Donald Trump Has To Contend With More Than Just Hillary


In the course of the 2016 Presidential cycle there is more for billionaire Donald Trump to deal with than just Hillary Clinton. It wasn’t enough that he toppled 16 very capable GOP opponents in the primaries. It wasn’t enough that he overcame all critics who said he would never get far and refused to take him seriously. It was not enough that he even financed his own campaign. Yet, there is more than one opponent that The Donald must face.

The free press

That is the US media who have led a never ending smear campaign against the GOP contender. To make matters more complex Donald Trump faces the traitorous GOP establishment personified by people like Mitt Romney and other Republican losers who would rather Hillary wins than support their own party and give the American people a chance. The DC establishment composed of Democrat and GOP senators and congressmen who would rather fight Trump to preserve their gravy train of self-perpetuating perks, lobbyist financing, and play for pay power grabs are totally unconcerned for fate of the tax payers they are supposed to Constitutionally represent.

The corrupt newsies

With few exceptions the news networks have outspokenly stated that it is their job to stop Trump from being elected to the presidency. Not only is this a contradiction to their duty as an acting free press, but it demonstrates the corrupt bias that permeates a system that is as Donald Trump put it “Rigged”. America is at a crucial crossroads imposed upon it by a leftist movement of well financed subversive groups, a liberal media, and the Democrat Party machinery that will lie, cheat, and steal even murder in order to remain in power.

Organized opposition

From financing so called opinion polls, organizing violent protesters at Trump rallies, refusing to report significant developments that could negatively impact Hillary Clinton’s campaign, to even resorting to the murder of those who would leak evidence of criminal activity committed by Democratic Party members the left wages a war against Donald Trump the likes America has never seen before and is not apologizing or even trying to hide it. Corruption is so rampant on Capitol Hill that it can no longer be hidden or disguised. All the stops have been taken out and the shooting war has begun literally.

Past repeating itself

In the courtroom during the investigation of the JKF assassination in the aftermath barely preceding the murder of Martin Luther King, District Attorney Jim Garrison observed that when it smells like it, feels like it, and looks like it, you call it what it is: Fascism! Indeed, fascism is alive and well in the United States today under the guise of political correctness. The unrepentant unmitigated pursuit of the character assassination of Donald Trump’s campaign, the conservative movement, the Christian alliance in our country, and our Constitutional heritage is at stake.

Familiar tactics

The useful idiots, blacks who have voted for the failing policies of the Democrats for 50 years will continue their death spiral as manipulated victims. The low information voter will continue to be the strength of the federal government and all those who think differently will not just be fellow Americans who differ in opinion they will be the enemy to be stalked, to be discriminated against, and to be legislated against whenever possible by out of control agencies like the IRS who despite being clearly found out continue to conduct persecution against groups like the Tea Party, Christian non-profit organizations, gun owners, right to life advocates, and anyone who dares to identify the madness and confront it.

Institutionalized corruption

An underperforming, overreaching, and unaccountable federal government calls upon its minions such as Move On, Black Lives Matter, the SEIU, and US corporations supporting foreign workers without proper background checks are petrified at the prospect of  Trump presidency. It’s not a question of right or wrong. It is not a matter of ethics, lawful enforcement, or the rights of the American people, but it is a matter of them remaining in power no matter how badly their despicable methods poison the political landscape of America.


They will prevent economic growth by stifling it with EPA regulations and false labor department statistics. They will lie to the public representing themselves as the fairer advocates of the little man when in truth they discourage small business with taxes, nationalized healthcare costs, while exhorting protesters to burn down minority store fronts and ordering police departments to stand down in the midst of the chaos! They will encourage attacks upon police department to keep society in flux in order to conceal the true nature of their intended overthrow of the civil society!


Donald Trump, a man who employs 200 thousand people, and contributes to society with real estate development does not need Washington to make his fortune like the criminals in office such as Harry Reid who will use their position to profit when they should be serving the people. The dark forces that are assaulting American society have been responsible historically for 100 million deaths in Communist regimes such as North Korea, Russia, and China. Using the familiar tactics of disinformation, class warfare, and racial division that we see here today in the US under Democratic Party institutionalization we are seeing history repeat itself in bloody fashion. The Reagans and Trumps of the world are most definitely the arch villains of such insanity, those of the left who will stop at nothing to impose collectivism, statism, and ultimately big government induced slavery of its own people!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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