What Our Federal Government Conveniently Forgot



In the years since the inauguration of one Barack Hussein Obama the thinking American public has long gotten over the glitz of the election of the first black president and has stopped to ponder just why all the campaign promises never came to fruition. Not only that, but those of us who are not in the low information voter category have seen a fascist sanction of federal government policy strangling business, employment, national security, and the social peaceful co-existence we as Americans normally take for granted. A transformation has taken place in the US, but it has not been as president Obama’s ardent followers would have envisioned.

Legalized lawlessness

What our so-called leaders in Washington have failed to realize is that they are public servants not rulers whose job it is to dictate to the American citizen policies that are either extremely unpopular or devastating to the way of life of the public. Yet, this is exactly what has happened with such failing programs as The Affordable care Act as deductibles grow larger, benefits are rationed, the young are penalized by the afflictions of the old, illegal aliens are covered without contributing to the system, and those who cannot afford to participate in this flawed social experiment face tax penalties implemented by the IRS.

A ruler instead of a president

Did the will of the people ever occur to Barack Obama as he instigated punishing laws through executive orders bypassing Congress and forcing Americans to comply? Obviously not. A person of more than questionable origins, suspect credentials, and no practical business knowledge has been allowed to run amuck unopposed by Congress and impose his negative  views upon the citizens of the United States with a series of sweeping executive orders that have allowed unvetted foreign refugees to be placed on American soil using taxpayer funds to support them even when ISIS has proclaimed that it would infiltrate their ranks and use this opportunity to wreak havoc and destruction within our country.


One might recall that in a large number of town hall meetings in 2009 as the president unfolded his agenda crowds who packed these venues were treated with sarcasm and ridicule by Democratic Party officials who were there to speak to the people. Rather than listen to valid concerns over what course the left was leading America into those who attended were talked down to and treated as if their elected officials knew better than they did. In view of the history of federal government sanctioned programs and how they have failed at huge deficits tacked onto the backs of future Americans, a clear pattern of unaccountable overspending defines the intent of bureaucracy that perpetuates itself as the cost of the people it is supposed to serve.

The truth about them

With the consistent discovery of wrong doing in the years of the Obama White House with scandals involving every agency the Department of Justice refuses to enforce the laws and even attacks the states using taxpayer funding for enforcing federal law when the government itself will not protect our borders. A clear message has been sent consistently to the electorate that their safety, their security, their economy simply do not matter when the political agenda of entrenched ideologues such as Barack Obama and Eric Holder, the US Attorney General are involved. Those who by law are to serve the people and defend the US Constitution have simply made a mockery of it by refusing to police their own colleagues.

Institutionalized deception

Rhetoric may fool some of the people. Excuses may convince others, but when the persistent incompetence and refusal to effectively respond to the will of the people is evidenced in so many systemic failures it can no longer be rationalized. Yet, there are the mesmerized deer who stare into the headlights too frozen to move. There are the pigs who have been cornered within fences because they ate the meager corn fed to them by big government agencies who can no longer act with self-sufficiency. They are the indoctrinated who will rationalize anything the government does because critical thinking has been erased from their consciousness by government sanctioned public education.


All this has transpired as a design of big unaccountable government that seeks to impose its will upon the masses without their vote or approval. As a result we have an impending monetary collapse staring us in the face. We have a foreign presence in America who intends to compromise America from within. We have a president who could not even pass an E-verify that is supposed to vet any employee when used by American businesses. A housewife running a small business from her home was quickly confronted by federal agents once the proof about her supreme executive was exposed rather than actions being taken against the impostor. This is America today under the weight of federal government bureaucrats who conveniently forgot who they were they were supposed to serve.


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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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