The Questionable Deaths of DNC Staffers


Why is it that with few exceptions the US media chooses not to cover the suspicious deaths of Democratic Election staffers working for Hillary? Why is it that the US media conveniently overlooks the flaws of Hillary Clinton while doing everything they can to expose Donald Trump or to distort any statements he makes? We can easily answer that question after watching Wolf Blitzer of CNN enjoying a champagne glass with DNC staffers after a news conference. The 2009 bailout orchestrated by Barack Obama featured 100’s of millions paid out to NBC, CBS, and ABC when these networks were not among the ailing industries that were supposed to get a government hand up in order to survive and prevent layoffs. Could this unprecedented move been made to buy influence in a media that is already pro-liberal? Certainly.

Through the past darkly

Hillary and Bill Clinton already possess a disconcerting past marked by a number of scandals that have remarkably remained beyond prosecution not to mention the deaths of 50 or more people beginning in the late 1980’s involved in their businesses, election campaigns, and finances. Well, it’s time to chock up three more suspicious deaths that draw a question mark particularly in the 2016 election cycle. That the media has once given a pass to Bill and Hillary is not surprising once again dismissing speculation as conspiracy is the typical way of discrediting valid question about why someone like Seth Rich was shot to death on the street with none of his personal belongings robbed including his wallet. To any investigator this should certainly raise a red flag, but not in the presence of the ambitions of Bill and Hillary. Why is it then that publications outside the US are drawing conclusions of their own?

Another untimely death

According to the Washington Post another DNC staffer, Jake Brewer, was killed in an auto accident while riding his bicycle. Accidents happen all the time, right? Then why was it that with the recent revelation that Julian Assange’s Wiki Leaks after coming up with 30,000 more of Hillary’s emails announced that they were offering a 20 thousand dollar reward for information leading to the murderer of Seth Rich, whom many have identified as the leak source in Hillary’s campaign? Connect the dots. Brewer as well was linked to Seth Rich as a close friend and possible co-operative.

The continuance of fatalities

Once again eyebrows are raised and heart beats quicken over the news of yet another murder. Lawyer for Julian Assange, John Jones, a top human rights attorney is found apparently struck and killed by a train exactly one month after the Wiki Leaks release of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. Nothing to see here, just another suicide, according to authorities.  Was it not Jim Garrison who asked during his review of the flawed warren Commission cover-up of the Kennedy assassination, just how many more assassinations in the form of heart attacks, suicides, and meaningless shootings by lone gunmen will it take before the people realize?


The true motive

Are these merely random events though sadly fatal or is the coincidence a little to disturbingly related to the timing of the very inconvenient exposure of more of Hillary Clinton’s unethical and reckless handling of state department and charitable foundation business? Why is the American press so reticent to investigate further? Had these circumstances been linked to a Republican senator or congressman you can bet there would have been a never ending trail of articles and speculation, but that’s just how the unholy alliance of the US media and the White House have worked together to ensure that our political system leans to the left and continues to transform America into a socialist regime replete with higher taxes, insane big political policies, and forcing our nation closer to a one world government.

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