use lies and misrepresentations to hide the warped intentions of their ultimate designs. Using big government as one of many of the weapons in their arsenal of disingenuous conduct the Hillary’s of the world are known well in the bloody pages of history.

Historical tactics

Rulers have always distorted the truth, created victims, and targeted fabricated enemies in order to sway an uninformed public into accepting laws that rob freedoms and question the veracity of Constitutions of nations they are pillaging from within. Hillary Clinton, a student and colleague of Saul Alinsky, has been steeped in the art of Soviet Style disinformation. Her preference of people whom she chooses to serve and protect are unvetted refugees from war torn regions where ISIS creates havoc and promises to infiltrate the ranks of these being hastily brought within our midst by a president who shares the same corrupt agenda. Hillary tells us that illegal aliens who trespass over our borders demanding entitlements, committing crimes, trafficking human slaves, and transporting drugs are more deserving of federal subsidies than our veterans of war who are dying in long waiting lists thanks to faulty federal government administration.

Modus operandi

With only hollow promises of fixing the US economy without specifics and the assuredness of raising taxes on an already ailing populace Hillary Clinton seems to be intent on punishing the deplorable Americans who want border security, who value having spendable income, who as legal citizens expect their government to recognize their needs first rather than being attacked. Rather than socially engineering the US population with a large uncontrolled influx of those who have no allegiance to this nation, do not share our values, and are not required to assimilate so that Democrats can build an undefeatable voter base, the so-called deplorables are honest, hard-working, citizens asking why Hillary supported radical Islamic nations like Iran, allowed Americans to die in Libya, and tried to befriend the Taliban while she was in office as Secretary of Defense. Yes, in her warped vision of America the middle class, the Christian constituency, the US veterans all represent a threat, the Tea Party not the radical Islamists already here, nor the murderous Mexican drug cartel breaching our borders and killing Americans. To identify the true enemy is racist and bigoted in her manual of social justice.

The true basket of deplorables

When Hillary tells us that Donald Trump can’t be trusted for his temperament because he contrasts the weakness of President Obama with the strength of Vladimir Putin in Russia not based upon human rights violations but the ability to project decisiveness and policy unlike the White House, she conveniently forgets something. The fact that Hillary and husband, Bill, brokered a deal to sell 20% of all US uranium production to Russia is not such a self-serving act of betrayal endangering national security is this not such an irrational act in itself? Such hypocrisy and outright lies characterize the typical narratives of Hillary Clinton and those who would support her knowing she cannot be trusted. These indeed are the true deplorables too arrogant to analyze their failures, too self-deluded to acknowledge the threat they represent to the republic of the United States of America.

Ignoring the lessons of history

History is replete with the tragedy of nations fallen due to the sabotage by their own countrymen from within from the Czar Nicholas of Russia, to the nation of Germany prior to Nazi takeover, from the Empire of China prior to the Invasion of Japan in World War II, from the militarization of the Japanese government prior to the outbreak of the 2nd World War and the invasion of Manchuria-the examples are there. These are the instructive catastrophes of history born of entrenched ideology and hatred for the existing sovereign society whose civil nature is overthrown by radical insurrection as we are seeing today in America.



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