Hillary Clinton Comes Out of Hiding After 275 Days

After ducking the US press corps for more than 8 months Hillary Clinton gave an impromptu interview while aboard a jet to reporters as they held their microphones in a noisy aircraft background. It could be expected that being a Democratic Party propaganda specialist, she immediately began with typical rhetoric and false accusations.

Liars don’t change

Following lock and step with Obama in vowing to close Gitmo, Hillary pulled another lie out of her handbag of deception trying to link Donald Trump to the Russian hacking that had penetrated several federal departments including the Pentagon. Trying to somehow associate Trump as in an undeclared alliance with the Russians is quite entertaining. The assertion when considering the fact that Bill and Hillary negotiated a multi million dollar sale amounting to 20% of US Uranium production to the Russians is typical of Hillary’s lies and misdirection. The former Secretary of State is obviously quite desperate in her bid to fend off Donald Trump’s increasing gains in the polls.

The true friend of the enemy

One need only look at the recent revelations that have been unearthed concerning Hillary’s careless and even criminal handling of her own secret home brewed server during her tenure as Secretary of State and wonder who indeed was more of an ally to our enemies as the FBI has already determined that her private server was hacked. Is it any coincidence at all that while Hillary Clinton transmitted emails from numerous devices from unsecured locations such as in nations unfriendly to US interests. She exposed SAP’s (Special Access Programs) to hackers on a server installed in her home and managed by a amateurish firm whose server was housed in a cheap apartment right next to a bathroom.

Smoke and mirrors

Hillary implies that Donald Trump is in cahoots with the Russians when she deleted more than 30,000 of her e-mails using a forensically sanitizing software known as Bleach Bit prior to the FBI’s confiscation of her server? What was so sensitive about Yoga lessons and wedding conversations that these emails needed to be permanently wiped from her server? Was she not ultimately aligned with the interests of our enemies as she created chaos along classified channels from within the State Department? In this unprecedented conduct of a US Secretary of State conducting her private supposedly charitable foundation business, taking 100’s of millions from nations hostile to women, gays, and Americans while on the time and payroll of the taxpayers is certainly an indictment against her.

Caught in another lie

Continuing her pattern of pathological lying Clinton tried to allege that Colin Powell who served under the Bush Administration as having done the same thing while even advising her on her irresponsible handling of electronic data. Powell responded publicly with a quick rebuttal to her fabricated story. No, he had not condoned what she was doing nor did he handle his emails with anything but approved protocol. Yet, another false response from the former Secretary of State, another attempt to deflect blame and responsibility.

For the wrong reasons

Sandy Rios of AFR talk Radio and a frequent contributor to Fox News theorizes that the Democrtatic Party will attempt to nullify a Trump win in November by trying to link the GOP winner with Russian hacking that supposedly turned the tide of an election that Clinton was assured she would win and was even entitled to so as to be the first woman to be elected president of the United States in history. As we have already found, electing a candidate for the color of his skin rather than for his credentials proved to be a disaster. The same would be true for allowing another Democratic failure into the oval office simply for being a female. Hillary has proven not only is she not up to the task, but cannot be trusted.

The coming realization

When the DNC election committee was responsible for their own cyber security when the Obama White House permitted hackers from Russia and China to breach the OPM, the Pentagon, the Department of Defense and other federal sources it is easy to see an undeniable pattern of ineptitude and inexcusable incompetence in the role of national security of our country. How does Donald Trump fit into all this? The answer is, he doesn’t and Hillary is grasping for straws as her campaign slowly unravels and more of the electorate begin to wake up to the fact that she is not worthy of the people’s trust especially at the helm of the presidency.

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